This is an article about Anatoly Levinski Prower, a character created by Handepsilon on 07/20/2013.

"They call me Levinski. I'm just a field medic and commando, working in this sector"

Anatoly Levinski Prower, also known by some people as 'Grass' or 'Grasshopper', is a field medic of 56th Regiment, as well as Miles 'Tails' Prower's twin brother. A young fox with mature rude behavior, though can be negatively childish sometimes.


Levinski is a green fox with short strands of hairs on the sides, a pair of sky blue eyes, a bushy tail, furry muzzle and chest. His physical appearance somewhat resembled Tails', with the exception of the multiple tail and hair. His choice of clothing is quite simple : a green white-striped shirt, with camouflage pants. This also serves as camouflage under green vegetations, although rarely applied. His common accessories are his blue military standard multifunctional goggle, and the black and purple striped scarf from his lost friend.


"So sorry, but I've had enough betrayal for a lifetime. I can only put my trust on some people. You are not one of them"

Sour and cranky describes Levinski mostly. Many people became annoyed of his rude attitude, even sometimes his own friend, even Tails himself. He also has a somewhat pessimistic view, on some occasions. However, the thing that actually catches attention is his alcoholic behavior. While his immune system makes him hard to get drunk, it often disturbs other people. Another thing is his distrusts. Only a few people he can ever trust, and being a friend with him doesn't make you even closer to earn his trust, let alone respect. He can detect lies, but only as far as that

On the bright side, he's quite smart. Where Tails specializes in mechanics, Levinski specializes in science and meds. His computer skills are unmatched by most people, and he has become a good support as a field medic and doctor to his allies. At this moment, he shows a somewhat benelovent and patient doctor attitude, but it is quite rare, though he *tries* to conceal his rude behavior 

One of few things that Levinski shares with Tails is his discomfort on being called with his first name. But he reacts worse, not because he hates that name, but because it reminded him of his past, which he intends to forget... or at least put it behind


Alienated kid from another dimension

Levinski is born about 48 hours after Tails'. His physical status is normal, unlike his younger twin who grew a second tail. He was named 'Alexander Prower' at the time. However, Levinski mysteriously disappeared a month after his birth

Levinski was somehow transported to a certain technologically advanced dimension, which also houses planet Earth, and its Human. He was eventually found by a family under the snowy weather of Russia. This family raised him like an animal... until he shows an intelligence in the same scale as a human... but surpasses the intelligence of human his own age. The family decided that he would not be a pet... but rather an adopted son. The family, consisting of a husband and wife with their son, treated him as if he was his own son, although they do have some difficulties on raising him, as though he is almost human-like, most sane people would consider him a curiousity... a freak of nature. They were no exception

This family is where he earned his name. He was named 'Anatoly Levinski', with Levinski being the surname of the family. At his first age, Levinski had shown quite a remarkable skills and interest, especially in science. Alas, while he is under good care in the family, when he reached the kindergarden age, most kids, parents, and even teacher, shunned him. Only one human girl, named Natasha, who actually treated him as a normal kid. Natasha also shares the same interest, and her intelligence was also high, probably higher than Levinski's

Around this time, he discovered yet another anomaly besides his anthro looks. It is the fact that he could... to an extent, control wind. This is something he kept in secret. This power, however, always go unstable and he soon stopped developing it

First career and tragedy

"Consensual murder is legalized, and that doesn't mean you can take a life just for your personal gain! I thought you were a good man. I followed you in and out, tried to look best in front of you. I can't believe I'm so naive to think of that!"
—Levinski in 'reunion' with Petrenko

 At age 5, he was taken by a corporation due to his skills on science being remarkable. Natasha was also brought in with him. Facing this, the naive Levinski was quite excited as the place sparks his curiosity, and it was also where his adopted brother once worked. He and Natasha was tasked into a team of scientist, led by a senior scientist named Petrenko.

But not long after his jealous lead scientist intentionally caused an 'accident'. During a research of an alien device, After dismissing Levinski's warning about the device's instability, Petrenko purposely set it to malfunction, and triggered an explosion. He had warned everyone beforehand, with the exception of Natasha and of course... Levinski. As everyone ran off, the two were left behind. Just before the blast, Natasha used her own body to shield the vulpine's, taking all the damage and killed her instantly

While Levinski didn't suffer any serious injuries, his spirit was completely crushed at the sight of his only friend's death. His misfortune didn't end as Petrenko quickly blamed Levinski for the accident and the death of the young girl. Being in the higher position and with Levinski being an 'unwanted freak of nature', Petrenko gained support from his superior and most people, causing Levinski's kick-out from the corporation.This permanently changed him into what he is now, a rude and distrusting kid full of negativity. Even though his family offered shelter for him, he refused, as he had already swore not to be a burden for them again.

Darkest hours

Levinski is torn between desire to end his own life and his fear of doing so. This is what kept him alive. It is unknown how he managed to keep his funds from running out in those years. According to Levinski, he had to do some minor jobs, or even steal. Not much is known, but during the later time, interdimensional portal technology was already researched and gained the science world new knowledge. Even in his most gloomy time, his nature of high interest led him to doing some private project. It is not known, but highly possible, that Levinski might be stealing here and there to get his job done.

His first finished project was his own signature weapon, Tarydium Machete. It is purely the dimension's own technology, as the product was a machete, with a crystal edge instead of metal. The weapon is practically indestructible and can mince through metal. This also enables his much more stable access to the wind power he discovered earlier. This weapon is actually the result of his hatred towards Petrenko, but his fear blocks all the thought of actually having a revenge.

His second and last project is his own Extreme Gear. The dimension itself had already had a knowledge of their own hoverboard and hovercrafts, though with the lesser speed and more control. His project involved merging the two in one Extreme Gear. This project would still be on-going for years, as he sought to improve it more.

Meeting another Mobians, Levinski's military career

"Starlight is my savior. She saved me, pulling me up from the dark fog at that day. She's what holding me in this world"

At the age of 9, Levinski's fortune has dried out, and he had already given up on living, when he met another Mobian for the first time in his life : a purple female feline named Starlight. Strangely she could socialize well with him, but maybe due to his first time meeting his own kind. During this time, a group of military passed the two and invited them to a recruitment test.

The two managed to be included in a team of special ops called the 56th Regiment. During this time, they developed a romantic relationship as they went on the missions together. He also met his twin brother here, although both unaware until an interested Levinski took Tails' DNA sample. The revelation however, was not immediate, and rather accidental. This, although bring small joy, did not mean so much for Levinski for the time being

As the 56th was betrayed by their general, Levinski commented out that he had seen too much of it to surprise him, although this brings the bittersweet memory back. Levinski assisted in the colony evacuation during the test of the artifacts the 56th Regiment gave to the general. He also assisted in hacking the security links during the retrieval of the artifacts

Life in Mobius

"You're pretty lucky Tails... you lived in a really peaceful world, compared to what was back there. I wish I never left this dimension. Maybe my life would've been a hundred times better"
—Levinski's opinion about Mobius

Levinski stayed in Mobius as the 56th Regiment fractured to defend their own dimensions as a research corporation called Axon declared war against the government and mobilized their forces to claim control over it. The Mobius branch of the corporation allied with Eggman, and slowly gained control over several areas in Mobius. Levinski himself fought in Green Hill Zone, Station Square, and the nearby area. He resides in the former, in a complex made specially for the Regiment.

His 'normal' life is not better than before. Earning only small house, he turned the basement into a secret lab, one that resembles more of a messy garage than an actual lab. His project in there includes perfecting a formula he stole from Petrenko, which created a hybrid lifeform named Terrorblade, with Starlight's and his own DNA, with another alien DNA to stabilize his body. The project however, was illegal and caused Terrorblade to run off to protect his creator's name. Even so, Levinski was suspended in the complex for a couple of months before being able to resume his duty

Another project was Cosmo's ressurection, using the knowledge he had from the dimension he was raised on. Unfortunately his first attempt caused the plant, which is originated from the seed Sonic acquired when trying to perform Chaos Regeneration on Cosmo, to wither, due to the hasty action by Levinski. This broke the bond between the two, as worse as leading them to fight to almost the death. After he and Tails joined together once again, the bond were mended as it came with a success in the 6th days.

About a couple of weeks later, he proposed a joint-project with Tails to create a better Extreme Gear for the Regiment, using Tails' knowledge about the Ark of the Cosmos. The purpose was to create a powerful Extreme Gear that possesses the ability to control gravity, but not as destructible. The simulation however, was pretty unstable, even at the final build. But finally it was stable enough to put into action. Levinski named it as 'Pro-Serie II Extreme Gear', using their family name. The legacy would continue as they developed it more and more

Vampiric Transformation

One night at the streets of Station Square, Levinski received a distress call from Tails, urging him to go to an alley. When Levinski reached the alley, he witnessed a bloody Tails, and a mysterious red vampire hedgehog who seemed to be responsible. Levinski started to question the suspect, but he was eventually lured into trance and was brought to her, despite Tails' scream trying to wake him up. The hedgehog gave him a bite, and dropped him down on the ground, before disappearing.

They were then met by a fox, who claimed to be related to the hedgehog from earlier, and proceeded to cast a spell. This caused Levinski's transformation to come to a stop, but it didn't reverse, turning him into somewhat a hybrid. Levinski doesn't possess a half-trait, but rather a mortal trait normally, then a vampire trait at some occassions that he controls

Defending Mobius Territory

"Ugh... they just have to bring the troubles here... HERE"

 Levinski didn't just spend time back in the lab. His violent skills were needed in the frontline, as well as his medical experiences. Of all the people in 56th Regiment, he bonded well with Epps, a human-turned-hedgehog who decided to stay in Mobius and joined the Mobius' 56th division instead of staying in his own 56th division in the dimension where Levinski came from.

Other than him, there were also other experienced Commando, such as Frost, Griggs, and the others. But even with their tactical skills and elemental powers, they can't push the Axon Corporation back, for they have their own kill squad called The Executors, a team of genetically enhanced Mobians brainwashed into serial killers. In term of power, Executors had more, but in terms of tactics, they specialized less. Even so, they became quite a nuissance. In Levinski's case, Crimson and Ivy, both the leader of the Executors in their region.

Levinski's hatred towards the kill squad worsened when he learned that the Executor project was led by Petrenko. At some occassions, Levinski went on his own agenda of revenge. One of which is abandoning his entire team to assassinate the mad scientist. This result not only the failure of the mission they were in, but also severe injuries on some of his teammates. Levinski was once again suspended for insubordination

Despite being lawless at times, he's never actually kicked out, or left. The reason is on the 56th's own side is his skills and powers that are needed to win the war. His own reason is because he has nowhere else to go, his desire to defend his own world (though this might be more to his own family and friends rather than the entire world itself), and his desire to 'commit suicide', though his struggle to survive contradicts this particular reason


One of the notable powers Levinski has is his ability of Aerokinesis, but this is unstable without his machete, which usually serves as the media. He also runs fast, although far slower if compared to people like Sonic, or Shadow, but he's very agile.

The other notable power is his vampiric transformation due to vampire toxin injected to him, but shortly blocked before infecting him more. He rarely uses this however, as the transformation causes his negativity to arise, albeit without lust of blood. From this transformation, comes its 'Super form', called Forbidden Phase. While normal transformation will cause his sky blue eyes to turn red, fur become pale, fangs become longer, this form adds a more sinister feature such as bat wings, glow on the eyes, and rune tattoos. At this point, his personality is mostly negative, and bloodlust will start to plague his mind. To make matter worse, if the excess energy isn't taken away before reverting back, it will cause an inner invisible energy explosion in his body, that causes immense pain and possibility of death. Whether he managed to take his excess energy out or not, Levinski will be too vulnerable post-transformation

Special Abilities

His techniques are actually made as they go, but most common are :

  • Air Slash, uses his machete to create cutting wind, short range, medium damage
  • Air Blow, uses his machete to create a strong pressure that can throw enemies off, medium range, high damage
  • Air Dash, boosts himself up with his own aerokinesis. Instant use
  • Crystal Torpedo, ties his machete on a rope and throws it, used for lethal attack or grab
  • Vampire Transformation, uses his vampire-corrupted DNA to transform into a vampire. His ability is imbued with dark energy
  • Forbidden Phase Transformation, extend the Vampire Transformation to his 'super form' for more energy and damage


Levinski comes with various skills, they are the followings :

  • He is able to throw things in almost perfect trajectory
  • He can program a powerful virus that will cause havoc to computers, bad enough to literally blow it up
  • He is a medic and scientist, and is known for his development of Pro-Serie branded Extreme Gear
  • He is able to fight melee with his machete and long range with anything that comes in mind. He is suitable for no-hold-barred fightings.
  • He is able to drink a lot of alcoholic drinks without getting drunk. There is a limit however
  • Excellent land vehicle skill


While having many skills, he also comes with weaknesses. Most which are as follows :

  • His tail is very sensitive. Either he'll faint, or he'll get crazy with it
  • His wind power is only stable when he uses his machete, causing limitation in variety and usage. He can hurt himself when attempting to use wind power without the aid of his machete
  • Albeit having wind powers, he can't fly, or taken to flight. Every plane he has ever used always meet their end. He often gets airsick on planes. Doesn't apply if the plane is big without a view from the outside<
  • He is cranky, and this will cause distrust towards him, even make people hostile towards him
  • His vampiric transformation comes with huge risk, physically and mentallyHis drinking behavior is unappealing to other people.

Game Appearances

While not appearing in any official games, Levinski appears in private beta fangames (not released into public), one of which is his appearance in Handepsilon's character script test for SonicGDK. While the other, being the first to come, is a totally custom FPS/TPS test



UDK Grass Test Drive

This mainly shows some Sonic game system mixed with FPS/TPS. The project was simply for educational manner, and demonstration of Levinski's Air Slash and Air Blow

Sonic GDK Test


SonicGDK - OC implementation

While previous test was nowhere Sonic-related, Levinski's next test was in a game which resembled almost like Sonic's game. The video introduced a new, yet non-canon special move called 'Air Stomp'. It is not decided whether the move is for stay or not. Note that the version of the model is not updated to the latest yet

Other Media

Other than game appearances, Levinski appears mostly in Handepsilon's own deviantART page. The most recent big media that features Levinski is a 3D animation for a humor contest, which shows his sour attitude and his tail's sensitivity.


  • Levinski's name came from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's minor villain characters and Nazi Zombies' protagonist
    • Anatoly and Lev were deceased minor characters in one of Modern Warfare 2's mission
    • The 'inski' part, while coming from numerous source, partly came from Nazi Zombies' Russian protagonist, Nikolai Belinski
  • Levinski's beta model started as a total Tails recolor, until revised twice...
    • ...despite the fact that Levinski is very uncomfortable with being naked
  • Levinski was originally meant to be a minor character, a fan of Sonic and also an informant. It was before his first debut
  • Levinski's love interest was supposed to be Fiona. This idea was scrapped during his first debut in a fanfiction when the author proposed a pairing between Levinski and Starlight, who is owned by her
  • While Levinski has an alias (Grass), it is never actually used by anyone except Starlight and her owner's characters previously
  • Levinski is still in the state of redesign pending due to recolor looks...
    • ...which is blocked by his already canonical bio, roleplay-wise


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