Anaxarete is a ash grey wolf with a pale white muzzle and white tips on her ears and tail. She is the average height of a female wolf and is slightly heavier than average. Her feminine features are fully grown. She has blood red eyes with two thick eyelashes on each eye. She wears heavily applied black eyeshadow. She has her styled into a tight bun on the top of her head, and three bangs that have white tips on her forehead.

Her outfit consists of a large red dress with a black underskirt, and the shirt like top of her dress is black with puffy red sleeves. She has a large diamond print on her chest and back that start at the neckseam and end at the waistline. She wears long white gloves that reach her elbow and are fingerless. She wears black pantyhose and black high heeled shoes.


Anaxarete is a cruel and calculating wolf that views people as "ponds that will be sacrificed one way or another". She believes that lives have no value and has has no qualms about killing the innocent to get what she desires. She is ruthless, cunning, and merciles, and has a very dry sense of humor. She is very cold and hates everyon, even her own son, and would kill them all if she deemed it necessary.

She also is very antisocial, and has no friends, as she beli they will betray her or give her more grief. The only time she had made a friend was with Sapphira, but she was plo to kill the princess, so gaining friendship and trust was "necessary". She is very manipu to the point where she was able to get her son to prete to love some one and them kill her.

Anaxarete seems to be very unstable as well, though she hides this very well. She is often seen babbling to herself and views everyone as her enemy, making her also paranoid. Her insanity also led her to abandon her son, though she might have done that to test his loyalty to her.


Anaxarete was born into a poverty ridden city east of Station Square. Her family were heavy drinkers, and that often led her to be ignored, or sometimes even abused. She hated her parents because of the harm they gave her and eventually ran away from them. That terrible home life experience ebbed away some of her sanity and made her want to control everything so that she can make sure that it will never happen to her again.

She arrived at Sapphira's kingdom at the age of seventeen, ready to start a brand new life. She eventually met Jabez, the local journalist, and they fell in love. She then bore a child, Damon, and all was well for awhile. Then, the kingdom went to war and Jabez was drafted to go, and was eventually killed in action. That finally made Anaxarete snap, most of her sanity leaving her, and she became cold, rude, and manipulative. She became those things so that she would never have to feel love again, as she believed that she would only have it snatched away from her too soon. That led to her abandoning her child for most of his childhood.

She also began a vendetta against the royal family, believing them to be corrupt and power hungry, and spent the next ten years becoming closer and closer to them. She eventually became close enough to where she was able to poison the King and Queen, killing them two days later. Sapphira survived the poisoning, and so Anaxarete decided to take away the one she loved like her father had done to her. So, she then manipulated her eager son to pretend to fall in love with her to get close enough to kill her. She set her plan into action four years later to not arouse suspicion.

Unfortunately, her plan did not quite work as well as she wanted. Sapphira ended up killing her son out of rage, then ran away. Although that should have still given her the crown, the advisor was given the crown, and then the families multiple cousins and aunts and uncles would step in should they not find Sapphira. That led Anaxarete to finally truely snap and decend into madness. She hunted Sapphira down for weeks until she finally was able to attack her. Sapphira retaliated and nearly killed Anaxarete, but she ran away before she could.

She then found Sapphire months later and immediately believed that she was Sapphira. She gave hints and clues, wanting Sapphire to take the bait so she could finally kill her. Sapphire eventually snuck out, and Anaxarete wasted no time. She snuck up behind her and then stabbed her with a sword, nearly killing her while questioning her sanity. Sapphira emerged, realizing that neither she nor Sapphire was ready to die, and attacked Anaxarete to the point of where she nearly killed her if Sapphire had not intervened. She then snuck away, and her location to this day is unknown.


Anaxarete has the ability of manipulating and producing fire (pyrokinesis), and is also able to manipulate shadows. Her fire ability is limited, as she can not produce very large fireballs or bursts of flames, and this makes her also weak to water. Her ability to manipulate shadows only allows her to conceal herself or hide, and can't use it for attacks, though it does allow her to have the advantage of stealth.


Anaxarete doesn't seem to have any special abilities. Other than her odd powers, she is a regular Mobian woman with a fatal agenda.


Anaxarete is a skilled swordsman and can also fence. She has limited hand to hand combat, and often relies on others to fight for her. But she is able to take down her foes, even ones that are much more powerful than her, as seen with Sapphire.

Anaxerate also has some degree of stealth, and is able to sneak into any place or behind people. She can absorb into the shadows, which allows her to be one deadly adversary.

A less than powerful skill she has acquired is her chess playing. She has never been beat once, although had not the king interfere with Sapphira and Anaxarete while they were playing, Sapphira might have won. Playing chess also gave her master strategizing skills, allowing her to be "three steps ahead of everyone", and also allowed her to learn how to plan and expect even for the most unexpected things to occur.


Anaxarete is very mentally unstable, which allows her to become side tracked or easy to play mind games on. She also has a very hard time controlling her anger and will lash out to the point of killing who ever annoyed her or made her angry.


  • "I am Lady Anaxarete, my service and loyalty directed only to the Royal Family."
  • "Chess was a game I had learned to play in my younger years. I loved how the pieces connected to form an unstoppable army."
  • "Ah... Damon is... A good son. Very loving, very naïve, but very useful."
  • "The Queen is often people's favorite piece, as it can move anywhere on the bored. My favorite is the ponds, as they are willing to be captured and sacrificed in order to protect their King. Fascinating, no?"
  • "But aren't we all just ponds bound to be sacrificed for what the leaders deem the greater good?"
  • "You are all corrupt with your greed and power hungriness! I am here to purge this chess bored of its corrupt King! The royal family is not worthy of the ponds willingness to sacrifice themselves!"


  • Anaxarete's name literally translates as "mythical woman who caused her lover to hang himself".
  • Anaxarete's parents died a week after Jabez did...

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