Amelia is the Destroyer counterpart of Amira the Empress(A Creator). She is a cold and calculating female with a deadly taste for destruction. She shows a strong racism towards any species that isn't her own.


Amelia the Destroyer

Biographical Information
  • Physical age: 18
  • Chronological age: Unknown

Amira the Empress (Creator counterpart)

  • Physco Lady
  • Monster
  • Sexy Stallion
  • Sexy Shadow
  • Kiss of Death
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Destroyer
Gender Female
  • Skin: Peach
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • Tight Payne's Grey jumpsuit
  • Red Laces
  • Boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Destroyers
Weaponry Multiple Fire Arms
  • Motorcycle
  • Kinetic Abilities
  • Kiss
  • Touch
  • Advanced combat
  • Skilled w/ all weapons
  • Immense Speed
  • Touch Of Death
  • Darkness Abilities
  • Poison
  • Seduction
  • Her Hair Blades
Super Forms Destruction Amelia
Other Information
American V.A. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
In For the Kill

In For the Kill

Original Creator Famotill

Amelia was created around the time that Amira became a creator. Being her dark counterpart Amelia had and extreme hate for Amira. They first met when Amelia revealed her quest to make the destroyers the "Ultimate Species" like they once were. Her and Amira have clashed multiple times. Amelia has aligned herself with other destroyers to take down all creators and elimanate these pathetic sacks of life.


"You think you can win?Ha!"

"I'll end you!"

"It's over sister"

"Time To Die!"


"I'll finish it here"

"Haha. It's fin(finished)"


"I'll kill you"

"Time to end this"

"My race was once dominate and we shall rise again!"

"Can we rap this up?"

"I'm waiting"

"These races all pitiful! We shall return to exterminate these rats!"

"Useless flufflie"~Speaking to an anthro despite herself beign an anthro.

"I'll send you to bloody hell!"

Abilities & Weaknesses

Amelia has immense speed in combat making her a lethal and deadly force. She shows no mercy and is incredibly intelligent. She is cunning, cold, and calculating. She feels no remmorse alloweing her to do things others couldn't bare to do. Like all destroyers Amelia can fade or kill things she touches(though she still cannot do this to living beings.) She has a knowledge of all fire arms and has mastered all most all of their uses. She is quick and agile as well allowing her to go faster than even the most advanced eyes can see in both combat and regular movement. She also has the Kiss Of Death ability allowing her to kiss someone and poison them. This makes her a deadly threat to men who find it hard to control urges. Amelia is also skilled a small amount of kinetics her strongest being telekinesis. Amelia is also gifted with vehicles her trademakr being a motorbike.


Amelia is very cold and sadistic. She can be very romantic in a twisted way. She isn't afraid to show her dominance when it comes to the male gender often taking them down with her advanced combat. She also believes all that aren't her race are pitiful rats to be exterminated. She has an extreme hatred for creators as well. Along with this any race that is privileged Amelia will dislike however showing sympathy for those races that are abandoned or destroyed relating it to her own people. With that she spreads the Destroyer Syrum through water systems to spread the Destroyer Mind Control liquid. She is very witty and often has a sarcastic comment to say.

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