Anathos, god of mayhem and destruction. Original picture that based the creation of this own character

Anathos is a demonlike figure and the strongest form of Twilight the Being.


Anathos is, according to Twilight who has a memory of all of Xaltanis` opponents, the strongest enemy Xaltanis has ever faced. It is never mentioned when Anathos was annihilated (it may be millenias or only decades on Fantasio). However, Anathos was the most evil god being at that time. It had the strength of a god, with huge powers that would have been unrivaled on Mobius. It has never been said whether Anathos was male or female originally, though the character picture Yorobot based this form on was male.

Twilight used this form countless times since her creation by Xaltanis. At the beginning, she was always extremely weakened each time she used it, and had to rest many hours each time. However, she eventually "tamed" this form and learned to quit losing so much energy when using him.

In the RPs that happen ten years later, Anathos is still used by Twilight as a way of fighting. It can be used by Magie and Peter, although Magie know she cannot use it yet and Peter can`t at all as it has not been unlocked in his brain.

In The E.A.S.E. Mystery part 2 (Two Worlds Dilemma), Anathos separates from Twilight and gets a life of his own, choosing to become a male (as a god he was neither, so he could pick whichever he wanted). He helps the heroes in their adventure, and even finds love in the end with a girl named Estria, who seemingly does not care that the odd-looking demonlifke figure in front of her is a millenias-old monster. A separation between him and Estria (caused by a problem between Anathos' creator and Estria's creator) led him to a relationship with another Mobian-like female character named Onyx.

This picture is the original character created by someone else, taken and modified to become a form by Twilight and later taken whole as Anathos separated from Twilight.

Physical Traits

Anathos is considerably taller than Twilight, though this is caused by this form`s excessively long horns. It is approximately five feet tall with those said horns are over a foot long. Twilight`s Anathos wears a dress that covers her chest (luckily), as compared to the one Yorobot based the design of Anathos on, which was a male and whose dress stopped at the waist. Twilight`s Anathos has her back uncovered though. Twilight`s Anathos has a sword blade on each of her shoulders; those are revealed to be full swords when she pulls them out of her body to use as weapons.

Twilight`s Anathos has very, very short fur on the whole body that isn`t covered with the dress; it has mostly red fur (white fur on the chest), with the exception of the face being white with a circle of red fur around the nose and the mouth. Anathos has totally black eyes with shining yellow pupils, as well as small white elf-like ears. Its hair is exactly like Twilight`s. Anathos is seen to be more muscular than Twilight, which means Twilight gains muscle when transforming to Anathos.

Twilight`s Anathos wears a skirt that contains shades of white, black and silver. It has been recently revealed on The E.A.S.E. Mystery 2 Two Worlds Dilemma that Anathos was indeed hovering over the ground, though his skirt touches the ground. However, Anathos hovers only at one or two inches from the ground, which proves he still is quite tall for a Mobian.

Anathos has, on its forehead, two arcs of red and blue, the red being the right one and blue, the left one. When male, however, those come to his chest.

A good while ago, not exactly after his extraction but many months after it, his eyes stopped being fully black with yellow pupils; instead going with more normal eyes, that is white with a blue and a green pupil.


Twilight used Anathos very often, and when she did her own psychology was changing. She became fiercer and more willing to fight, as well as showing no mercy nor any happiness of any kind, She literally became a weapon on two legs, with scary powers and temptation of using them. She would have killed her opponents if the portion of her who is still Twilight was not stopping it.

After many months, Twiligth finally has a hold on Anathos and can use it without those problems happening. The fact that Twilight has tamed Anathos plays a vital role later.

When separated rom Twilight, Anathos reveals his true personality: he openly admits he has once been as evil as his demonic appearance shows, but since he has been tamed by Twilight and used for good deeds for so long, it has since become a nice deity. It speaks old English, though when it found out the people of Mobius were now speaking Modern English, he began speaking some kind of English with words from Old English (as such, "thou" instead of "you", "shall" insteal of "will", etc.) He has also proven to fight for anyone and never holds any grudge against anyone but real enemies. He is shown to be well-balanced and that, since he was part of Twilight`s memory forms, he knew what Twilight felt sometimes and thus he knew what love was.

He has shown to be devoted to Estria ever since, and loving her no matter his strength, his appearance or his age. Same goes for his second love interest, Onyx.

Anathos' personality has also grown to become more complex. He protects the place where all OCs of a certain forum join. This leads him to using his abilities only when really needed, though it could be sometimes a pain for those who intended to begin a plot arc, though their plan was foiled too early. Anathos has shown to have some humour, as well as revealing himelf a talent for singing (he can, after all, give himself any talent he wants). He also stays very manly.

Powers and Abilities

Twilight uses Anathos when she is underpowered in front of her opponent. When using Anathos, she can use godly powers and extreme moves of gigantic sizes or effects. Her powers are extremely strong in this form. It has all of Twilight`s abilities with those new abilitis that would require way too much strength for regular Twilight. However, Twilight likes to name those moves, which she doesn`t usually do in normal form since she has way too many.

-Asteroid Rain - Anathos summons a portal which second part has more than likely appeared in an asteroid chain in space; thus, asteroids enter the portal and come to hit directly the opponent. Since the asteroids` sizes vary from small to humongous, this move is very random and can really harm anyone.

-Hell Army: Anathos summons demons from some kind of Hell, and those demons can help Anathos into defeating the opponent. It is unknown whether these are illusions or real monsters.

-Fidonlyfe: Anathos can summon a mythical beast named the Fidonlyfe (feed-on-life). This creature, which measures over a hundred feet tall, is extremely strong. It obeys to Anathos only.

-Hell Drag: Hands come out of the grond, below the opponent, and start dragging it down, slowly. This move is a one-hit kill, as when the opponent is gone, it is gone forever. Sadly, the hands drag very slowly and thus can be cut or harmed before their task is complete.

-Stopwatch: Anathos can use powers similar to Shadow`s time powers. However, he can rewind, fast-forward or even slow down time to avoid more easily the enemy attacks. It is not fool-proof: characters who can use a similar move will feel it and react in consequences.

-Unnamed move: Some kind of Kamehameha parody. (`Nuff said.)

-Summon: Anathos can summon basically everything from thin air, much like Twilight does; however, Anathos knows it is used only in battle, and as such it usually smm ons items and things that will be useful in battle.

-Vortex duo: A defensive move. When attacked with projectiles, Anathos can create a vortex before him and another aimed at the enemy. The projectiles will pass through the first and into the second, causing the attack to be redirected at the opponent.

-Body weaponry: Anathos can remove the blades on his shoulders; these are revealed to be sabers with bone-like handles. Anathos does not seem to suffer from a lack of bones when using this move; after using them in a fencing manner or as a swordsman, he can reput them back on his shoulders. In other instances, when he wants to look nicer, he can have them disappear into his own body.

-Transformation: Anathos can change his own appearance to fit better with the situation at hand, If he needs legs to run, he will change into an anthro appearance such as a squirrel. He does that because the skirt-like piece of clothing he wears prevents movement. When in another form, he can also stop his hovering.


In The E.A.S.E. Mystery 2 Two Worlds Dilemma, Anathos is separated from Twilight and becomes a new entity. At first, it was a female and was Twilight`s Anathos form. However, it drastically changed a few points of its appearance (mostly the hair and the dress, which now stopped at the belly), and chose to become male, since as a god he had no gender.

The strangest about this is that Anathos often considers himself as the first god who is reborn thanks to a weaker entity, and stuck on Mobius forever, but who will never choose another life as this one is too great for him.


  • Anathos` name comes from Thanatos, the god of death, the grim reaper of the Greek mythology.
  • The character`s physical traits is hugely based on a character of the European comics Les Légendaires. The main villain of the arc of books 9 to 12 is Anathos, a god who takes the body of the heroes` leader. At the end of book 12, it is revealed that Anathos is destroyed and the hero came back to normal.
  • Anathos' body looks like a deformed human's. He would be the size of a child (without the horns), but is muscled and is very much adult despite his looks.
  • While the user of this character almost never uses Twilight anymore, he still uses Anathos frequently.
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