Amity Cecile is a teenage human girl who was always there sneaking around when Shadow the hedgehog attacked anyone in Central City. She believes that Shadow was only misunderstood and actually lonely the entire time. She later became one of the only three female members of Team Shadow.  


Amity is a 15 year old girl with white hair and brown eyes. She usually puts her hair in a ponytail with a pink hair ribbon. On her debut game, she was usually seen wearing a black hat and a black leather jacket, also wearing an orange long sleeve school shirt and a forest green skirt. On her feet, she has gray socks with tan sneakers with red laces.

When she made her debut to the Mario & Sonic series, Amity wore a sport suit like Peach and Daisy, only her suit is colored black with paris green shorts with red pockets on them. On her shirt, is the red symbol of the Shadow the Hedgehog game. In the winter Olympics games, Amity wears a ice skating outfit with a black dress part and paris green sleeves and leggings. In aquatics, she wears a gymnastics suit like Peach and Daisy, but her hair is completely down.


Amity is very sensitive, always shedding tears whenever she sees Shadow in pain or hurt real bad and will do anything to destroy whoever hurts him like that. She can be very nice and kind to characters such as Sonic and Knuckles but to villains, Amity can always start deadly furys.



Amity's father was a musclar G.U.N agent nicknamed "Thunder Brute" because of how skillful he was using weapons that shocked the enemies, he died when Amity was one year old, killed by a stranger who was later excuted.

Shadow the Hedgehog: White Secrets

Her debut game, Amity was first seen as a black figure watching Knuckles beating up Shadow,then disappeared into the dark when Knuckles noticed her and started chasing her. Her full appearance later appeared when Knuckles saw her reading a newspaper with a picture of Shadow and noticed her when she took off her hat, she finally noticed him ans started to run but Knuckles then captured her by the legs and told her to just calm down saying that he wouldn't hurt her. 


Shadow the Hedgehog

Amity has strong feelings for Shadow, and has always believed he was just lonely since she first saw him while he was attacking a g.u.n agent. After she finally revealed her feelings to Knuckles and Sonic, they told her that she should tell Shadow how she feels and see if he really is lonely or not. But when Shadow speeded over her when they finally met each other, Amity assumed Shadow really hates her and did want anyone to care for him until when he met up with her again later and apologizes to her. Which was when Kanzaka of the s.u.n. commanders appeared and attacked Shadow, while stealing the white chao emerald from him and his energy, Amity started crying but then fought at the spoiled girl, stealing the white chao emerald back and shattering it to pieces. She then gave Shadow her only revival ring when Kanzaka started to aim back at her saying that she never forgive her but Amity yelled saying she had enough and shot the commander whose body than vanish into air. At the end of the game, Shadow came to Amity's boarding house telling her that he really is lonely since Maria died, after explaining his relationship with Maria he told Amity that she reminded him of her and said that he would now love her as much he loved Maria.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is a very admirable friend of Amity. even though he sometimes thinks that Shadow isn't a unsual lover, he still admires and encourages her to keep loving him

Memorable Quotes

"I know how you feel Shadow, but I've suffered your tragedy" - to Shadow after he refused to listen to her. "I'll take loveful care of him. I will always love him like you did" - to the ghost of Maria after she healed the almost-dead Shadow.                                                                                                                                                    

"This emerald may have powers both sids need, But these emeralds cause the trouble in the first place!" - Amity talking about the chao emerald in her hand.


Amity is a very skillful gun shooter, always never missing one target, She also is a good fighter who managed to kill half the members of the S.U.N Commanders.

In the dream events of the Mario & Sonic Olymics games. Amity uses


Amity's most touching weakness is looking at Shadow when he's about to attack or when he kills someone, which gives her the feeling of thinking that he's really lonely.

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