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The ACE is a fictional device fabricated by Ta'kaya, and is non-canonical. The character Dr. Samantha Hikari also belongs to Ta'kaya.


The Ambient Chaoes Energy unit, also known as the ACE module and unofficially referred to as the Artificial Chaos Emerald, is a device invented by the lupine researcher Dr. Samantha Hikari for the purpose of storing massive quantities of energy.

The withdraws vacuum energy from an artificial pocket of subspace, with its sub-atomic structure containing trillions of equally sub-atomic wormholes continuously opening and closing. When active, it glows a very bright orange, when contaminated (and thus unstable) it glows a bright blue, and when depleted loses all color (indicated that it has reached maximum entropy.)

The crystaline structure of an ACE module can withstand up to several hundred G's of force.

Because these things are essentially just man-made Chaos Emeralds, living chaos can still form within them when sufficient quantities of energy are stored within.


  • Dr. Samantha Hikari (inventor and original user)
  • Miles Prower (the "fake" emerald in Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Dr. Robotnik (building the Horizon class warships, which are all powered by ACE modules.)


Dr. Samantha Hikari (aka Sam the Wolf) was a researcher aboard Space Colony Ark, whom was experimenting with Zero Point Energy. Such, near limitless, quantities of energy were only obtainable through the formation of a matter bridge between two or more universes, which is actually a very dangerous process that cerates "entropy particles." These entropy particles violate many of the known laws of physics, being completely chaotic and utterly destructive to the fabric of reality. Because of this, it was dubbed "Chaos Radiation."

The first ACE module became sentient when living Chaos began to form within, and it formed an almost symbiotic bond with Sam as it recognized her as its "creator." When an accident at the lab occured as a result of the matter bridge becoming unstable, Samantha received a lethal dosage of "Chaos Radiation." The Chaos within the ACE module immediately broke free of it's prison to merge with Sam, saving her life while simultaneously warping her to Mobius (50 years in the future) and wiping from her all memories of the Space Colony.

At around this point in time that Sam was warped to, Miles Prower accidentally discovered her research notes and used the information to create a "fake Chaos Emerald" in a futile attempt to overload the Eclipse Cannon. A few years later in the Project Horizon fanon, Dr. Robotnik would kidnap Tails in an attempt to roboticize the beloved fox and extract the information from him, thus allowing the mass production of the Horizon Class warships, all of which are powered by massive quantities of ACE modules.


  • Artificial Chaos Emerald
  • Chaos Module
  • Zero Point Module
  • Fake Chaos Emerald
  • Synthetic Emerald
  • Chaos Unit
  • Chaos Drive (not entirely related to the Chaos Drives in the Sonic Adventure games.)


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