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Amorevole the Hedgehog to Esperanto the Fox
Amorevole Leivonen is a young anthropomorphic female that devotes her time as a caretaker for children as well as resembles herself a Colonaian icon for child education. She currently lives in Ruby City of Colona, born in the Leivonen household in Ghalina. Concerning her skills, she is quite versatile for social reasons, and is able to express herself in various ways for the community to embrace.


Physical Appearance

Amorevole is a purple hedgehog with short hair that transitions with blue bangs to purple hair in the back. She has misty grey eyes with long, thick eyelashes. She also has a little tail, which most times is not seen.

Common Attire

Amorevole commonly wears a short-sleeved purple jacket with white collars and sleeves. Under that, she would cover with a green shirt, and then have blue jeans and red dress shoes to finish the look.


As many may expect Amorevole to be a loving, tender soul in the embrace of children, her serious and firm nature toward adult coequals buys her the best of history toward what seems to be the arch of her personality. Her quiet and observant manner would explain her shyness toward unfamiliar relationships--yet she is able to encounter the world with enough tenacity to confront when necessary. For the most part, she is more comfortable to express herself to males in comparison to females. Even then, she does acknowledge the female side of the story, and does her best to adjust to society.


Born into the "gruesome" family line, Amorevole was born to her father, Yusa Leivonen, and her mother, Agail Leivonen at her residence. Often in her youth, she would witness a constant dysfunction in the family and how it conflicted with other community members. She also found that her family, in comparison to others, was not in the right place for healthy growing. Intolerable of the social disturbance any longer, she decided that she would leave the home in a hope that her world would lend her an opportunity to live somewhere. She desired to travel to a place where someone was able to understand the circumstance she endured and what she wanted for her end goal in a respectful manner. She moved to Ruby City of Colona, nearby the Colonaian Preparatory Academy. At first, she would walk around it as she walked casually to explore the city. However, she later found that children was her area of interest to caretaking--especially for those that were not capable to do so. She also discovered her ability there--the ability to relax children. Once that she discovered her interest in her neighbor facility, she came to embrace children and devoted her mission to raising them in the way they should be to improve society. Later on, she was informed that a restoration to adopt in Colona was put in place. With her friend, Esperanto the Fox, she adopted a child named Rico in search of someone that could understand her.


Amorevole had to discover her once hidden ability, which is being able to relax tense children, and is now used on a daily basis in her occupation in her primary education field. The discovery of the ability was a common one; she met a young child that was truly upset and was not able to loosen himself. However, when the child went into contact with her--being a close strike--he ended up calming down. This, how Amorevole realized, is the way for her to use her ability in her occupation, no matter how uncontrollable the child could be. 

Scientists of the Colonaian Scientific Association (CSA) attempted to study this strange ability. Although the tranquilizing aspect of this ability could be understood, the reasoning behind the power's target--children--could not be. They have named this ability "Youth Manipulation", because before a child experiences pre-adulthood stages, they are considered "youth".



In mind of her special ability to relax children, she uses it in order to improve in her babysitting experience and also embrace the love for children. She has the skill to communicate with children when they are curious, negotiate with them when they do wrong, and comfort children when they are upset--especially about matters that are out of their control. To many, being an serious educator and babysitter when available is a task that most people cannot do for a long time without quitting. However, for Amorevole, she had come to love the job so much that her salary had improved tremendously and payed more than her debts could inform of her.


Amorevole has a considerable interest to painting, focusing most of her art on the nature of forests. When she is able to get in contact with them, she also finds the interest to paint females under their consent as models. Painting, besides her career as a child care taker, is her escape outside of her reality.


Amorevole, when it is bitter cold outside--but not to her--pursues to skate and maintain her leg strength on ice. As some acclaim, her ice skating skills are phenomenal, and a beauty before the other people in the city. Sometimes, she would also allow teaching opportunities for those that would desire to learn how to ice skate--most of her pleaders being children. Even when it is not winter time, she finds herself practicing in a training room from an acquainted civilian, Lumi.


Along with her skating talent, dancing, being the origin of her choreographic skills on ice, is the basis of her outside talents in the auditory skills. Before she left her gruesome home, she packed on to the music that she found interest in--particularly the upbeat symphonic arts. From there, she did enough practicing on the dance for her preferable pieces. This would be the choreographic dream that she would hold on to besides her occupation. At times also, she would find herself singing a tune along with it also.


Of the vices that any person tend to have, Amorevole is a careful planner with specific plans to go by during her career as an educator and caregiver. However, even the slightest change in plan would have the perfectionist upset, and more angry when the outcome looks bleak. Amorevole has the tendency to also become anxious when she is confronted about a negative action on her job or a plan that she devoted much time in fails.

Concerning her abilities, it causes problems for her when it takes longer for particular children to be eased--especially those on the rise of destructive tantrums and depressive states. For those children, she would have to find a new plan to have them relaxed, most times it not relying on her abilities but just natural confrontation.

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