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Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a fictional anthropomorfic hedgehog created by SEGA. She is a well known photographer and model in Mobius, and the girlfriend of Shadow the Hedgehog. She currently attends the Mariala County Academy.

General Info

Amy Lysandra Rose is a 16-year-old hedgehog living on a tiny street in Mobius. As of now. She is the only child of her unknown parents, who happened to have raised another child over her. She lives with her best friend, her two chao, and her mother. Sometimes, she would lie down and daydream about romantic moments with Sonic or Shadow.

For living, she is still in high school, and also working as a part time photographer. She would get customers and take perfect, high-quality pictures for them and their families. She would even sneak up on others, with great stealth and or invisibility, and snap photos of them. She would then write up a story for her school's newspaper.


Early Life

Amy was born and raised in the town of Mobius. She was always very energetic as a child and was ready to do anything. Not much is known about her birth though. Not much was known about her early life.

Around the age of 7, she saw a girl who was getting picked on. She stood up to the girl and told them to back of. The girl introduced herself as Cream, a rabbit. However, her parents were taken away and became slaves somewhere else. When she told them that story, Cream offered to let her stay at her house as part of the family.

Around 8 years old, she encountered her worst enemy, Eggman. She was trapped for a very long time, until somebody heard her. It was a blue hedgehog. Amy was very grateful for what he did. He then introduced himself as Sonic.

At 10 years old, Amy developed a crush on him. Then she started to obsess a bit over him. Also, Cream was wondering to let Amy go. Cream's mother, Vanilla, lent her some money to buy herself a house. Her house wasn't very far away from Cream's, so they could still spend time together. At the age of 10, she started to become a fashion model.

Around the age of 11, Cream's father became the Mayor of Mariala City, so Cream had to move away. She was all alone in her house. She then ran into a young human boy. He introduced himself as Louis. Together, they traveled and they had a blast together. She also met someone else: Shadow the Hedgehog. The two didn't really like each other, but then they started to hang out.

Around the age of 12, Amy started to chase her dreams. She was chasing after Sonic and they started to go on many adventures.

Sonic Adventure 2

During the events of SA2, Amy played a major role. She first made an appearance freeing Sonic from prison after he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit. She then met Shadow, the real criminal, who wasn't on the hunt for just one emerald. She along with Tails and Sonic escaped the island before it exploded.

Sonic and his team abandoned Amy at the Egg Carrier and left her there only to be held hostage by Eggman. He even threatened to kill her if he didn't give him a chaos emerald.

Amy found Shadow on board of the ARK while they were gone. She tried and begged to convince Shadow to join their side and defeat the Biolizard, but he refused because of his grief for Maria. She then persuaded him to do it for Maria, which got him to join.

The New Shadow

Hours after the events of SA2, Amy came rushing to what was the body of Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic saved Gerald's life as he came rushing as well. Gerald explained to her that he wasn't dead, but in a deep coma and could possibly die. Gerald gave Amy a difficult task to handle;she had to pose as Shadow until he made another heal unit.

Gerald hid Shadow's body under his labcoat as him and the pink hedgehog snuck into Eggman's lab to run an experiment. Using a cloning device, he made an artificial copy of Shadow's body and head to make like a costume to fit Amy's measurements and transform her into Shadow.

Gerald told Amy to try her best to imitate Shadow's personality, actions, and especially his voice. It was hard for her to pull this off, but eventually, she got her voice to drop down two octaves to imitate him. She also found a way to make her hammer look like a chaos spear and harness chaos energy.

Sonic Heroes

About a month after the events of Sonic Advance, Amy is informed by Gerald that she has to go undercover once more as Shadow and sneak into one of Eggman's Vaults. He had a feeling that Eggman was going to go in there one day and find him, and said it was a job of patience, but Amy was up for it. She then cloned herself to make her clone team up with Cream and Big to handle Sonic.

Amy, as Shadow, sneaks into one of Eggman's Vault. She finds a whole bunch of Shadow Clones. And finds an empty one smack in the lower middle of the vault. She basically slept there for about a day or two. Much to her surprise, the vault opened but this time it wasn't Eggman who came in, but it was Rouge. Rouge accidentally set of E-123 Omega as Amy opened her eyes and fought Omega herself. Rouge then stops the two and makes them join together to find Eggman.

The three of them fight against many enemies and bosses. After encountering the Egg Albatros, she found a clone of Shadow laying on the floor. She then had a flashback on how there was an empty spot;that must have been the one that escaped the cell and already tried and failed to stop Eggman's forces.

She later encounters her crush, Sonic and his team. However, she has to keep calm and act rude to him in order for her to not blow her cover. She then is literally forced to fight him and ends up winning, escaping the jungle, and moving onto the Final Fortress, where she mets the Egg Emperor and defeats it, making Eggman surrender.

Later on, Amy leaves behind Rouge and Omega to find her clone. Rouge looks back to find "Shadow" but Amy was invisible, and couldn't be found. She uses chaos spear on her clone, making it disappear and throws her Shadow costume away, hoping nobody would find it. She then chases after Sonic like she normally would.


Amy is very sweet and girly. As seen throughout the main series, she loves to shop for clothes. Like most of the female characters, she has an alternate outfit. Her love of fashion made her decide to become a fashion model for a couple of years. She has a strong taste in color and likes to pick out amazing outfits for her friends.

When Amy was young, ever since the day that Sonic saved Amy, she started to develop a crush on him. When she was thirteen, it has become a borderline obsession. She always daydreamed about Sonic and getting married to him. When she if for a fight, Sonic is the one she usually does it for. As of now, she learned to control it.

When she is angry, things are going to get ugly and go down. She shows her anger by pulling out her piko piko hammer and attacking them wit it. Even today, she can't really control her temper when she is upset and often lashes out on other people.

Other than that, she is very good hearted and never gives up. Her good hearted nature makes other people who bump into her worth bumping into. Full of energy, she's a fighter and always wants to win first prize.


Photography- Amy is very good at taking photographs. To her, it's a very good hobby. She also started to work for a photography studio and takes pictures. She earns 60 dollars ever hour and enjoys taking photos of others. Sometimes, people even ask her to take photos for magazines.

She also gets paid to go out into the ends of the earth to take amazing pictures, and turn them into works of art. She gets paid handsomely by doing this, and happens to be very good at it. She can wait for days and at just the right moment, the key object she is looking for will appear in front of her!

Journalism and Newspaper Writing- She is also good at typing articles for magazines. At her house, in her inspiration room, she has her very own typewriter and printer. She is thinking about writing for the newspaper at her school. When she is out, she always happens to find the juiciest story, that nobody would take their eyes off of for even a second.

Cooking- Amy is shown to be very skilled at cooking. She enjoys cooking meals for her friends and most of her friends think it's the best food she ever made. She uses her own "secret" recopies and spices to make them delicious, only her closest friends know about what she uses.

Acrobatics- Though she isn't taught by Michelle, she seems to have very good acrobatic skills. When she jumps into the air with the help of her hammer, she performs various tricks. Also, she has good balance as to be able to grind on rails, and walk on beams with ease. She uses this for fighting and combat purposes, but sometimes she does it for fun reasons.

Boxing/Boxercize- Amy happens to be pretty good at boxing. Her punches are pretty powerful, and takes courses in boxercise to become even stronger. She can throw fast and rapid punches that can easily knock somebody out.

Abilities and Powers


Amy also knows how to turn invisible. She was possessed by this in her sleep. You can't see her. She knows how to make it last for a very long time. You could be fooled and is sometimes used for pranks as a girl. When she uses it, a few pink rings circle around her body, with the invisibility only lasting for currently at most a half hour.


Amy's most unique ability that she has. Ever since she was a little girl, she taught herself how to clone through practice. Later on in life, this came in handy when she went undercover as Shadow after he fell from the ARK to fool Sonic and his gang. She can make up to three hundred clones of herself, but she can only clone herself and not other people.

Enhanced Speed

Amy possesses very high speeds. She isn't as fast as the speed of sound, but she is fast enough to catch up with Sonic. She outrun many of her friends, and some people consider it to be superhuman speed.

Harnessing and Utilizing Chaos Energy

Amy is still learning this power, but she is pretty good at it. She is able to use the power of the chaos emeralds to create powerful and blinding beams, rays, and attacks. However, she cannot transform yet.


Shadow the Hedgehog :The dark fur "clone" of Sonic, Shadow and Amy have some strange history together. Although Shadow is Silver's boyfriend, he cheated on him quite a few times with Amy. She had feelings before Shadow long before either of them even knew Silver. They often spend the day at her house every Saturday night.

Manic the Hedgehog: Sonic's older brother, like Amy, Manic has a massive crush on Amy. This goes up to the point where he literally used to pose as Sonic using a blue fur suit to see if he can go on a date with her. However, shockingly, she can tell when it's not him. Amy kissed Manic twice.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The famous blue blur, Amy used to be obsessed with Sonic. However, when she turned thirteen, she realized that there's much more to life than a boy and decided to end the silly crush. The two have kissed quite a few times before however.

Amy's alternate outfit


  • For the Mariala Anime, Amy has another set of clothing. She wears a strong red short thin-sleeved shirt, a strong red knee-length skirt, white long gloves, a white scarf and white long boots.
  • Amy's ring-like cuffs are similar to Shadow's inhibitor rings.
  • Like Christina, Amy doesn't have a peach colored tummy.
  • Using her piko piko hammer, she can create an illusion making her hammer look like a chaos spear.
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