This page is about Amber the VCAR (Vivos Class Assistant Robot), a character in OverDrawn.



When it comes to emotions, Amber is just confusing. She shows a wide range of them through OverDrawn, but doesn't understand when others show them.

She often displays a very patient personality, following her current master without questioning whatever crazy thing they're doing, especially if she doesn't comprehend its purpose.


Amber bears resemblance to some sort of canine puppy. Her muzzle is white, having a small black nose, with two small discs holding the bottom half of her muzzle in place. Her head has a rounded shape, and two ears emerging from just above her eyes. Her eyes are a pair of glowing turquoise ovals, lined with a slightly darker shade (changing emotions just causes these ovals to change shape) and her tongue is the same color. Her front (where her chest would be if she was anthropomorphic) is split into two sections, with a light turquoise core in the center.

Amber's limbs are attached by four bolt-like items; they then consist of a gray upper piece, and a lower black piece that has "toes", three black digits surrounded by grey. Lastly, her tail is a somewhat Husky tail shape that sticks up or back at all times.


On occasion, she wears a sky blue collar. Amber dislikes this, so Lee doesn't make her wear it much.


  • Sound Blast: Amber can fire streams of super-sonic feedback from her mouth as a light force weapon/distraction.


  • Water: As she was created "Macgyver style", Amber isn't waterproof.
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse: Having a basic onboard computer, rebooting takes ten minutes at best.
  • Interference: Being built with pieces from an old radio, radio signals on the frequency she's set to will mess up her system.


Amber was created shortly after Cassie left the Relic Hunters; Lee Mythos' mother sent him early conceptualized blueprints to the mass-produced VCAR, a robotic dog that could be modified for nearly any job. He used what supplies he could find to construct a customized one with features not common in the VCARs, scrounging around in order to make the pup function.

After a few months, Amber was up-and-running; her core was a modified ham radio battery, and a large speaker made of her primary weapon. Upon revealing the Robotic Dog to the Relic Hunters, one member, Fay the Bat, took to her more than the others.


  • The VCAR eye design is based off a combination of Shard the Metal Sonic and Dee.
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