Amethyst is a Dragonkin from a ancient tribe of other Dragonkins. Like a dragon, Amethyst can breathe and control fire.


Normal Self

Amethyst is mild-tempered, determinated, energetic, generally cold but impulsive, honest and some times smiling. Fully positive and becoming easily enraged with "evil acts", he has a profound contempt to murderers, dislikes war and conflicts where innocent people are involved.

He has a clear "blood knight complex"; he enjoys fighting with others but with a complex of honor, dislikes exaggerated and unnecessary violence and revenge, but doesn't hesitate to retaliate cruel acts, and dislikes killing or harming an opponent who can no longer fight.

Despite not liking any sort of extreme violence, due to his "blood knight" nature he loves action and fighting video games, especially Metal Slug series, because he knows that reality and video games are different things.

Sometimes he is air-headed and tends to become lost in his thoughts. He also doesn't have much patience with people and is very short-tempered.

He also exhibits traits of chiroptophobia (fear of bats), he becomes scared each time he sees one.

Amethyst is also a bit depraved, he has a fetish for Vore (some time at ridiculous levels), he doesn't care about begin swallowed alive by Mamba, however he doesn't show this fetish when fighting a creature that tries to eat him, near bats (whose inverts his philia into a phobia) and sometimes he apparently tries to avoid begin swallowed, since he knows that he can die.

When he is enraged, he becomes "other" person. His disposition changes from sly and air headed to brutal and ruthless, he even delivers a brutal beatdown to Baezel and becomes prone to extreme violence and lack of any remorse and is very vengeful.

As the Dark Dragon

In his abyss dragon form, Amethyst becomes feral, destructive, sociopathic and uncontrollable, like a beast, with a little of sentience he acts as a jerk, mistreating and abusing others with no empathy. He becomes prone to extreme anger and easily loses control of his actions.


Amethyst comes from a tribe whose origin is unknown. At an unknown point he learned the secrets of Dragon-Kata. Someday he would release his dark powers and transform into a dark dragon, and cause a massive destruction. After that, he became afraid of using his powers for a very long time. At five years old, Amethyst left the tribe to explore the world.

Powers, Abilities and Skills

As a dragonkin, Amethyst has dragon-like powers, like immense endurance, strength and fire breathing and manipulation.

Physical Traits

Amethyst can't be underestimated despite his slender frame. He possesses superior strength and speed (but not so fast as Mamba), he can lift a car or punch a robot and make them fly several meters. He also has excellent acrobatic skills, able to perform feats like impossible jumps with the help of his wings.

Fire Manipulation

Amethyst can control fire easily; aside shooting balls of flame, Amethyst can form arrows for long range attacks, whips, shields, bombs and tornadoes. He also can fires from his mouth a powerful stream of flames that reaches several meters. His signature attack is creating a powerful torrent of flames that incinerates everything it touches.


The signature Skill of the Dragon Tribe, it is a fighting style that consists of using the tail, wings and claws in conjunction with fire manipulation to physically harm their opponent.

Anger Empowerment

When enraged, Amethyst's strength, speed and resistance increase more than his teammates. His flames become blood red and more powerful.

Other Skills

Amethyst has good knowledge of the story of his tribe. He has also acquired resistance to Mamba poison after some bites. He also knows basic programming in C++.


Black Dragon

Amethyst is one of the few dragonkins that can transform into a dragon, but instance of becoming a normal dragon, he becomes an abyss dragon, a dark variant of the transformation. In this form he becomes stronger, faster, and more resistant, turning him nigh-unstoppable. As an abyss dragon, he can breath a stream of darkness and covers himself with shadows, but also keeps his fire based abilities. Different from others that can transform into dragons, Amethyst becomes completely berserk and destructive. Amethyst describes this form as "Coming from a nightmare into real life."


This form is far more powerful than his dragon form and uncontrollable. Fur starts to grow from his scales and his posture becomes similar to a werewolf, and his claws grow in size and strength.


He is weak to anti-Dragon magic, skills, powers, artifacts or weapons. Due his slender frame, he can be easily constricted and swallowed by Mamba. Amethyst's major weakness is low tolerance to cold; ice based abilities can reduce his strength.


Mamba: His love interest and close friend, despite all the times she bit (and consequently, poisoned) him and swallowed him twice, he still likes her.

Tidal: His rival and close friend, both develop a strong rival bond that is based on their competitive nature and distinct respect for one another. Sometimes they insult each other, Amethyst calling him stupid and Tidal (when Mamba ins't near) calling out Amethyst's lust toward her.

Hexos: Just a friend. His relationship with Hexos is not clear.

Belzeb: His Arch-Enemy and this feeling is mutual. Amethyst really dislikes him due his dirty and unfair fighting style and tendencies (like blackmail). Every time they face off, they start to switch taunts.



Metal slug (mentioned in the personality section) is a run and gun style game. He claims that his favorite character is Fio and his favorite game of the serie is the third gameHe also is very found of Spyro serie, he claims that Spyro is his favorite character of all

  • C++ (mentioned in the powers, abilities and skills section) is a object oriented programming language of multi-purpose. His first program was a basic calculator
  • He has some inspiration is Natsu Dragnel from Fairy Tail. Both have fire powers, both are short-tempered and both have dragon-related powers (Amethyst due to being a dragon, Natsu due to knowing dragon related magic)
  • He has very bad grades in school.

Character in relation with the author

Due to being a fursona, Amethyst has some similarity with the creator. Above that line is only words of the author.

  • His dark side is a extreme representation of my terrible temper. Serious i could be jerk some times and don't like much that the persons worry (even i know that this is good have someone that care), but Amethyst dark side is exaggeration
  • I get angry so easy whit few and like Amethyst i becomes violent (needs much to go to physical assault, and even i don't like my own conduct sometimes), is even my will start to distributes kick (but i can't)
  • Amethyst is determinate, i am a slacker. That is the ultimate difference between us. In the true it a reflexe of my desire for begin more determinated and less lazy, serious i hate my sloth
  • Like he i to love games, Metal slug is one of the first games the i haves played.
    • Also i really admires Spyro the Dragon
  • Like Amethyst, i also know basic programming in C++
  • Like Amethyst, i haves very bad grades is the school.
  • I like dragons, that is the reason of i made a dragonkin as character.
  • His lust ins't very intense as mine, but his fetish of vore is more insane as mine.
  • His crypterophobia is just a strange idea that i have, in the reality a like bats.
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