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Anatoli the Echidna is a fairly well-known figure within the United Federation's upper class and exotic items specialists as the founder and owner of Sunrise Jewelry; a small business that produces stunning pieces of jewelry on commission. It is also known that Anatoli himself is one of the few men in open business capable of creating gemstone weaponry and alchemic crystals.

Anatoli the Echidna

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Tan brown, with similarly colored skin
  • Hair: Golden brown
  • Eyes: Deep brown
  • Black blazer
  • White shirt
  • Black slacks
  • Expensive trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsSunrise Jewelry (founder & owner)
  • Is capable of divining precious stones & metals
  • Former professional fighter
  • Experienced in hand-to-hand combat
  • Fairly skilled with knives & daggers
  • Knowledgeable in the fields of alchemy
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


When somebody mentions Anatoli, many have the image of his younger years as a professional fighter come to mind, and even more than fifteen years later, he retains the physical build that he was known for. Similarly to many Mobian echidna, Anatoli has a body structure optimized for strength, with broad shoulders and obvious musculature as well as the dreadlock-style quill formation. In Anatoli's case, the vast majority of his body is covered in tan fur a shade darker than his tanned skin, while a well-kept golden brown haircut contrasts drastically with the wild locks he wore in his fighter years. Similarly, his deep brown eyes no longer seem as bloodshot or perpetually black, though the scars of his combat experience remain.


One of the key areas that catches many people off from their memories of Anatoli as a bruiser and combatant is his updated dress sense. While in his youth he preferred to get around in tight shirts and shorts with a lot of flashy jewelry, now he dresses sensibly in a white shirt and slacks with a black jacket, an expensive pair of trainers the only obvious signs of his wealth.



Anatoli has always had a strong connection to the element of Earth, even during his time in professional combat. However, it was only after retiring from the sport that he dedicated his life to the study and training required to actually master the use of that elemental power. That being said, not only has he achieved it, his entire business relies upon his skill not with Earth, but two of the advanced elemental powers derived from it; the elemental manipulation of Crystals and Metal.

While his skill with Metal is respectable, and his knowledge contributes to the quality of the jewelry he creates through elemental and alchemic means; Anatoli has a reputation around Mobius as being one of the top Crystal manipulators the world over. This is normally displayed through his ability to shape and refine gemstones for the jewelry he then sells through his business. Combining his knowledge of the two elements has allowed Anatoli a remarkable talent for essentially growing his own gemstone-quality crystals of whatever color he desires, as well as ensuring the purity of the rings, necklaces and other jewelry pieces he gets commissioned for. However, he also enjoys utilizing his elemental powers to locate his own materials, often "divining" gemstones and metals when he gets the chance to explore the wilderness.

The former fighter is also well known in many antique weapon and alchemy circles as well; due to his ability to produce weapons made of crystals in a manner resembling that of ancient Mobians. By combining elementally-charged gemstones with his own crystalline lattices, Anatoli has created a range of daggers and knives at extreme cost. He is always one of the first to admit the tradeoffs made between traditional weapons and his fancier crystalline ones - crystalline weapons never need sharpening and store huge amounts of elemental energy should they be made of an elemental crystal; but in turn cannot parry attacks without risking the weapon shattering in an explosive burst. However, despite this, Anatoli also wields a dagger of his own creation into combat, a Koskerafi Dagger of no direct elemental alignment.

While you could be forgiven for thinking Anatoli was no longer a fighter, his experiences in his youth and routine training with his dagger has kept him in tip-top shape and in fighting fitness. Anatoli prefers a highly aggressive fighting style with his dagger, utilizing rapid slashes with his dagger or rapid punches to force his opponent backwards, typically relying upon his ability to manipulate Earth to create earthen walls or armor if his opponent pushes their advantages. However, he only rarely employs either advanced element in combat.

In another facet of his life; Anatoli is also a campaigner for the protection of Koskerafi; a race of deer-like elemental summons that possess horns and hooves of pure crystal. Many of the elementally-aligned crystals that he utilizes are pieces of Koskerafi horn sourced from sustainable farms that he has paid for; with the threat of having to fight him used to put people off harming his source herds.








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