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Cquote1 Pray you don't get on my bad side, fellas. I'm not too good at pulling my punches. Cquote2
Amy warning her foes not to screw with her, Just Like Old Times

Have no fear, Amy Rose is here! She is a major character in the Darkness Trigger series and a close friend of Sonic’s… well, she would be if it weren’t for a certain incident. A pink powerhouse armed with her trademark Piko Piko Hammer and impressive boxing skills, she fights valiantly against whatever threatens her and her allies.


Amy stands at four feet, eleven inches, meaning she's barely taller than Shadow, and sports bright pink fur around much of her body and three thick, curved bangs on her forehead. Peach skin can be seen on her muzzle, chest and abdominal area, arms and hands, and inner ears. She also sports green eyes, much like Sonic’s, though they’re noticeably more jade-like compared to Sonic’s emerald green, and a small black nose can be seen on her muzzle. The quills on her head, unlike other hedgehogs, are more curved and stylized and resemble that of a shoulder-length bob cut.

For her attire, she ditches much of her old look and now sports a red short-sleeved jacket with white accents and golden buttons, a white tank top beneath it, and dark purple skin-tight leggings that can be seen underneath a pair of red shorts. She still sports her red headband and usual pair of white gloves with golden barcelets around her wrists, but the gloves now have red cuffs above the bracelets, which are now smaller, and dark purple arm sleeves underneath those as well, and her boots, while still dominantly red in coloration and have white cuffs, now sport white toes and golden zippers in place of the usual white stripes.


Amy is normally known to have quite a huge heart. Kind and thoughtful, and very well-mannered, she gets along well with several people, even those who are usually reserved and keep to themselves often. She is bright and loves to talk to people, and tends to start conversations on her own.

Initially, after meeting Sonic way back when, she fell madly in love with him and followed him almost everywhere. However, this has died down in recent years, where she’s become more of a good friend instead of something of a pain in the neck for him and, it would appear, he reciprocated her feelings at one point, but a currently-undisclosed incident caused a huge rift between the two of them, leaving Amy rather bitter towards the blue hedgehog.

While she does love to shop and likes pretty things, like a "girly girl" would, she’s definitely not one to be trifled with, as her aggressive side clearly shows. If needed, she will equip her powerful Piko Piko Hammer and quite literally hammer down whoever’s threatening her or her friends, or knock them into next week with her boxing skills. Unfortunately, this comes with an often competitive and sometimes violent streak, meaning she can fly into a rage if ever her buttons are pushed. Even so, regardless of whether her life is on the line or not, she will forge on if she can protect those she cares about.

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Friends and Allies



Skills and Abilities

Amy possesses an impressive level of physical strength. Being able to heft her giant Piko Piko Hammer with little effort and swing them with great force and speed, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Using her hammer for such a long time has allowed her to cultivate a style where she can also send herself into the air by slamming it down into the ground, using the momentum to fly into the air.

In addition, Amy makes use of her impressive strength to unleash powerful strikes from her fists, making her a very efficient close-quarters combatant. While not nearly as potent as the likes of Knuckles or Whirlwind, Amy can also make use of a couple of psychological tricks in order to bait her foe into creating an opening for her to lay in the smackdown.

Naturally, Amy also sports impressive speed and incredible agility, meaning she can strike her foes very quickly, perform impressive acrobatic feats without much issue and with much grace, and generally move around from one spot in an arena to another in nearly a moment's notice.


Amy likes going on the offensive right away with her lightning-fast and highly-refined punches. Her Trigger, thanks to its fairly decent range and effect, allows her to do so without much of an issue. Of course, therein lies the problem of dealing with opponents who can fight her off from a much safer distance, forcing her to play mind games in order to bait them into screwing up and give her an opening in order to achieve victory.


  • Rose Upper: Amy performs a swift and powerful rising uppercut.
  • Thunder Rose: Amy dashes forward and performs a series of punches, ending with an uppercut.
  • Quick Step: Amy ducks and dashes forward and can follow up with either a straight punch or an uppercut.
  • Dodge Step: Amy weaves around her opponent’s attacks for a brief moment.
  • Hidden Thorns: Amy leaves herself open to attack. When hit while the stance is active, she will dash past her foe while performing a straight.
  • Swift Shock: Amy quickly draws back and dashes forward again, performing an uppercut.
  • Rose Dive: Performed in midair. Amy dives down fist-first towards her opponent.
  • Hailfire Rose: A Critical Trigger where Amy unleashes a rapid-fire fist combo that ends with a punch that sends the opponent flying into the opposite wall.


  • Hammer Crush: Amy’s Trigger move. She swings her Piko Piko Hammer with incredible force, inflicting her foes with the Slow Battle State, which slows the opponent down momentarily, allowing her to get up-close and personal without much of a problem.
  • Hammer Time!: Amy’s Limit Break. Spikes appear on her hammer, strengthening her Trigger effect and the damage output of the hammer itself. Her speed (both movement and attack) is also given a huge boost.
  • Hammer Tornado: OK in midair. A Critical Trigger where Amy summons her hammer and rapidly spins around in place, forcefully pulling her opponent into a rapid flurry of quick and painful hits before knocking them back.
  • Pink Hurricane: An Adrenaline Mode-only Critical Trigger where Amy spins around with her hammer, generating a powerful tornado projectile towards her opponent.
  • Great Rose Typhoon: Amy’s Overkill. She summons her Piko Piko Hammer and swings it hard enough to stun her foe. Should it connect, she then increases the hammer’s size and swings it again with all the force of a great typhoon, sending her foe flying right into the fourth wall.


While Amy is plenty capable and very confident, her aggressive and competitive streak can sometimes get the better of her, mainly in the form of her somewhat violent outbursts, as mentioned earlier. She can also get rather over-emotional at times, which can sometimes make her lose some sense of rationality, but it’s more of a minor annoyance than anything for the most part.

Aside from those, her only glaring weakness is that primarily being a close-ranged fighter means she doesn’t have much to work with when fighting from a distance, which can be very troublesome for her when dealing with multiple foes at once. Coupled with her aggressive streak, she can find herself in some really bad and incredibly life-threatening situations.


"Oh, it’s you... how’s life been for ya?"
—Amy upon seeing Sonic for the first time in a long while in The Cybermal Onslaught


  • Some of Amy's personality traits share some similarity to Makoto Nanaya from the BlazBlue series, which is fairly unsurprising considering that these two share the same English voice actress, Cindy Robinson.
  • Much of her outfit resembles Terry Bogard’s look in The King of Fighters XIV, but modified to be more fitting for a feminine character.
  • Amy’s moveset takes some cues from Dudley’s moves in the Street Fighter series.
  • Yes, the opening line of this page is a cheap and shameless reference to one of Amy’s lines in Sonic Adventure 2.
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