Amy Rose is considered Sonic's "girlfriend" (or rather annoying fan) by many in the Sonic fanbase. In her usual appearances, she is always chasing after Sonic or helping out her friends (sometimes both). In SRC, she takes the form of a human due to her appearing in the real world without any memory of how she got here.

It can be assumed Chaos Control was used to teleport her to the real world, although this is unknown.


Amy Rose's personality is similar to that of her usual appearances in the games, but she is more on the lines of catching Sonic and making out with him than anything else. She is a bit more naive, and possibly self-destructive, but overall her personality hasn't changed much.


From Chapters One to Twenty-Four, this was Amy's outfit.

  • Amy's dress was still there, although it seemed a bit changed to fit human dress standards. The general design is the same, but now it looks like a normal girl's shirt.
  • Amy's headband is jewel-studded.
  • Amy's pink fur is replaced by pink hair that goes down to her shoulders.
  • Amy had on white exercise pants.
  • Amy's shoes are the same.
  • Amy's gloves are missing, but she had a bracelet on her right wrist that had a silver heart on it.

As of Chapter Twenty-Four onwards, this is Amy's new look.

  • Amy's hair and shoes are the same, although her shoes are just a bit darker red than normal.
  • Amy now wears a darker red headband than the one she normally wears.
  • Amy now wears a pink belly shirt with white at the ends of the short sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. Some of her stomach is exposed, but not much.
  • Amy now wears a blue jean skirt.
  • Amy has a red belt with a silver ring as a buckle on her being.
  • Amy's bracelet is still on.

Relations With Other Characters





  • Amy was (forced) into dating Shadow during the events of Chapter 13. By the end of Chapter 15, when it is revealed the real Shadow was trapped inside the Wii System, and the Shadow that dated Amy was really Nega-Sean is disguise, it can be assumed the relationship was dropped.
  • Amy was kidnapped by Grant, Dylan, and Joey (or rather, the other way around, at least until the end) during Chapter 20.
  • Amy had 350 Rings before Nick stole them in Chapter 10.
  • Amy was used as part of a revenge plan in a small sub-plot between Shadow and Rouge after what has been labeled the "Zombie Dodgeball Incident" in Chapter 13.
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