Attusetta is the proud King/God of Sand in the religious context of the Azizi Pagans.


Attusetta was described as a muscular Jackal with wondrous handsome qualities. Known to have crystal blue eyes, black braids, a long thick beard, and black fur with sandy tan striping. He had qualities similar to young Ammon, and his father.

Religious Backstory

In the Azizi Pagan bible of Sands, Attusetta was described as a once beloved king of a deserted region. He taught his followers all of his ways and he was a well respected individual. He was the teacher of discipline as well, known to be stern in behavior and rather unforgiving. The king had a family of four, his wife and his two kids.

The King was known as a man obsessed with knowledge. He kept old historical records on life before him and studied keenly on behavior of others. He was a well respected psychologist as well as a great ruler.

Sadly, his kingdom was under war with imperialist marauders. The Marauders were too strong for his kingdom's fighters and very soon took over, usurping Attusetta's proud throne. Attusetta was spared of life and sent to prison for eternity away from his old kingdom with his wife and children separated from him.

His family was punished severely and forced to travel the desert in means to get water for the Marauders. They all died in a sand storm, each of them never getting to see Attusetta again.

When the information was being muttered by prison guards, once Attusetta caught wind of it; he became a changed man. He managed to convince other prisoners to start an uproar and break free of their chains to get revenge at the Marauders. To his luck, it worked.

After brutally murdering every official in the prison, he led the prisoners to fight guerrilla war with the Marauders. He took them out, piece by piece, one by one; all brutally and mercilessly.

After defeating the Marauder force, he went on a search for his wife and children's bodies so that they could get a proper burial. To his displeasure, the bodies were lost within the sand, never getting a proper burial.

This drove the old king to a depression that ended with his suicide. It is said the king reincarnated as a sand god and took his wraith on those that desecrated the dead.

He is also described to be blessed with life, able to create life out of ash and sand.

Spirit Personification

Despite his religious context, Attusetta did not revive Ammon. Attusetta's personality and powers were personified by a spirit that knew Ammon closely, it was for this reason why Ammon was revived.

It is said that only the most wholesome leaders can get the opportunity to reincarnate as a God depending on their belief in the Azizi Pagan religion. It is said that only the most determined can reincarnate as Attusetta.



Being a revered god of sand, Attusetta was a unstoppable force. He was a god of three things Sand, War, and Life. His sands were healing but also had the ability to completely destroy his targets. Attusetta is very skilled with his use of sand, able to break down rock sediments and all sorts of earthly creations to become sand. He was powerful and fearful when it came to his uses in sand.


Brutal Fighter

Being a god of war as well, Attusetta is a skilled combatant with extreme expertise in Savate. He perfected the art of beating his enemies to a pulp with his own feet. He was unmatched with sword play and literally any weapon granted to him he knew how to use. He was as skillful as he was wrathful.


  • It is imperative to know Attusetta is a god and as such will be given the powers and skills of one.
    • Only Attusetta's intelligence and Sunakinesis was given to Ammon.
  • As stated before, Attusetta did not revive Ammon. Whoever did is left to the interpretation of fellow SFW readers.
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