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Anais the Hedgehog is a main protagonist of the Sonic Fanuverse series. She is the latest member of the Meme Teme who was first introduced in Schoolstuck. She joined Randomicalz's team in order to help them save their school from harm coming their way, and to make more friends.


Anais' appearance, like Randomicalz's, contain different art styles, except that her's is more noticable. Her main theme is a more realistic cartoonish style, using darker shades of colors for lines instead of black. Her shading is smoother than the others as well. Her eyes are in a rainbow pattern and wears a white undershirt, a red skirt, and a pair of orange boots. Her arms are skin colored.


Early life

Anais was born in May 12, 1999, where she ws just a normal girl. She got stuck to music when she was 2, so much that when she heard her 178th song, her eyes got overloaded with music, causing them. In June 17, 2003, she and her parents neighborhood were flooded due to Perfect Chaos. They took an airplane to Soleanna to live a normal life. 9 years old was the time she got good at singing, and it was at 10 years old when she learned how to make digital music. She became the school DJ at Grade 7 and both at Grade 9.


During a normal day at school, the cafeteria was attacked by a mysterious pixelated monster. She ran to that room to see what was going on, along with a few others. She saw the Meme Teme fight it. The pixelated monster ran away, but they knew that they were going to come back. She asks Lawcia who her leader was in that team, with Lawcia telling her that it was Randomicalz, the one she least expected it.

Anais reaches to Randomicalz during dismissal, where she wants to join his team in order to help this school get safe, and to make more friends.

At night time, the team encounters the pixelated monster who attacks them near a coffee shop. When Randomicalz was going to get hit, she saves him by throwing in CD shurikens at it, angering it. The pixelated monster dashes on to her where she dodges. The pixelated monster uses his powers on both Anais and Edgy, bringing them underground.

Anais and Edgy try to find a way to escape, but the rest of the Meme Teme find them anyways. Noobly hacks in a key to free them, but then the pixelated monster appears. Edgy sets up a trap with Anais, which works 7 minutes after it's creation. Anais sees something odd about this monster, and finds a green hole somewhere. She rips it apart, revealing that the pixelated monster was a fake, being controlled by their school's janitor, who was demoted after his inventions were stolen, and swore revenge by attacking the school. 

After that night, she was surprised to see the Meme Teme hold a party for Anais, for joining the gang.


Anais is a joyful, energetic, music-loving teenage girl with a love for adventure.


Anais can make music with her laptop and can sing well. She can make shockwaves using her left eye and generate music with it as well.


Songs that are so bad to Anais can damage her ears and leave her vunlerable. She is allergic to okra and fears roosters and peacocks. If her soundwaves are too strong, they can hurt her ears too.

Main Weapon

Anais' main weapon is the Guitar of the Legendary Rockatansky, which can make her strum notes that can damage her enemies and actually heal her teammates. It also enhanced people's ability to play rock, punk and metal music. The guitar was made during the 80s, where a man named Pierce Rockatansky, leader of a famous band, has created a guitar using magic and dark magic combined. The guitar has been passed on from the next big thing to another in order to jam so right and to use it against evil.



Anais and Randomicalz consider themselves pals since they first met, although Randomicalz says it would be nice if they were friends, in order to avoid being shipped.


Anais likes Edgy and everything about him since she consider edginess cool in some way.


She teaches Noobly about music and how to make them once a week, and buys smoothies with him.


She and Lawcia are great pals and are good at working together.


  • Anais is the first character to be made in Photoshop, while the others were in Paint.NET.
  • She is the first new Meme Teme member in the show.
  • She is based on other OCs' personalities, according to Reapeageddon.
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