Amzin town is an ancient Egypt style Mobian town, inhabited by a special race of mobians.


The inhabitants of Amzin town Are a race called Samuraisters, which are unusual types of mobian hamsters.

The main landmarks are the hatri dojo, the pyramid of Amzin and Amzinincal museum.


Due to its Egypt style, it's mainly based in a hot climate, and rainy days are almost unique, however cloudy days are not quite as rare.


Azmin town started of as a tiny little village full of hamsters, who's names are yet to be classified. They decided that their village was a little bit boring, so they started to work on it. This project went down to generation to generation and eventually It became A huge city full of samuraisters.

Significant Populations

The Population of Samuraisters Includes the main government [senseister and the nobles] And the Normal Public. When Manic the hedgehog and co travelled there they met a samuraister called Jimmy Mcbob Carrier bag Who showed them around and aided them in their quest.

The Sensaister

The senseistor is a sensei version of a samuraister And is the Ruler of Amzin Town. The current Sensaister is Eric, And he is A great karate master and a nice ruler over Amzin.

What happens

The events that usually go on in Amzin town are the average events you would expect, such as Kung fu tournaments, and stuff like that. They also have an annual parade through the streets of the city dressed in strange costumes.

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