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Anastasia the Hedgehog

Anya Character vhvgn.png

Biographical Information
Age 18
  • Anya(By her friends)
  • Lady Anya(By the guards)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Female
  • Hair:Pale blue
  • Fur:Lavender
  • Eyes:Ice blue
  • Pink uniform
  • White boots with pink coloring
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Royal Family
  • Good
  • Sword
  • Crystalkinetic
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

Original Creator User:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Anastasia is the daughter of Kumiko Mai Kingdom's best knight,who is from a long line of crystalkintics who surved the royal family.She was only 8 years old when her family and clan where under attack by King Jackson.She got separated from her parents as they all fleed,luckily she was find by her grandmother,and they made a run for safety,some got away and others were killed,but Anastasia and her grandmother got separated from the escaped group and went to find another route to safety.They got to a train statation,but Anastasia fails to board the moving train and becomes separated from her grandmother after she falls and hits her head on the railroad.She was find by some people who own an Orpanage,and she learn to control crystals,and the only thing she knows is that she from the crystalkintics clan,unknown that she is a knight of Kumiko Mai Kingdom,due to what happened at the station.Nine years later,she left the Orpanage to find the crystalkintics clan and to find her origins,she jorney far and wide to find out her true self.Soon after finding the crystalkintics clan,a old woman came up to her,saying she was her grandmother,and they both shared a hug, and her grandma told her she was a child to her son who was Kumiko Mai Kingdom's head knight.She then went to Kumiko Mai Kingdom to be the head knight like her father,in the castle she asked Queen Selenia if she could take her father's place as the head knight,to which Selenia agree and entrusted her with the protection of her cousin Anna and the kingdom,to which Anya agreed.Later she and Anna were saved by a purple hedghog,then she meet him again and told her his name is Wraith and that he loved her,the feeling was returned and she made him a kinght so they can be together,then soon Anna was taken to the Demon's Kingdom and she kept the kingdom in order.After Anna's return,Anya and Wraith date and protect the kingdom,till one Christmas Day Wraith ask Anya to marry him,to which she said yes,then a week later,the wed and are now enjoying their life together as husband and wife,and she still protects the kingdom when danger calls.Soon after after saving a dragon,they became parents to a baby girl named Tiffany and a baby boy named Skyler and enjoying their days as a family,with smiles and a good life.She helps watch the castle as her daughter takes her job to protect the kingdom.


Anya can be bossy, as shown when she orders the guards, but she cares for her friends and the royal family. She worries when Wraith rushes off to fights, but tries to stay calm while he's gone. She's can be loving towards her husband, daughter and son, by calming her husband down he gets upset and teaching her children how to defend themselves.


Wraith the Hedgehog

Anya met Wraith as she was protecting Anna from a group of banits,after he helped them,he left without her thanking him.At the castle,one of the guards told her someone want to see her.Once there,she saw the one who saved her,they introduced themseves and Wraith kissed her,this shocked her,saying they just met and Wraith telling her he love's her,so she returned the kiss.She then thought a way for him to stay with her,by making him a knight,to which he'd agreed,soon after he always stand by her side.


  • I'm Anastasia the Hedgehog,but please do me the honer of calling me Anya.-Introducing herself
  • Please calm down dear.-Whenever Wraith get angry
  • You guys want a time out or laps? -Giving the guards a punishment



Anastasia is a female mobian hedgehog with lavender fur, pale blue hair style neatly with a single bang in the front, ice blue eyes and a peach muzzle. Her outfit during her knight duties is a pink uniform with some shoulder cuffs, yellow trimming, purple undersuit and some white boots with pink marks. Her wedding dress she wore at her and Wraith's wedding is white, white gloves, white ribbon shoes and a crystal necklance.

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