Cquote1.png Second shot at life? Let's make this interesting! Cquote2.png
Ammon's response to the God in his mind

Ammon the Jackal is a young jackal reincarnated by a forgotten God, blessed with the powers of sunakinesis. He is determined to make his second life count.


Ammon was once a handsome young jackal with silky fur and a well built body. The jackal formerly had thick black fur with tan linings across his body, he didn't look like a typical jackal. He had a chiseled face with emerald green eyes. His hair was long braids at one point with stylish rings holding the hair in place. Although he was originally short, he definitely was handsome.

Things changed when the Jackal underwent reincarnation. His once proud fur shed off, along with his skin; this gave him a burnt, dark, dead skin tone. The only fur patches on his body are around his tail, the fur color has changed to a decayed gray. To cover his disfigured body and face, the young mummified jackal covered himself from head to toe with white gauze rolls.

He then created himself a dusty hood and tunic of a silverish cotton material. Ammon also sports tattered cargo shorts and brown/steel decayed boots. His shorts have a belt with two scimitar sheathes and a dagger sheathe on his back. He had also grown significantly taller in his new life.


The young prince of sand is a hyperactive mummy who always looks toward an optimistic view on life.

Raised to be stern and serious, Ammon is the exact opposite. He is full of a vibrant personality that exceeds his people's expectations of him. Rebellious by nature and with a knack for adventure, keeping Ammon stuck in place for too long is difficult deed. He prides himself with learning about the world as best he can, despite how little he's actually interacted with it. He loves talking and interacting with others so long as they pique his intrigue and broaden his understandings of life.

Being a young teenage jackal, he is completely naive to the way the world works. He has a mentality of helping all he meets, even forgiving those that had done him wrong. He also has a strong sense of justice and a need to see it be carried through. No matter the situation, if Ammon feels it is wrong, he will disobey and abandon whatever issue is bothering him.

Ammon isn't perfect though. He can be quite reckless and uncarring of his own life due to his gifted powers. He feels himself immortal all because he faced death once. Pride can consume him and when it does he becomes stubborn to all around him. Since he's all about taking risks too, nothing is too great to be sacrificed if need be to him. These are just extensions of teenage behavior and a real lack of development with life itself.

Because Ammon was reincarnated by a God, he often suffers with a bit of a multipersonality issue. The God that revived him often interrupts Ammon's prior characteristics in favor of its own insight. The God completely counter balances Ammon's feelings of justice and friendliness. It favors selfishness, cynical behavior, and some what merciless feelings of anger. Ammon is at a battle with his own mind and under stress, he gives into the God's temptations.


Birth of the Lost

Ammon was born to a tribe of hidden sand pagans residing in the district of Sten-Tribu, Matai-Mobi. His tribe was very discreet and often had no interactions with anyone outside from it. They were deeply religious with a love of old relics and gold. In his tribe, they were all stern in behavior and basically all dressed the same, everyone was too similar to each other.

Ammon was gifted with his privileged roots, his father was a respected individual in the tribe and he was considered the leader of the Azizi Pagans. His mother was a weapons crafter that Ammon didn't necessarily get to interact with as a young boy.

Growing up, Ammon was no stranger to hardship. Being a desert dweller, his family taught him at an early age how to provide for himself and survive in the harsh sands of Sten-Tribu. They taught him combat expertise with his prized scimitars made by his mother, acrobatics so that he could gather the tribe more relics, and a well respected foot combat known as Savate.

When he wasn't learning combat, Ammon was deep into religious texts made by his father to keep the boy in line of religion. Though these acts were ambitious, Ammon didn't share the same sentiments of the religion. He began dressing differently than the tribe. He rubbed clay on his outfits to give them color, and even tore holes into clothing to show off muscle. The tribe would continuously destroy his clothes favoring only the ones their religion allowed. Ammon did not take great pleasure in wearing those clothes so he started tailoring his own clothing.

With no one controlling Ammon's behavior in the tribe, his father began reprimanding the young jackal severely with work. Ammon was tasked with handling the old family relics and keeping them in pristine condition. Due to his reckless nature, he broke his father's most beloved relic; the golden chalice of Abroo. In heat of anger, his father sentenced him to travel the dunes in search of a new relic that would replace the one he broke, Ammon accepted and left on his journey.

Deserted Demise

Packed with water to supply him for a week and plentiful snacks, Ammon went on a dangerous journey for anything that can be brought back as a relic. On his journey he encountered sand beasts, marauders, and parasitic insects. Though it was difficult, Ammon was a very skilled fifteen year old jackal and escaped most of his encounters with the deserts hostile enemies.

Things began to take a turn for the worst when a massive sand storm struck the desert. The storm was caused by a hurricane that struck Luft-Tribu. Being caught in the storm with no form of escaping its wrath, Ammon paid the ultimate price with his life. The young Jackal died as sand tore into his body and cut him apart shedding off his skin and leaving him a decayed mess.

His tribe knew of the storm and patiently waited before they set out to rescue Ammon. Little did they know it was too late..

The Aftermath

Ammon's dead body was found three miles away from the Azizi homestead, his father and his group of wanderers mourned over the body before bringing it back home to preform religious practices.Before burning the body, they seperated the organs and bones and placed them in a tomb of sorts. While they burned Ammon's body, they sung prayers and laid his ashes in an urn. The father went into a deep depression, causing himself to leave his own village as he felt he was to blame for his son's death.

After the son's death, Seth Azizi denounced his religion and disbanned the tribe. He tore down shrines and burned religious texts. The father soon left the village in agony and committed suicide after reaching the same area he originally found his son's body. Dismayed by Seth Azizi's death, the whole Azizi tribe fell apart and caused many of the old members to become marauders in the wasteland, denying their old religious ways. Most didn't live long enough to even see their way out of the tribe. Some committed suicide with Seth.

Reincarnation and Second Life

No one took Ammon's urn and tomb, as both were left in the sacred ruins of the old homestead. Despite no one being there to maintain the urn and tomb, something other worldly happened. The ashes in the urn were knocked over by a holy force and interacted with the sand on the ground. There the sand and ash combined to reform the base body of Amman, soon the organs and the skeletal base followed. Ammon was reincarnated.

After seconds of astonishment, the now sixteen year old jackal didn't undestand what was going on until a voice spoke to him in his mind.

Cquote1.png Young boy, I have awoken you from your slumber. Feast your eyes on a second chance of life. Do not waste it. Cquote2.png
Unknown god/spirit

Surprised at this news Ammon retained all of his old skills and weapons. He began threading himself new clothing and didn't notice a difference in himself. After designing an outfit, the jackal walks up to a small river where he notices his flesh is decayed and he was no longer as handsome as he was before. Quick to hide his insecurities, he began wrapping himself up with bandage cloth to cover his disfigurations. His new clothing assisted with keeping his identity hidden.

Ammon felt different in his body. He no longer craved food and never got thirsty, his body had forgotten what hunger and thirst was. His body also lost an understanding of pain as nothing would physically ache him like before. Ammon knew he was gifted and he was proud to know this.

The God also spoke of various blessings handed to him after his death, such as sunakinesis; the ability to manifest sand and control it. Gifted with new powers and an affinity with life, Ammon was reborn into a world he didn't understand.

Alone with no family or friends, he saught out to find whatever happened to his tribe. Though this was his priority, the dead jackal was excited with his new world and saw his second coming of life to be a new experience. This gave him time to explore and get acquainted with the world around him.

And so saught Ammon, to learn of a vast world.



The power and ability to manifest sand and control it was a blessing handed to him by one of his religious gods. If sand is around him, Ammon can heal wounds, become the sand, manifest in different sand formations. At will he can leave physical form and become a pile of sentient sand, varying in structure and size. He can create sand related weaponry and even solidify his sand particles to give a lasting affect of being hit by an actual weapon.

This blessing even grants him to cut into enemies and tear their skin appart with sand inflicted burns. He is not a force to be wreckoned with either, Ammon is very skillful with his abilities of sand control. This is because he retained the skills of a God to be able to master sand.


Sand Manifestation

Because he is made of sand and some solid materials, Ammon can not feel pain or be limited by basic life dangers. He is immune to gravity related damage, weapon related attacks (while in sand form), and disease. If there is sand surrounding him, he can even heal his wounds and replace destroyed particles of himself. The sand manifestation is even more beneficial when he's in sandy areas. Literally anything physical does not affect Ammon unless said weapon is infused with elemental prowess or magic.

God's Blessing

Gifted with reincarnation, aside from powers Ammon was blessed with a God's vitality. This translates to his resistance of divine attacks or clergy attacks. While these sort of attacks can do damage to Ammon, they will be very minimal and surely non-lethal. Consistent attacking will affect Ammon.



Taught this as a form of being able to scale ruins and become an effective runner, Ammon is very skilled in the fields of parkour and escape. His father taught him at a very young age and he retained this information. His father was a skilled raider and wanderer, knowing how to over come obstacles very easily and efficiently; his son is no stranger either.

Combat Skills: Sword and Feet

Armed with two scimitars and decayed steel boots, Ammon is no joke in the battle field. He balances his sword play very well with quick and tiring slashes aiming to fatigue enemies rather than kill them. He focuses on parrying and blocking attacks and responding with quick combos. It is important to note that he adds foot play with his sword attacks to further throw off enemies that aren't paying attention. Ammon is vicious when unarmed and left to use his feet. Though he'd rather avoid conflict and he holds back on enemies rather than giving into his God's wrath.


  • It is vital to note that Ammon is affected by elemental/magical attacks.

Reckless Behavior

Due to being young and confident, Ammon is often at odds with himself rather than his own enemies. He will often risk his own life with nothing to compensate for because he feels he can not die. This allows enemies to get an advantage over him by forcing him into situations where he becomes over confident. His multiple personality dissorder doesn't help either as he will often pause within conflicts to recollect his mind and avoid brutal confrontations.

Unwillingness to Fight

His sense of good also leads him down the path of being a lazy fighter. He will often not hit enemies in fear of hurting them or giving into the God's wrath. He holds back in fights and will often let enemies think they've beaten him. If that isn't enough, he's not the most competent fighter too. He lacks skill compared to actual masters and can easily be defeated if his offense comes across as predictable. Not to mention his gappiness in fighting and consistent pausing will make him come across as a joke of an opponent.


The key to defeating Ammon and killing him is to defeat him with sand's greatest enemy, water. Water will solidify his body under mud making his vital organs vulnerable (I.E Heart and brain). He can't exactly move either and has no counters to being caught in water. Odds are, the jackal will beg for mercy in times of weakness too. Water will definitely wipe him out if nothing else does. It not only makes him mortal, but it proves to be a powerful measure of resistance against Ammon.

Necrotic Disease

Ammon is an undead, despite how living he acts. Anything aside from his heart and brain is undead. This just so happens to make him vulnerable to mind control of the Undead. Necromancers will find Ammon a very easy target to take out. Basic necromancies should even do the trick at making the prince of sand quit his fight. Aging his flesh however does not do damage as it can be replaced with sand.


  • Ammon's basic theme is of Ancient Egyptian culture.
    • He is based off Tutenstein from Discovery Channel's old cartoons and Inaros from Warframe.
      • The main influence was Inaros from Warframe
  • Ammon's name means unseen, hidden, or concealed; this suits the character's story as he was left abandoned and unrecognized after his mishap with the sand storm.
    • Ammon is a Gemini, born June 15th.
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