(Amy the Mouse is the fan character of Sonamyfan666, but is free to use as long you give notfivation and credit for her)

Amy the Mouse is a kind and caring girl that loves to travel, and spends most of her time not at home, traveling the world, taking pictures of the many places she goes to. But her favorite place is always her home with her nice cozy bed. To help her travel she uses her Extreme Gear Squeaky, a Yacht type to help her travel over the lands. She has no real powers to speak of herself, but does have a magic camera that can link up to any computer, printer and stores an infinte number of pictures .She has white fur and wears black slide on sandals, black overalls with a white T-shirt and carrys a Magic Camera that is shaped like a Sega Nomad.


Amy was born in Pebble Hill Zone and has lived there her whole life. While she has traveled the world, she has never had any real major adventures to talk about. She has competed in a few Amtuer Extreme Gear Races, mostly taking 3rd or 4th place, but did take first once. Her major interactions with the Sonic Cast have come from bumping into them on her travels around the world. She has seen many places on her travels around the world from the likes of Spring Yard to the likes of Ice Mountain but her favorite place has always been her home with its nice little bed and her fridge filled with mostly cheese and an Atari Flashback 3 system to play Haunted House.


Amy is a white mouse with white hair that blends into her fur and black eyes. She wears a white T-Shirt with black overalls, black slide on sandals and white gloves. When not in use her camera hangs of her next by a lanyerd. When riding her extreme gear she puts on a plain black Baseball Cap.


She has no real skills aside from taking really good pictures with her Magic Camera that looks like a Sega Nomad system with a retractable camera light on top .She also stays out of trouble by her natural instincts telling her to turn and run. She is a good Extreme Gearist but is no where near the level of others like Amy Rose or Sonic.


She is on good terms with most anyone she meets, and as such, really doesn't have very many friends or foes. The only people aside from truly evil people she doesn't like are Sally Acorn and Rouge the Bat.


  • Tabitha Kat (Owned by VenomTheEchidna)


  • None


  • Only the truly evil people


" Hi .I'm Amy the Mouse, just call me Amy."

"Just be yourself, nothing more nothing less".


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