This is an article about Ametisti the Cat, a character created by Megaphantaze on 09/2/2014.


Ametisti is a blue cat with a long hair. She has yellow eyes, yellow as topaz. The area, where are her eyes is peach colored. She has brown ears, which has red crosses. There's also a dark ribbon in the head. She has also lavender-colored, big earrings, which are ball-shaped and has a golden star.

Ametisti's home suit is like Zircon's but blue. When she came to mobius, she took a disguise where she were prepared. The disguise has turned into her normal outfit. the outfit includes green necklace with a golden ring and a cyan jacket. She has a purple shirt and green shorts. The sleeves includes same colored ribbons as the one at the head. She also has a blue boots. It's not known, does Ametisti have a tail.


Ametisti is a smart girl and more responsible than her sister. Since she doesn't know as much about males as Zircon, she feels mysterious shyness among them. Fear or love, nobody, not even Ametisti doesn't know. She thinks clearly and is good at making friends.


Ametisti is a big sister of Zircon the Cat and a child of Ruusu Kvartsi and Meri Pihka. she lived at Stargala known of it's 100% population of girls and women. She mostly enjoyed her time first with her friends reather than with Zircon, but one day she started to care about her more.

When Stargala was attacked by a Rockumlus, which seeks for emeralds called Smaragds which stargala's women uses as an energy resource. Rockumlus' villagers wants to use it for their own purpose, since light will make them stronger and more diabolical. When the Stargala was decided to move away with a teleportation machine, Ametisti saw that Zircon wasn't with her. This is the moment, when Ametisti started to like Zircon more. When she got a message from Zircon that she is at Mobius and is fine, Ametisti still decided to go and look for her. She had prepared for the Mobius by reserving human's clothes for her. After everything was settled, Ametisti made a Cosmo leap and went to Mobius.

Ametisti finally found Zircon, but she feels same fear and unknowing of boys as Zircon.


Ametisti can use her power of the mind. she is able to move rocks with her mind and break them. She can also bend items with her mind. she can also spawn stars from her hand which are sharp and sprinkles stardust. The stardust includes sleep powder, which make opponent sleepy.


Ametisti is really scared of males, but still interested of them. She likes to hide when one comes. She is also weak for a flowers, which spreads pollen. She waits more roses, but doesn't like to hurt her fingers to thorns.


Ametisti means Amethyst in Finnish.

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