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Amy Rose

Amy Rose is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend. Although she's not part of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, she still sees plenty of action. Mostly, she's like her canon counterpart, but with some minor differences. For other possible love interests, go here.


Like her canon counterpart, Amy has little backstory to speak of. She was just frolicking through the Great Forest, unaware that a mad doctor had taken over Mobius. Then, while doing a tarot reading one day, she learned that she was to have a fateful encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog, and the rest is history.


Amy's personality mirrors that of her canon counterpart. The only difference is that she's even more hyper. Really, though, is that even possible with her?


Unlike Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & other characters who were introduced during the "Classic" era, Amy looks like her modern design in this era, mainly because she's 12. And unlike her canon counterpart, she never spouted four extra years. Also, in "Sonic's Weird Birthday" and "Wir sind Menschen", she wore a red cheerleader's outfit instead of her usual dress.


Amy still has super speed, the Spin Jump, Spin Dash and all the standard abilities she had in the games. And of course, she can still do all those wonderful hammer-based attacks. Being a hedgehog, she also possesses Hedgehog Sense.

Items & weapons

Once again, Amy has her Piko Piko Hammer to help her in combat. Aside from being a weapon, she uses it as a comedic prop against people who tick her off.



Two Kinds of Heroes

Amy kicks off by glomping Sonic as he's traveling to Eggopolis with Tails & Knuckles. When Tails questions their relationship, she whacks him with the Piko Piko Hammer. After he recovers, the trio keeps going with Amy in pursuit. However, she loses them after they get teleported. She finally catches up to Sonic when he gets back to Knothole.

The Fakest Things Alive

Amy glomps Sonic yet again, only for it to be an impostor who is very fond of Amy – too fond. She escapes his advances, only to encounter a squadron of stealthbots heading for Knothole. Using some well-timed hammer jumps, Amy wrecks that squadron. When the attack is over, she heads to Knothole and confronts the real Sonic, thinking that it was he who was responsible for attempting to have his way with her.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

During a tarot reading, Amy learns that Sonic is in trouble, so she comes to Knothole and asks Sally where Sonic is. Sally claims that he's gone out, but won't tell her exactly where. Frustrated, she keeps looking and finds Tails at Azure Lake Zone just as he’s about to hop in the Tornado 2. Seeing that he has some Mobian Dragonflowers, Amy thinks that Tails is in love with her, but Tails says they're for Sonic, causing her to think that he's gay for Sonic. Finally, when Tails tells her that Sonic has been poisoned, she freaks out and heads back to Knothole, where she embraces him tightly after he recovers. With Sonic back to normal, she follows him to Robotnik's HQ and destroys the control panel to the Atomic Decoupler using her Piko Piko Hammer.

Mighty Sonic

Like Sonic's other friends, Amy has caught the Super Changin' Muscle Rangers bug – probably more so than anybody else. She's collected a truckload of merchandise and even written fanfiction based on the show. When Amy learns about the kidnapping of the Muscle Rangers stars, she joins Shadow, Rouge & Antoine in attempting to rescue them, but she ends up being captured, too. Fortunately, Sonic & the rest of the gang end up rescuing her. Afterwards, she expresses her love of the show to Amy Sutherland (the actress who plays Amy Hartman – the pink Muscle Ranger. That’s a lotta Amys, right?) As it turns out, Ms. Sutherland also writes fanfic and hopes that they can get together some time.

Other stories

Sonic Hotcakes

After Sonic's other friends have gone home, Amy – who hasn’t gotten the memo – enters Robotnik's headquarters using a fake appointment card. She rewards Robotnik with hotcakes because she thinks he’s a nice guy deep down inside. However, he gets mad at Amy and tries to attack her, but she escapes. In the "Sonic Says" segment, Amy gets a gift from Sonic, which turns out to be tickets to a Nikki Gregoroff concert. She is very impressed and gives Sonic a hug + kiss.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

Given her love for Sonic, Amy does her best to impress him on his birthday, and she does this by organizing a small parade for him, with some help from Cream, of course. Naturally, when The Man arrives, Amy gives him a hug + kiss. Contrary to her expectations, Sonic doesn't want to be in the parade with her. However, after Amy & Cream give him a little guilt trip, he relents. Amy spends the parade with her arm wrapped around him, waving to an invisible crowd. Suddenly, Robotnik & Snively show up and attempt to ruin the parade. Amy hits Sonic with her Piko Piko Hammer while he’s curled into a ball, destroying the Eggmobile's attachments once again. Much to her dismay, Sonic doesn't stick around for much longer.

However, the parade comes to Knothole eventually, where Amy congratulates Sonic on the new statue. Then, when Rouge accidentally puts Ol' Blue into a trance, Amy threatens to pound her silly. This is also the first (and thus far only) time that Ms. Rose uses the nickname "Sonikku" in any of BearfootTruck's stories.

A Dark Birthday

Amy also decides to get gifts for Shadow and Rouge on their birthdays, specifically an ice cream maker and a Crock-Pot, her reasoning being that they don't usually have time to cook and that they could follow it up with a tasty treat after supper. Later, at the birthday party, she is the first to notice Sonic and Tails ' arrival. Amy is also the first to give Shadow and Rouge their presents, barring Mephiles . She even serves as the flag girl for the motocross race between Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Rouge.

Sonic Wave

Amy makes a minor appearance in this story, where she too has joined The Wave along with Cream despite not being old enough to go to high school. Initially, she is proud to be a member of the movement and questions Sonic and Tails when they try to dissuade her and Cream from it. Nevertheless, she agrees to look up the Tedescan Civil War. Presumably, she has moved on from The Wave after the police showdown at James F. Charleston High School, albeit heartbroken.

Wir sind Menschen

Amy – like Sonic's other friends – is in attendance at the International Festival of Community. She agrees with Sonic's statement about Knuckles and Rouge not arguing and also expresses her happiness about meeting Hope and tells her about being Sonic's girlfriend, much to his dismay. She also smacks Shadow for referring to Cream as a "pest" and tells him that she couldn't make it to the concert due to a school recital she had.

Sonic Tells the Truth to Amy

One day, Amy glomps Sonic again, and is surprised when he explains why he's been running from her. She is moved by his explanation and assures him that he couldn't mess anything up with her before giving him a kiss. After the kiss, she suggests a nice, romantic meal with each other and lets him pick where they go.

He Wanted to Thank Her

Amy is surprised to receive a visit from Shadow, but nevertheless welcomes him into her house. When she asks why he came over, he reveals that her words on the Space Colony ARK had a powerful effect on him. She also gives him a hug when he asks for one. She even calls him "handsome", which results in him calling her "cute". Furthermore, she allows him to stay for a while.

Stunt Rock

Amy is one of Sonic's fellow stuntwomen, though unlike [[Miles "Tails" Prower (BearfootTruck's Universe)|Tails], she isn't part of his band Sonic and the Diesel Cats, though she does get a free pass for one of their shows. She is also unaware of Sonic's career as a car thief…that is, until she receives a voicemail from him asking her to join him on a job, which turns out to be helping him to take down a car thief named Shadow. She is partnered up with Knuckles, and together, they start off by stealing a 1977 GMC Suburban nicknamed "Carmen", though Amy objects to Knuckles' proposal of using brute force and instead uses more subtle methods to steal the vehicle. After delivering it, Amy expresses her concerns about Shadow to Knuckles, but decides to go along with Sonic's plan for now, doing some more stunt work and thefts in the process.

The next day, Sonic invites Amy to a barbecue being held at Rouge's mansion. While she likes the idea, she is nervous about doing so because she thinks Rouge is a lesbian and has been making unwanted advances on her. However, she decides to go when Sonic and Tails elect to protect her from unwanted advances. At the barbecue, Amy ends up sitting next to Shadow at first, but asks him to move over so she can sit next to Sonic. When Amy asks Shadow how he met Sonic, she becomes enraged when she learns that the Ultimate Life Form threatened him and attempts to bonk him with her Piko Piko Hammer. However, Rouge intervenes and makes Amy and Shadow hug. Amy enjoys the hug and compliments Shadow on being cuddly. After complimenting Rouge on her cooking, Amy sits back and enjoys the rock show that Sonic and the Diesel Cats put on. After the show, Amy thanks Sonic for keeping an eye on Rouge, though she teases him for allegedly liking Rouge's cooking better. She also invites Sonic out to eat the next day.

After doing some more stunt work the next day, Amy steals a custom van without Knuckles' help, which draws Shadow's suspicion. She is further shocked when Shadow threatens to kill Knuckles. Nevertheless, she is grateful when the Ultimate Life Form spares his life. Later, after joining Sonic for supper at Chili's, she has a good time…that is, until he reveals that he has a crush on Shadow, which upsets her greatly.

Though really upset by this revelation, Amy cools down the next day and calls Shadow "handsome" before giving him a hug, though she is curious as to why he’s visiting the movie set where she, Sonic and Tails are working. Nevertheless, she's happy that he’s happy. After a death-defying stunt, Amy is excited by the possibility of going out for ice cream and stuffs herself full, even joking about it with Rouge. She then runs off with Tails and Knuckles upon Sonic's orders.

The next day, at another movie shoot, Amy asks about Sonic's night with Shadow and suffers a nosebleed and faints when she learns that they took a shower together. After being revived, she takes a little walk with Sonic and the rest of the gang. She then attends a karate demonstration at a local theater and does some more car thefts. After Shadow is brought to justice, she receives a good sum of money from Sonic.

Terror At the Olympic Games

Like her friends, Amy is taking part in the Summer Olympics at Emerald City, with her mom Petunia serving as one of the officials. On the first day, Amy competes in a women's softball event against the Chun-Nan Olympic Team. Though the game looks hopeless at first, Amy manages to hit a grand slam over Zephyr Field's "Blue Monster" to win the game. She then gets glomped by Sonic after the game and goes out with him to the Glitter Palace disco later that night.

On the second day, Amy congratulates Sticks for doing so well at women's individual archery. However, she is perplexed when Sticks accuses Shadow of being unhappy, even wondering if Shadow has a crush on Sonic. Two days later, Amy takes part in the women's handball event against Shamar and motivates her team to victory. After the game, she goes to Joey's Pizza with Princess Peach and pays for both of their meals. Here, they talk about various subjects, such as how welcoming Mobians are, how Bowser and Robotnik are doing and why Sonic runs away from Amy. Two days after that, Amy and the women of the Mobian team take part in a field hockey competition against Tedesca, and despite hard playing from Tedesca, Amy leads her team to victory again.

The next day, Amy joins Sonic for supper at Joey's and is joined by Luigi and Princess Daisy, much to her delight. However, she becomes concerned when Sonic keeps using the word "friend" and runs out of the restaurant crying when the Blue Blur rejects her love. She appears in a dream sequence of Sonic's that night. Contrary to her monstrous appearance there, she is still feeling depressed the next day, when she is taking part in women's beach volleyball with Rouge, who expresses concern for her feelings, so Amy tells her. When Rouge gives her a hug, Amy talks about how she likes girls. Her spirit renewed, Amy helps Rouge to victory against Peach and Daisy. After the game, Amy decides that Rouge isn't such a bad person after all.

Four days later, on the morning of August 2, Amy is held hostage by members of the Roseinian People's Direct Action Front. She is forced to make a statement to the media before being clubbed by the butt of an AKM. When two city buses arrive, Amy and Rouge are forced to carry the wounded Knuckles on to one. Later, when the Royal Mobian Constabulary comes to rescue them, Amy cheers them on. However, she is shocked when Sonic comes on the plane where she's on and has his life threatened by one of the terrorists. On the other hand, she is also hugely relieved when Shadow rescues him and even expresses her approval when Sonic and Shadow kiss during the special award ceremony at the Mobius Royal Coliseum.


Amy had once been run off the road by a madman driving a van. One day, she receives a call from Sonic, a Corporal I in the Royal Mobian Constabulary's Interceptor Squad, about the incident. He asks her if there was music playing from the van, but she can't remember. However, she later calls him, saying that she does remember music coming from the van, and though she can't conclusively name the genre, she seems to agree with Sonic's assessment about it being dubstep.

Four days later, Amy attends the Constabulary's annual Grand Open House at Lantham Air Force Base, the Constabulary's HQ. Aside from getting a briefing on what the Constabulary is all about, she gets a tour of the base and even gets an opportunity to ride around the EVOC course in a Camaro interceptor driven by Sonic. She has fun, but nearly loses her lunch on the EVOC course. Later, she glomps Sonic and has a brief chat with him before he goes back home. Later that night, she takes a trip to Emerald City to visit a friend when the Dubstep Driver – Scourge the Hedgehog – attacks her again. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails save her, and Sonic checks up on her afterwards, giving her a big hug to calm her down. She is happy, but Sonic tells her not to jam on the handbrake like she did. Amy gets angry when Shadow kisses Sonic and threatens to flatten her until Ruby intervenes. Despite her reluctance, Amy agrees to talk things over with Shadow. They come to an agreement: Shadow will have Sonic every other day of the week, and Amy will have him every other day after that. The two femhogs hug and kiss Sonic at the same time, causing him to faint. Afterwards, Amy teases Tails about being jealous.