Dr. Eggman's latest plan was to create an actual, cloned Mobian, to emulate what Gerald Robotnik had done with Shadow the Hedgehog. Of course, with new technology, it may not be so simple as it sounds. He'd have to find a likely candidate and see if his plan works, and the candidate he chose (with the help of his lackeys) is none other than Razer the Fox! Will his plan work, or will it become nothing more than a fluke?



Part 1

Inside the Egg Carrier Mk III hovering high up in the air, right up above Northamer, Dr. Eggman was contemplating a plan on creating a cloned Mobian. After his metallic creations weren't of any use anymore, all Eggman could do was pace around in his command room for the past hour. All Orbot and Cubot could do was watch.

"Uhh, dude? If ya got any ideas, you're welcome to tell us!" Orbot spoke out before being shushed by Orbot.

"Shush! You don't want to disturb Eggman in his usual mood!" Orbot warned, looks back on Eggman.

It was soon then Eggman had a flashback regarding Gerald Robotnik and his first creation, Shadow, Sonic's clone. And it came with pure perfection, with no flaws either. Orbot was the first to ask this, "So ah... any bright ideas, oh great leader?"

"I got it! If Robotnik can make a perfect replica of Shadow... then perhaps I can do the same! But how... how?!"

Eggman hasn't selected any candidates, and was unable to come up with a potential target to make a clone. Orbot had a suggestion. "Well... there is Bidane, though she works for you..."

He then had an idea, "Oh, I know! Why not Razer? The one you used him as a weapon before?"

"Heeey, I was gonna say that, Orbot!" Cubot whined.

"Pfft, you can't even count to ten backwards, you square-headed buffoon..." Orbot retorted.

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