Biographical Information
AliasBlazing Tyrant
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Mutated Chao
  • Deity
GenderNone, Referred to as Male
Attire N/A
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself
  • Lava Body
  • Extendable Limbs
  • Absorption of Anarchy Beryl
  • Anarchy 1 Transformation
  • Anarchy 2 Transformation
  • Anarchy 3 Transformation
  • Anarchy 4 Transformation
  • Anarchy 5 Transformation
  • Anarchy 6 Transformatipn
  • Absolute Anarchy Transformation
Super FormsAbsolute Anarchy
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Anarchy is an evil fire deity that resides in the Grand Beryl on Sunken Island, and is Chaos' Moebian counterpart.


Millenia ago, Anarchy was a tyrannical deity that controlled the Echidna Tribe with an iron fist. This changed however, when Anarchy took the Tribe leader's daughter (anti-Tikal) as his own. Enraged, the Echidna's fought back against Anarchy. Unfortunately, Anarchy almost completely wiped out the Echidna Tribe with his power. But in doing this, Anarchy used up too much of his power, and was forced to withdraw into the Grand Beryl, taking the leader's daughter with him. Taking this chance, the remaining Echidnas used the power of the Grand Beryl- Anarchy's own power- to trap him within the Grand Beryl. The Echidnas then determined that they would never allow Anarchy to see the light of day again, and took on the duty to keep Anarchy trapped. In order to make sure of this, the Echidna's sunk the island to trap the fire god beneath the sea.


Anarchy is a tyrannical, arrogant, evil god, who smites any and all who attempt to oppose him. Anarchy only cares about himself and protecting the power of the Anarchy Beryl; all else are mere playthings in his eyes. Anarchy takes full advantage of his godhood, looking down on all others as inferior beings, and treating them as such. The fire deity is also extremely arrogant and vengeful, obsessing over smiting those who he believes wrong him. However, Anarchy is very calculating and cold about his vengeance, meticulously planning on how to cause maximum physical, mental, and emotional damage with his revenge.


Anarchy's body is made entirely of negative Chaos energy, which takes the form of pure red lava. His body is almost exactly the same as Chaos' in appearance, but their heads are distinctly different. Anarchy has two long horns extending from his forehead that end in sharp points. On the bag of his head is a single horn going down the back of his head. His eyes are the same shape as Chaos' and are colored magenta. His brain is a deep bluish-purple color.


While his body is made of pure lava, Anarchy is capable of manipulating and transforming his body in exactly the same way as Chaos does. Due to having a body made of lava, Anarchy can set fire to anything that he touches, even the ground beneath his feet. However, Anarchy is capable of controlling this power, allowing him to interact with objects without melting them or setting them ablaze. His body continues to release so much heat that being in close contact with him for a few minutes will cause someone to faint from overheating. Anarchy can also control external sources of heat such as fire and magma, just as Chaos controls water. In addition to Anarchy's power, he also wields incredible intelligence, capable of forumlating complex and intricate plans, as well as all kinds of backups for virtually anything that may go arwy.


Hamba the Echidna

Scourge the Hedgehog


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