Anaelise the Cat
Ana, Lisi, AE
Blaze the Cat (19th cousin 15 times removed)
Student at Chaos Jr. High, Waitress at Vector's Club, Team 12 co-founder
Powers and Abilities
Supersonic speed, basic swordfighting techniques, necromancy, hydrokinesis, sonokinesis
Mud, light, silence bubbles, her MP3 getting stolen, deserts, dryness
Her powers, her team, Vector's club
Her weaknesses

Anaelise is a 12 year old cat. She has many different powers, including necromancy, hydrokinesis, sonokinesis, and extreme speeds. She's also pretty good with sword. She's a member of Sonic Heroes: Team 12. She's strong but not invincible. One of the ways she can be defeated is if you steal her MP3 Player and lure her into her death because she wants to retrieve it, turn on a lamp in a dark room, or pollute the oceans. She is owned by TeamSonicPrez and is a distant relative of Blaze the Cat.

Anaelise is Prez's most powerful character so far, however, she is also the one with the most weaknesses.


Lisi was adopted by a poor family at age 5. She never had much, but she was loved and that was good enough for her even though she didn't realize it was all she needed until she was older. As she grew up, she became wise and smart, so it is sometimes believed she is a reincarnation of the goddess Geanna.

Her powers developed around age 8. She had trouble controlling them and so she was sent to Chaos Elementary, a school for students with special abilities. She learned to control her hydrokinesis by her 10th birthday, necromancy by her 11th, and she's working on her speed and sonokinesis.

Lisi was one of two people that founded Team 12, and she sometimes calls it "Eternally 12".


Lisi is a blue cat with purple eyes. She has purple bangs and wavy, long blonde back hair. She has a white belly and a furry white muzzle. She has a slender build with not a lot of muscles. She is beautiful and many boys have a crush on her, but Lisi fails to notice this.

In her Super Lisi form, she is a gold cat with purple eyes. In Aqua Lisi, she's light blue with silvery eyes. As Dark Lisi, she's black with red eyes. As Muse Lisi, she's gray with black eyes. As Excalibur Lisi, she wears gold armor but remains the same inside the armor.


Lisi is a serious but friendly cat. She will only help you out if she has taken a liking to you or an interest in your subject. She enjoys solving mysteries, and in order to keep doing so, she has toughened herself up. No matter who you are, though, she'll help you if you need it. She also tends to be slightly annoying.

Appears In



  • Black turtleneck or school uniform shirt
  • Gold locket
  • Plaid or black skirt
  • Black leggings
  • Gray sneakers/ barefoot
  • Occasionally a white headband
  • Occasionally a black belt
  • Hair worn down


  • Grey tube top
  • Gold locket
  • Brown skirt
  • Blue fashion boots
  • Blue goggles as a headband
  • Hair worn in pigtails

Super Forms

  • Super Lisi
  • Aqua Lisi
  • Dark Lisi
  • Muse Lisi
  • Excalibur Lisi


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