This article is all about the Spirit Species of Amazina.


  • The Aqua species takes up as creatures from the water or of the water
  • They are the most loyal species there is
  • Most Aqua can control water in variety of ways
  • The King, is half aqua half dragon, King Colrock
  • However, he is a proud and just ruler that aids the plant species
  • The Aqua species can live under water and on land
  • Most Aqua are seen at Spagonia Harbor
  • Some are more distinguished as humanoid fish
  • They do not have illegal hybrids
  • This is because of the king
  • The Aqua are rivals of the Dragons


Aqua Species List

Water Barriers They are considered the Amazin Mermaid. They look like animal species however have quailties of a fish, they interact with the land beings more, since they have legs. Some are mistaken has a half-animal half-aqua, but it can only be defined as a hybrid if they look like an animal, while purebreeds have no confirmed animal. They also have the most powerful ability to control water.
Sakana They are the Aqua species that can morph their tails into legs, however can't stand on land as long as Water Barriers. They all look like humanoid fish, with strange alien-like eyes that give off a strange yet beauty, their bodies are covered in white scales, unlike the barriers they cannot easily control water but can purify it if needed, they are seen in Spagonia Harbor for trade.
Fish Fish aren't mammals so they aren't in the animal species, but they are just ordinary fish that are traded in Spagonia Market from the Sakana.


  • Serianna the Sakana
  • Conan the Water Barrier
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