Amitola Tadi-Tiva the Staryu. Image Provided by Austin Bison.

Amitola is a 19-year-old, Normal/Flying type Staryu Pokémobian from the region of high cliffs in Sendai.  As a mutated, chaos Mobian, he is not able to evolve and is only slightly shorter than most people, standing at a decent four feet and one inch. He is unique in the sense that his Staryu body is roughly the same as a normal Mobians but with key differences. 

Such as a still having his jewel located on his stomach along with the gold casing surrounding the jewel in order to protect it. His once brown skin has turned into a clear white and his jewel's radiant red color has been toned down some. 

His clothing consists of a brown jacket with a red undershirt, a pair of brown shorts with red trim. And a pair of gold socks with brown sneakers. Along with a pair of ruby red sunglasses and matching stud earrings. He usually carries with him a jetpack in the shape of a starfish and even has a fancy blue starfish on his head as an accessory. 


Amitola is a very fun loving and energetic individual. He never slows down for anything and is known to infect others with this persona. He prides himself on being an open book and loves when others do the same. One may even go as far as to call him a manchild. A title he wears with pride as to him, it's a sign that he is doing what he should be doing.

Despite this, Amitola does have a couple flaws. One is that he is quick to annoy others and doesn't know how to pick up on this. So when someone is annoyed and yells at him, he tends to brush it off. 

And the second is that he suffers from low self-esteem, this being caused by an incident when he was younger involving some bullies. When he starts doubting himself, he is hard to snap out of it and prefers to be left alone until he picks himself up. 

But these flaws only make him stronger and at the end of the day, uses these to make himself better and inspires him to do the same for others.


Before the dimensional rift and the outpour of chaos onto Sendai, Amitola was living in an orphanage, having been placed there after the death of his parents. He was regularly mistreated and bullied by both the kids and staff for liking to be left alone. His only time of peace away from this was when he would sneak out and run to the beach to sing to himself. But once he would go back, he would suffer from cruel insults and the like from everyone.

Things changed when a famous philanthropist visited the orphanage and stumbled upon Amitola singing to himself as he did chores. The philanthropist known as Alice Valjean offered him a place to stay if he would sing for her clients. And after accepting, he was soon moved to her mansion where he would be waited on and served all with the utmost respect. Something he was new with. 

This lasted for a while, until the dimensional rift opened and mutated everyone living at the mansion, transforming them all including Amitola. After seeing his new form and naturally freaking out over it. He talked to Alice and she formed a plan to ensure everyone was taken care of. 

She asked Amitola to assist her with a benefit that would help everyone on the planet who had been affected. Amitola agreed and even volunteered to contribute with his singing and she agreed with no hesitation. They then began planning and arranging the said event.

Months later and after the roaring success of the benefit, a manager for a local talent company approached Amitola and asked if he was interested in pursuing his singing full time. And after discussing it with Alice, he agreed. Thus Amitola began his new life as a professional singer.

Even now, Amitola travels around the globe, locating and performing for those affected. All with a smile on his face and the support of the woman who rescued him, the one that he could call his mother.

Weapon and Equipment

Amitola doesn't have much experience fighting, so he is mostly on the sidelines watching others. On the occasion that fighting is required from him, he'll pull out a weaponized microphone stand that a friend of his built.

The stand has all sorts of bells and whistles, but its main use is to keep Amitola's enemies at a safe distance while he engages with them. This is because Amitola is nearly useless when in a close quarter fight.

He is also known to carry with him a wired microphone for impromptu performances, a belt full of miniature dolls in his likeness to give out to his fans and a camera for taking pictures with fans and to document his daily life. All of which were outfitted with various gadgets and properties to use as backup weapons in case his microphone stand breaks or is lost. 

Pokemon Details


  • Type: Normal/Flying.
  • Ability: Normalize: All of Amitola's moves become Normal-type, and the power of those moves is boosted a little.
  • Nature: Hasty (+ Speed, - Defense)


  • Shock Wave: Amitola spins his wired microphone around several times and slams it onto the ground, letting out a big wave of electricity and sending it at an enemy.
  • Dazzling Gleam: Amitola pulls his camera up to his eyes and lets out rapid flash after flash of light.
  • Substitute: Amitola pulls one of his dolls off his belt and tosses it onto the ground in front of him. The doll than grows until it is life-sized, effectively acting as a decoy for whatever attack may have hit Amitola.
  • Baton Pass: Amitola shrinks his microphone stand and tosses it. He then runs away while catching it when it comes back down.   


Amitola Stats

The base stats of Amitola Tadi-Tiva

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