Ancient language of Mobius Mágaĥ lufouŋ
Region Maga
Era 4000 to 2000 years before current events
Language family Mobian
Writing system Cuneiform; now transcribed in the Latin alphabet

The Ancient Language of Mobius (abbreviated as ALM and sometimes called Magans) is a language spoken in Maga 4000 to 2000 years ago. It was obviously derived from Proto-Mobian, but beyond that, nothing can be said about its relations.


A group of Mobians stayed behind at Maga while other tribes traveled across greater Mobius (Maga comes from *Mogwa, same source as Moba in Echidna languages, source of the name Mobius). Very little about their features are known, because Drakish, an unrelated language, was a substratum that itself includes thaber, scale; ALM had a word sabre, but that could just as easily be from Proto-Mobian *sabreh, hair. Heiroglyphic depictions of Magans are not very detailed; it is not even known whether Magans were reptiles or mammals. Whatever the case, they lived there in relative isolation for about 2000 years or possibly more, before they went extinct or dispersed. The scrolls detailing the seven ancient wonders of Mobius were written in ALM, as were the monumental inscriptions that gave esoteric clues to their location.

Example texts

Wádor ĥatarmirgu esnénŋur kāb rédor pifinreš. Wádor tarmirgu esnénŋur kāb wádor pifirgú.

We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.

Pédor ĥatenis stiramind poesalkind sëtiramintsis wosahekin

What one cannot achieve in learning, one will achieve in the light of day.

Toŋentifíndur Magakuisaltifíndur bērinenifíndur ni Ubeisahwoádru. Sënaesēŋru, nersenru hëwoádru, ist atnéšëru teki wākrissasru.

The Secret Scrolls of Maga contained herein are the seven wonders of Mobius. Powerful, natural wonders, but dangerous if misused.

Fun facts

The idea of the Ancient Language of Mobius came from a Sonic the Hedgehog episode called Sonic and the Secret Scrolls. The written form was seen, but not a single word of dialogue from that language was spoken in the entire episode. Exodvs pondered on this idea. He thought it was absurd that there would be just one language spoken all across Mobius even that far back. He compromised by saying that it was indeed the language was spoken all across Mobius, but that Mobius was just Maga and that both words mean "home" and were used to describe a Proto-Mobian Urheimat, but that the Echidna took their word and applied it to the entire planet of Mobius.

Exodvs's inspiration for ALM came primarily from extinct languages of the Near East, including Sumerian, Hittite, and Ancient Egyptian.

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