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Amy Rose the Rascal (often simply known as Amy Rose) is a tomboy-ish hammer-wielding warrior from Knothole Village. She, alongside her sidekick Sticks the Badger, would eventually join Sonic, Cosmo and even Tails in an adventure to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Robotnik does. She makes her first appearance in Blue Blur: Curse of Mobius, and appears as a major protagonist in every entry in the saga since.


Her appearance is almost identical to her Sonic Boom design, with her short dress and athletic boots. The only difference is that she has a belt where she can willingly summon her Piko-Piko Hammer, and she has the Warrior Feather on her headband.


Like her design, her personality is also heavily carried over from Sonic Boom. She's very tomboyish, having a spark that gets her in the mood for battle. Unlike Sonic, she thinks before attacking, making her seem more like she prefers the safer ways. She is concerned for others' safety more than her own, as not only does she make early plannings to not get her friends in danger, but as for herself, she isn't afraid to jump into an army of robots and bash them with her hammer. Although she is a tomboy, she does have a girlish side of her, despite refusing to acknowledge that. She secretly enjoys watching romantic comedy films, especially those from Earth. She also tends to go out at nights in Knothole Forest with Sticks and Cosmo for a girls' night out, though she never words it that way herself.


She was born in Mobotropolis under the name Rosy Rascal. She was a very energetic child who enjoyed chasing after critters and chatting to her childhood friends. However, when Robotnik invaded Mobotropolis, she was captured by SWAT-Bots alongside her family. She witnessed her mother being repeatedly shot to death by SWAT-Bots, and her father being killed by the Roboticizer and becoming a SWAT-Bot. When she was about to share the same fate as her mother, she was saved by a sweeping blue blur who goes by the name Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Sonic and Amy, shyly standing next to each other.

Ever since Knothole Village was established, not only did she changed her name legally, but she was also given secret military training by Cliff, who generously agreed because of his very down-to-earth personality. Being the only villager in Knothole to be given a Piko-Piko Hammer, she took effective use of that and became one of Knothole Village's most fierce warriors. She eventually befriended a wild Mobian named Sticks, who they became close friends very fast, and befriended Sonic's sidekick Cosmo. Eventually, Amy would meet and join with the self-proclaimed Hero of Mobius himself on an adventure, and the two do seem to have feelings for each other, even though they're afraid to admit it.

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