Amber Eidothia The Cat
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Most Appearances: 16-17
Currently: 21
August 23rd
Forests, ponds, berries, chao, acrobatic tricks.
Slimy things, bright lights, crowded areas, Lumberjacks cutting trees she particularly likes.
Favorite Food
Fried Fish, Fruit Salad

Amber is a 21 year old cat who lives by her lonesome in Fox Forest, near Greenflower City. She lives inside a treehouse, in a very large and old tree deep in the woods. Before her treehouse was built, she made a small shelter next to it so that she could sleep by it and avoid rain and heavy winds. Living by herself, she hadn't made many friends until one fateful night when a strange gemstone crash-landed in the forest, which eventually led up to her joining with several other people as she uncovered the strange mystery behind it. Since then, she's made many friends who look out for her, although she still keeps to herself in the forest for the most part. Her friends all worked together to build the treehouse for her, in celebration of the anniversary of their first meeting.

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Amber Sprite 1

Young Amber

Amber Sprite 2
mber's fur is orange with soft white stripes, complete with a white fuzzy muzzle with the white fur going down to her stomach. She has hazel brown eyes, and a long orange tail with white at the end. Her hair, complete with stripes, goes down to her shoulders. She has several large bangs in the front, while the rest hangs down. It parts at the bottom, curving in opposite directions.

She wears a brown shirt, with a fuzzy white collar, skyblue shorts, and brown shoes with pale pink laces. She also wears black fingerless gloves and black socks. She's sometimes seen wearing a necklace with a small, yellow heart.


Living alone for quite some time, Amber had been quite shy and timid around most people. She can be rather distrusting at times, but she means no harm. She can be very distant, often seen spacing out or in deep thought. But when she
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opens up to someone, she can be very kind, but usually gets straight to the point.

Lately, she has been growing a bit more trusting of people. She's a lot more open and outgoing, and overall happier than she had been in the past few years since she lost her mother. She's still a bit shy, but she's gotten used to being around people now.

Strengths and Powers

Amber is surprisingly athletic and acrobatic. She is capable of clearing 7 feet straight into the air with a single jump. She is also able to perform many flips and tricks in the air. She'll often grab the nearest object to swing around, or launch herself back into the air for another round of acrobatics. It's purely for her own
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Amber by Sugarpie~

fun. She finds thrill in her abilities. She's made jumping around like so into a big habit, she can't really help doing it most of the time.

Amber can strangely sense Chaos Energy, yet, she still doesn't know much about Chaos Emeralds. She learned a bit about them from Smash The Echidna and his friends, but still feels like she doesn't know all about them. When a source of Chaos Energy is in the area, she has a sort of sixth sense in her head-sort of a strange pulsing feeling that works almost like a radar. Sometimes when a source of Chaos Energy is extremely powerful, she will get excruciating headaches and will feel weak.

Strangely enough, Amber also has a super form with the chaos emeralds despite her reactions to strong Chaos Energy. Her superform's name is Golden Amber, as her orange fur turns golden and the tip of her tail changes from white to emerald green. Her abilities in the form are for the most part unknown aside from the usual powerups. She becomes stronger, faster, and gains the ability to fly.

When in battle, Amber gets very nervous and high strung. She isn't used to fighting, so she is a little scared, and almost always stays on the defensive. If the enemy gets too close, she will lash out in an instant with a quick flurry of scratches. As long as the opponent can't attack from a distance, she is usually not too deep in trouble, despite how she feels.

General Info

Memories of mother by arsugarpie-d8sybyq

Young Amber and her Mother (by Sugarpie)

Amber grew up in a small house in Fox Forest with her mother. It's unknown what happened to her father; She never even knew him. They never actually left the forest, either, making her life somewhat sheltered. When she was 14, a forest fire broke out, starting near their house. Their house quickly caught on fire, and they were forced to evacuate. Her mother pushed her into the pool in their back yard for safety, as she looked for a way out. But when the fire was finally put out, Amber came out of the pool and found that her mother never returned. Her house was burnt to ashes, as well. She later learned from one of the other forest inhabitants that quite a few people had died in it. Her mother included. This event scarred her, and she developed a slight fear of fire.

From then on, she lived by herself. She picked the largest and oldest oak tree in the forest to call home.

Amber was always a bit on the shy side, but ever since that incident, she kept to herself and rarely opened up to anybody. Later, she became involved in a dangerous situation and had to work together with Smash and his friends. At first they were acquaintances, but when
Amber In the Woods

Amber, playing with a Flicky.

another incident happened, she began to fit in with everyone else and see them as friends. Eventually she grew to be rather close to the gang, which was especially apparent after they built her a new treehouse and threw a surprise party for her. She still lives alone, though, and doesn't go outside of her forest often. She doesn't like the idea of living in the city, as she finds it too noisy and busy. She doesn't cope well with large crowds, either. (Although Greenflower City isn't quite that active.) She has enjoyed the occasional visit, however.

Amber loves nature, and tries to preserve it. She tries to keep the forest clean of litter, and (re)plant trees and flowers everywhere. In her free time, she likes to take walks around and take a look at what nature has to offer. She likes to see the small animals in the forest play around happily, and is often seen watching them, occasionally playing with them.

Amber also loves chao. The first time she saw one, which was somewhat recently, she immediately loved them. At the time, the chao were endangered by an on coming threat, and she willingly put her life on the line to protect them.


Amber The Cat4
Amber doesn't have much of a history. She was one of the more recent characters, and has not had many changes. Although, there was the little plot with her meeting Jade and Jasper, but that never really went anywhere. It was pretty much like a side-story thing between me and Roy to practice using our newer characters. She has gotten a slight change in design, mainly to show how she has changed over the years with somewhat longer hair and with her shirt fixed up.



Dimensional Disaster

The Secret of the Mutants


Relationships with Other Characters


Amber lived in the forest with her mother until she passed away in a forest fire, which was only a few years ago. All info on her father is unknown.


Amber doesn't have too many friends, but she's made progress.

(Characters by the same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Amber feels that she owes Smash a lot. He solved the mystery of the strange Chaos Emerald that crashed near her home, and he took her in for protection against an organization who were kidnapping people and mutating them. He also had his friends help her protect a chao garden in the same forest she lives in. She looks up to him, almost like an older brother, and holds a lot of respect for him.

Pearl The Echidna

Amber likes Pearl. When she was taken in for protection when the organization was kidnapping people, Pearl always stayed home and took care of everyone who didn't go to do something about it. She's on good terms with her.

Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo is one of the friends who'd been trying to look out for her. He tries to keep in touch and make sure she's well, as he's actually somewhat worried about her living alone in an isolated place. It was also his idea to build the treehouse for her, though the surprise party was more of Violet's idea. Still, Amber more than appreciates all he's done.

Kitty The Cat Chao

Kitty is probably the most social person towards her. He's always trying to strike up a carefree conversation next chance he gets. As cute as she thinks he is, She also thinks that he's rather unique since she has never seen a cat chao before.

Splice The Hedgehog

Amber trusts Splice well, although they haven't talked to each other often.

Violet The Hedgehog

She considers Violet a good friend. She's the main one that Amber really got to know after their last few encounters, as she often comes over to visit.

(Other Fancharacters)

Tab The Cat

Though she doesn't know her too well personally, she feels the need to look up to her even though there around the same age.


She actually does not know anyone in particular that would pose a threat to her.

Fun Facts

  • Amber enjoys jumping around and doing tricks. However, she's too shy to do them when someone is around. The farthest she'll go is to just jump really high.
  • Amber's favorite food is Tuna.
  • Both Amber and Kyle are not accustomed to modern technology, however, Kyle is far more fascinated with it while Amber just finds it mildly interesting.
  • Amber's way of fishing is diving into the water and catching fish with her bare hands. Her eyes are always wide open while fishing, and she almost never blinks. If someone were to watch her, they might find her a bit crazy. The reason she fishes like this is because she has never owned a fishing rod in her life.
  • Amber wanted to participate in the Olympics when she was younger.
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