This is an article about Amy Rose(Dieglex's Universe), a character created by Dieglex on 11/25/2015.


Amy has a pink fur,peach skin,pink straight and curly hair almost coverin her eyes,green eyes


She uses a light peach t-shirt,white jeans pant,and brown boots in their day to day,in your alternative clothes is a Red dress with a ruffles(similar to Flamenco dress),curly hair,dark pink high-heel,and a flower tiara.In their work, she wears a purple shirt, wears a ponytail, ripped jeans blue, and white shoes.In Roller Derby she uses a ponytail,light pink top with a heart,red short jeans and a and rollerblading pink and red color


Amy Rose


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Tyke the Hedgewolf

Amy and Tyke not has a beautiful sibling relationship as some, the two are opposite personality, Taking their personalities, they are good siblings

Jazz Rosewolf

Amy and Jazz are big siblings, they tell secrets.She knows that Jazz is homosexual and has a boyfriend,and they do many things together

Clarissa Rose

Clarissa sees Amy as his "baby," she intrudes her things and tal.As two are friendly rivals in Roller Derby

Elton the HedgeWolf

Elton was considered a father present, it is overprotective and siblings Amy, Amy always tells him not to worry too much about her, Tyke and Jazz


Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy and Sonic They are great friends, and on the other hand he is trapped in the area of friendship

Cream the Rabbit

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Taylor the Albine Tiger

Ramira the Goat

Amy and Ramira are frenemies,sometimes friends,sometimes enemies.they have a rivalry to be the best in many things

Lola the Wolf

Lola and Amy are friends, they ask each other advice (But Lola asks more because most men reject her or vice versa),and also leaves to go with her at the mall to shop

Essence the Goodra

Essence and Amy are partners in almost everything, both for racing or watching a movie, Essence does not sling off of Amy and ends up being called Stalker.

Xhosa the Bat-Dog

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Tori the Dragon-Lioness

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Glenn the Hawk

Griffith the Jaguar


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Skills and Abilities

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Fan Games Appearence

Sonic Riders:Gravity Breakout:Amy appears as one of the original characters along with his team Cream & Tori

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