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Amy Rose from Secrets Revealed

Amy is a British hedgehog that is one of the main characters appearing in of most of Tom Featherhill's Sonic stories. She is known well because of her almost accurate predictions, with her card. She also is known to be able to manipulate Eggman's robots. Her first appearance in Tom's works would be Secrets Revealed , the first of his Future Trilogy (both in deviantArt and fanfiction).


Amy rose appears as a hedgehog that has pink fur and a peach muzzle and arms. She has her pink quills down, unlike other hedgehogs. She wears any attire that has rose red on it, as it is her favourite colour. She wears red knee-length shoes, of which has white stripe through the middle.


Amy, in the stories, is depicted as a risk-taker and calm person. However, when she gets hurt, she takes on the person that hit her, unless it's impossible, to her. She is a well mannered person too, always looking around. However, when she reminisces about the past, she is often quite down and dull.

When one of her friends get affected in anyway, she would stand up for them and take care for them. However, she's usually the one in this situation.

Maria Robotnik

When Amy connects to the cloud, she is depicted to be a very sensitive and caring person, much like Maria.


The Birth of Amy

It was a day after Eggman discovered that Maria died. Even though she had undergone deep care, she was killed by a GUN soldier. Eggman's father, Gerald, was killed by the very same people. Eggman was enraged, within tears of sadness and the heartache of loss. He soon ran for President within the once was United States, taking over it with martial law, forging himself his own crown.

Eggman, who loved Maria the most, like she was his sister, created a similar being, but was more aware of its surroundings and was immune to any disease. He did this basing this being on Project Shadow. He, wanting his daughter to blend in with the crowd, made her a hedgehog. He promised never to let her be in the hands of GUN.

"Don't you worry... I won't let you in their hands... I will take care of you... Amelia."
Dr Eggman

The Kidnapping of Amy

One night, GUN overheard the creation of an individual based on Project Shadow but partly robotised. They went into the lands of the now Robotnik Land - not to remove a threat, but to make use of it. GUN planned to make an army of perfect clones based on this being. Amelia was at the garden when a helicopter entered the White House' perimeter. Amelia was asked to board the helicopter, obeying the instructions.

Eggman drunk his best wine that night, for he thought it was his last with his own daughter.

Amy's Parents

Amy had hedgehogs cloned after her, acting like her parents. They taught her the basics for life, saying that Eggman was bad and had no feeling of mercy and love. They taught her until GUN ordered to dispose Amy, on their flight to New Orleans. However, Eggman took his chance and stopped the clones from killing Amy, as Amy jumped out of the plane, avoiding him.

This was when Sonic saved her, in the plains of Scotland.

As Amy Rose

Amy's original name was 'Amelia Mary Robotnik', which Amy herself never got to learn. All she knew was that her name was Amy, as Eggman and the clones called her. She was adopted by a nun by the name of Lady Janette Rose. Amy, who was taught by GUN, grew a hatred on Eggman. However, Janette pointed that everybody has good within them.

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