Amy Rose(Also originally known as Rosy the Rascal) is fictional, anthropomorphic hedgehog that is unsurprisingly head-over-heels for Sonic the Hedgehog, and has been since she was 8(Back in 1993' in Sonic CD). Ever since then, she has been in pursuir of him in the thought that she and him will marry some day. In Nitrogen218's Universe, she is Raven's twin sister, and have been seperared for 15 years after their mother, who was heir to the throne, was shot down. She had been with Rob O"the Hedge ever since. After 15 years of separation, they have rejoiced. They have accompanied each other ever since in order to make up for lost years.


Amy was originally an 8-year-old girl that wore a red hairband. green short-sleeved shirt with a white collar, an orange pleated/frilly skirt, and wore blue sneakers with orange lacing, white soles and toes. She was also originally with thinner legs, black eyes, an oval shaped nose, peach skin, pink fur and bangs atop the head, and her quills were more like sonics.

As of modern times, she is known to be a 12-year-old. Her quills have been styled to look like a bobcut, and the bangs droop more. She also has green irises and black pupils. Her fur and skin color are untouched. She wears a red dress with a white hemline, white gloves, golden ring bracelets, a red hairband, and red boots with a wide horizontal stripe down the middle, with grey soles.

In N-218's Universe, 3 years later, on Raven's return to Möbius, her quills are longer and surpass her shoulders, and has a leaner teen figure. She is also Sonic's former height of 3'3". Her attire consists of a red crop top shirt that exposes her peach colored stomach,  the top is under a white crop top hooded sweatshirt with pink lining on the sleeves, zipper, and hemline. She also wears glossy, pink ring bracelets, white gloves,  a pink belt with a deep pink and red belt buckle heart motif, a red skirt with a white hemline on top of black shorts, and white boots with a pink vertical stripe down the middle, as well as deep pink boot cuffs, deep pink soles, and matching motif like her belt buckle on the side of her boots.


Amy is known in the main series to be girly, kind, sweet. She has also been known to be into tarot cards and fortune telling, like she desires to be a psychic, ever since she was eight. Her interest in Sonic hasn't subsided since she has been saved by him in Sonic CD, and has been reapeating the same procedure for full years if her life, as has been agitated that she has not had any reciprocated from him. She tends to like shopping and fashion as well, as a part of her personality



Amy is the first born child of Angelina Rose, with Raven being the second. They were both born in the same year, but approximately 2 months apart. About a month after Raven was born, they were set in individual baskets, each one hiding in the foliage in the backyard. Rob O' the Hedge takes her in and raises her for the next 8 years of her life after her mom was shot dead.

After 8 years, she was tumed into fortune telling and other such topics. She put her tarot card reading skills to the test as she felt like she had enough courage to do so. Upon aligning them and setting them up accordingly, she learned that both she and Sonic were said to meet near little planet. Excited, she hurried off to him in hopes that it was right. Sure enough, it was proven true when she encounter him there, but never had her advances reciprocated. 

Ignoring the unreciprocated advances, she pursued him until she was caught by Metal Sonic, and sonic had to find the time stones to save her. After she was saved, she had an insatiable love interest in him, and will proceed for the next four years.As for the modern times, she has been involved in several occssions where she has been combative against the Eggman Empire.

An old (Family) member returns

Three years later, she is an eyewitness, along with her best friend, cream, to an extraterrestrial escape pod, landing in the forest. This pod, rather large, and looked like a giant, mechanical bug,  seems to have squashed some trees, ended up opening and revealing a robotic hedgehog and fox. Amy attacks them both, in the mistaken idea that they are evil, and somewhat perplexed, when her hammer is stopped mid swing, after it meets with the hedgehog's twin swords. The attack sparks a fight between them, As Amy and the robot, who is also her hybrid brother, are fighting to exhaustion.

After a valiant duel, both parties are exhausted, and recede from the fight. They agree to a truce, but Amy wanted to know why they are here. She learns right away that they don't speak English, and grabs them, dragging them to Tails's workshop. Upon doing so, She learns ,through Tails's Miles Electric, that they are here in a desperate need to hide and live, saying that they are in danger of extermination from an enemy of theirs. They also mention they are searching for something of great importance, and need to find it before it is too late.

Reluctant, she agrees to help them, but wants them to get accustomed to the new world, but  he tells her they adopted the mobian skin an applied it to their systems. Before they start, Amy asks for their names. The hedgehog's name was Raven, while fox's name Nicole, but was often called, Nikki. Amy stopped for a minute at what he just said to her, and began yo recall the name, ad it was the same to her brother's name, whom she hasn't seen in years.

A Victory of the Times

Amy took part in final battle against Doctor Eggman During the Delta 5 Crisis, When his ultimate plan for conquest, with help from an alien world, unleashing a lethal chemical gas to enforce the people on the planet to bow to his mercy, and serve as Robians in the Egg Atlantis.

She is seen combating Brawlers, Scavengers, and a revived E-102 Gamma as the Egg-atlantis begins its ascent from the ocean just outside of Station Square. She is forced to make haste in helping her brother out in finishing him off, ad she begins to smell the toxic, pollutive, gas starting to emanate from its exhaust pipes underneath the sea.

She is with her brother in the main holding chamber, and scrapping several battle groups inside. They try to stop the flow of gas via the command terminal, but it was pretty much sabotaged by the enemy, leaving the gas on autopilot. They then fight to reach the command terminal up top, in Eggman's statue, to take him head on. They both succeed in taking down Eggman and his precious Egg-Atlantis, which does eliminate the Delta 5 Crisis.

Taking Part in Combat

After Eggman's unfortunate demise, Nakrota sought out domination as he lost the advantage, and decided to risk it all. Amy rejoices with Raven once more in the fight to push back this new adversary.

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