Cquote1 There's a reason why I'm called the Blood Alchemist, and it's not because I kill ruthlessly like those other corrupt alchemists. It's because I bleed, just like you. I'm no godlike being, and I don't do any devils work. All I do is a science that can become dangerous. Alchemy is the reason why I'm called the Blood Alchemist... It's what makes me bleed. Cquote2
Amasai Perilloux

Amasai Perilloux, nicknamed the Blood Alchemist and occasionally the Snow Alchemist, is the main character of the series Alchemic Warrior. He is a bullish yet charming young seventeen year old alchemy prodigy who, while strong and happy-go-lucky on the outside, is an emotionally unstable boy.

His story begins when he was seven and was abandoned at an empty train station by his parents, his brother there with him. When they went back to their house, the found that it was burned down and their parents missing. Their mother was found in the wreakage, and after hunting for some hints and any salvageable item, he found a partly burned notebook belonging to his missing father. The only clue he got was that alchemy started this whole thing.

Wanting to solve their mothers murder and fathers disapperance, Amasai and Mallory set off to learn more about alchemy.


Amasai is a snow white coyote with pure white eyes that show his linage. He has a very thin yet muscular frame that makes him look fairly weak. His muzzle is white and so are the fluff in his ears, and he may have chest hair underneath his clothing. He has five thick bangs that vary in length, and has two other bangs that fall to each side of his head in a bit of a wave.

For his attire, he wears a light grey tank top that hangs fairly lose on his frame, and black capris that are connected to a shoe cover of the same color that makes it appear that he is wearing boots, while his real shoes have yet to be seen. He also wears a white cape that connects to his tank top with a ruby shard brooch. His gloves are black and end in an arrow angle, and he wears a red bracelet on the upper parts of his arms. On the top left of his shirt, the palms and backs of his gloves, and on the tips of his shoe covors are transmutation circles that are stitched in white.


Amasai has a bullish, protective, yet charming personality that seems to always be in a flux. His mood always changes and that can make him hot headed and short tempered, yet a little while later he is care free and happy. He is very calm though, and always remains cool under pressure. Amasai is very mouthy and sarcasti, and loves to show off his wit whenever challenged.

He is also very protective and loving about the things and people he cares about, as he is afraid to lose those things. He is especially protective when it comes to Mallory, due to him being his only family and after nearly losing him.

Ego and arrogance are often Amasai's most common traits when speaking to someone, and is very cocky and overconfident about his abilities and powers. Although viewing himself very highly, even he realizes that he is not "God", and knows how insignificant he really is. He also has a bit of what one could call a Rubix Cube Complex, having the desire to figure out every challenge payed before him, viewing them as mere puzzles that can be solved if he tried hard enough. That complex does help him in the areas of problem solving and common sense, but it can also blind him from the fact that not everything is a puzzle. He even goes as far as to believe that a human (Mobian) life is only a puzzle that hasn't been solved, and emotions are puzzles that mirror that of a Mobian life.

He also has firm belief in the idealism of equivalent exchange, and refuses to believe that someone can override this universal rule.

His emotions and moods often reflect those around him, but they are indefinitely not limited to that. He often tries to hide his emotions though, usually his more negative ones like sadness and anger, and has been doing so since he was young, due to much rejection from others about his wild emotional imbalences, which makes him a surprisingly breakable and fragile young boy. He also has a constant fear of being abandoned do to that rejection and his parents, and often needs to be near someone, anyone, to realize that he is not.


Amasai's exact birthdate is currently unknown, but it is assumed that it was during the season of winter. He was raised by loving parents who ended up abandoning him and his younger brother Mallory. Mallory was born during the spring when Amasai was three, and the elder brother imediently loved his younger brother.

They were abandoned at an old train station, with their parents telling them to stay until they came back. After waiting for hours, the two seven and five year olds knew that their parents were not returning, and left the station with no clue as to where to go next. They went back home, but their house had been burned down, and the fire crackled still. With no home or parents, the two decided to leave their hometown and find out more about what happened to their life. Before they did, they went into their house once the fire stopped burning and tried to salvage anything they could. After looking in his parents room, Amasai found his fathers journal next to a burned carcass (later revealed to be his mother) and figured out that what had caused the problem was something called "alchemy", which led them to want to leave their home to find out what it is and what it had to do with their parents.

Being the eldest of the orphaned brothers also had him have to go back to witness the autopsy of their mother and be interrogated. This event actually traumatized Amasai, and that was the reason why he refused to let Mallory go with him.

Tour with Tyshira

After about a week later, Amasai found a school for alchemists prodigies. Realizing that whoever was in charge could help them, Amasai tried to enroll in the school. The teachers and owner of the business, a woman named had closed it down though, and Amasai and Mallory tried to contact the lady. After finding out some information and where she lives, the boys go their to ask for help on alchemy.

Tyshira immediately rejected the two kids, but after hearing who their father was, finally agreed to give them lessons on alchemy. As it turned out, Amasai realized that he had a knack for alchemy, and continued his training with his teacher, while his brother gave up after being unable to figure it out. At age nine, Amasai could out do his teacher, and after extensive combat training, was able to finally beat her in a sparr. This gave him the idea to try out for a position in the government, the Alchemic Branch, as that would allow him access to files on his parents.

Tyshira argueed against that idea though, which lead to a bitter argument and eventual fight against the two. Amasai defeated Tyshira, and Tyshira still argued that he cant, saying that whatever happened to his father would happen to him, but Amasai wouldn't have it, and left his teacher, giving the two a large tension against them.

Becoming a Colonel Alchemist

After the argument with his teacher, a bitter Amasai and a sad Mallory cross the small country to the state capital Poena. Soon after they arrive, they get into an argument with another alchemist who laughs at the idea of Amasai becoming a Colonial Alchemist, and after being taunted to fight by him, Amasai engages into a full blown battle with the rude bat (alchemist).

Amasai and the bat battle into a standstill, and still both refuse to give up even if they are fatigued. It isn't until Mallory intervenes and tells them of the damage did they (abort reluctantly) stop and try to clean up the mess. The bat introduces himself as Igasho, and tells him that he should try out and that he's one of the judges for the Final Trial, if he can make it that far. After accepting that challenge, Amasai and Mallory decide to explore the town while they can, and train afterwards.

Taking a train to teach the center of the city to see the Pentana, the building used by the entire Alchemic Branch, they are about halfway there when tragedy strikes. Another train smashes into their train, killing Mallory on contact and severely injuring Amasai. Before Amasai passed out, he attempted to give his brother a blood seal and to save his soul. Other injured riders were wheeled to the local hospital, with an unconsious Amasai along with them.

After a week, Amasai wakes up to find that his younger brother is dead, and that he had nearly died five times for various reasons. Realizing that the last member of his family had died, Amasai snapped and tried to flee the hospital, but was still to badly injured to go very far. After ten minutes, Igasho finds him and sits down next to him. He says his apologies and tells him that he sent the hospital in an uproar. Amasai doesn't care and doesn't say anything. Igasho continues to sit by him until Amasai sighed and got up. Igasho goes with him and leads him back to the hospital, eventually carrying him when Amasai passed out from exhaustion.

A month later and Amasai is back on his feet, but still healing from some of the surgeries he had to go through. Still wanting to become a Colonial Alchemist, Amasai has a week to train before the exams. Amasai hopes that there's a connection between his house fire and Mallory's death only made him more empowered to become one, and trains as hard as he can. Mallory is seen as a spirit for the first time and tries to help him.

One week later, Amasai tries out at the age of nine and attepmts the First Trial, an exam to show that he can preform alchemy in stressful conditions. Proving that he can in a proficient way, and without revealing that he can now preform alchemy without transmutation circles. He qualified to take the Second Trial, a written exam to test his knowledge on alchemy. Once more, he passes and is able to go on to the Final Trial, the trial that will weed out the next Colonial Alchemist. The President, Captain, and the Colonial in charge of the Alchemist Branch are the judges, and Igasho is shown to be the Colonial in charge. Smirking as he does so, Amasai performs alchemy without a transmutation circle and creates his first scythe. Attacked from behind by another alchemist, Amasai proves his strength by taking down the surprise assailant, and is rewarded with an ovation from the President. After being excused, Amasai leaves the building, only to cough up blood and pass out a couple blocks away.

Waking up in the hospital room once again, Malory greets him with worry and tell someone in that many internal organs of his are missing due to him creating the blood seal, and Amasai comforts him. Moments later, the President of the Federations and Igasho arrive, explaining what Mallory had said earlier, and telling him that he was found by Igasho. Before they leave, the President hands him a white envelope stamped with the counties seal. Amasai opens it to find that he has been excepted into the program, with a congratulatory letter and a warning about what he's getting himself into. With his first real smile since his parents murder, he falls back asleep to heal.

Incident on the Northern Field

After he had gotten his acceptance letter, the first thing Amasai did was research all he could on his parents, who turned out to also be Colonial Alchemists, and find out who killed them and if there was a connection between that and the train wreck that nearly killed his brother. Unfortunately, all the documents of his parents were either burned or removed from Amasai's status, and so Amasai was only left with more questions.

Guided by Mallory, Amasai decides to go on a trip to find the answers to those questions and find the murderer. Gaining the approval from Igasho, and lying that it was about alchemy research, he set off to travel around the country. First stop, Northern Field, a small city north of Poena. Casually taking a train there, both Mallory and Amasai find out that the city has been burned down and is currently in a civil war. That makes Amasai wonder in Igasho is sane, letting a nine year old explore a war torn town.

Searching for any connections to his parents or brothers, Amasai comes across an old gypsy from a country far away, Morti, and she offered to give him free advice and fortune telling. Not believing in any of that superstitions but deciding not to pass up something free, he took it. Asking for advice about finding out more about his families murder, the gypsy soon revealed that she had known his parents but refused to say anything else, angering Amasai greatly. Ignoring Amasai's warning, the gypsy talked about how the war in the Northern Field had started because of corruption within the government. Exasperated and bitter, Amasai asked what this had to do with his parents, to which the lady doesn't give an answer, other than that it does.

Bitter, Amasai leaves with more questions and heads back to Poena, pulling up files on the Civil War in Northern, and found that his parents did in fact serve for some time there, and that days later, many people disappeared mysteriously.

Poena's March

Fast forward a few years, a fifteen year old Amasai and Mallory are exploring another but bigger city west of Poena, Vicoriania, having been given an anonymous tip to check there for clues. After using alchemy to fix a broken wheel on a carriage, Victorianias show their disapproval in the usage and start to ignore him. Amasai gets annoyed and heads to a local hotel to stay at.

Rejected because of his skills, Amasai wanders around the town once more only to find a scientist that he had seen during his alchemy exam. Introducing himself as Edcan and the anonymous tipper, he explains that he knew his parents during the Victorianias War in the past years. Realizing that this man was willing to tell him about his parents, Amasai hurdles multiple questions at Edcan, but the alchemist soon turns down Amasai and tells him that he knows very little about their private life, not even knowing that they had a second child, Mallory. The only helpful hint that the scientist could offer was that Amasai's parents were conducting prohibited research to the public, and that he remembered that it was very dangerous and top secret.

Realizing that he could get no other information out of Edcan, he thanks him and decides to leave the town. Before he is able to leave though, Edcan informs him that his parents research had actually been the cause of the hatred towards the usage of alchemy here, to Amasai's great surprise. Refusing to say anything else though, Edcan eventually kicked Amasai out of his house, leaving Amasai totally confused about the sudden change of behavior.

On a train back to Poena, a terrorist attack is held, and a rouge Colonial Alchemist appears attacking the inhabitants of the train. Refusing to let rouge get away with the crime, Anasai attacks the rouge and during their battle, the rouge derails the train. Left with no choice, Amasai jumps out of the train and tries to stop it from falling on its side and killing the other passengers. Unfortunately, while performing alchemy, he starts to cough blood, and right after he finishes his transmutation he passes out. The transmutation saved the front part of the train where most of the people had fled to, but he passed out before he could save the back part, which the colided with the barrier he made, causing part of the train to fall on him.

Waking back up in a hospital room with his whole body covered in bandages, Igasho greets him and tells him that he had saved many people. Amasai asks about the terrorist, and Igasho informs that he is under military control and is about to be trialed. Amasai asks about casualties, to which Igasho lies and says that there were none. Wanting to believe him, Amasai drops the questions about the train and asks about his condition. Igasho tells him that part of his spine has been damaged slightly, due to having a metal structure fall on top of him, but should be able to recover, and other than him being unable to feel parts of his body, he just has a few minor scraps. Igasho warns him to be more careful and leaves, letting Amasai brood about what happened, and Mallory lecturing him.

Angellicall Lies

Now at the current age of seventeen, and still having been unable to figure out his parents murder, Amasai goes on a trip to another farther away town, Elizabthna, hoping that his parents old summer home may help him find more answers.


Amasai does not seem to posses any sort of supernatural powers. Alchemy may qualify as one though, as you do need to harness the energy to preform it, but it still is more of a skill than a power, as he had learned it. The only other power he may possess is an abnormal healing factor that makes him able to survive things that most can not. Still, he's not immortal, and that healing factor is very limited, being unable to create new organs for him or heal very large and life threatening wounds very quickly.


Amasai is very agile and extremely flexible, bending his body into all sorts of gymnastic and complex ways. His body is also very quick and light, and his reflexes match that of his speed, with his reaction time quicker than any character in the series.

He also has some sort of abnormal healing factor, which allows him to heal much quicker than others at an abnormal pace. This does not render him immortal though, has he had nearly been killed many times before had their not been an intervention of some sort.

His senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight) seem to be much more developed than others, mostly due to him having to constantly be alert for enemies and threats. He also seems to have a sixth sense, as he's the only one able to see Mallory when he's out of the object used to put his soup in.


Being a young and energetic traveler, and an Alchemic prodigy, has allowed him to travel far and wide and discover many skills that others may or may not have.


An obviously powerful skill he had acquired, alchemy is Amasai's most used skill in his everyday life. He is able to transmute without a transmutation circle, and has an ever expanding knowledge on this subject. He could preform complex transmutationtions even at a young age, and his skills only sharpened during his time at Tryshira's and as a Colonel Alchemist.


Amasai's combat skills are amazing and fairly accurate. His style of fighting plays off of a mixture of boxing and Martial arts, allowing him to blow powerful hits and yet remain a defensive player when attacked. He is able to deal much damage with just his hands, but prefers to use alchemy when fighting. He often relies on his environment to help him while dueling, similar to Silver, but he is fairly good at both far away and close up attacks, but preferring far away ones.


While not possessing an actual weapon himself, he often creates other weapons with alchemy to help him blow more damage. This includes an array of scythes, knives, guns and swords, but his most common weapon is in fact the scythe.

The normal scythe that he makes during battle is a very tall handled one, the steel handle alone taller than Amasai himself, and the enormously dark grey blade with black trim adorns the very top, the blade being thick and nearly half if not more the size of Amasai. Small feathers and different types of transmutationtion circles decorate the steel handle.

The blade does change forms occasionally, either making it larger or smaller for whatever reas, or altering the "c" type of curve the blade has to fit his liking. This weapon is usually the basis for other instruments of destruction, not just appearance but also the type of metal or other qualitie the scythe possesses.


According to Amasai, this skill come naturally to him. After having been on the run and traveling to unaccepting lands about alchemy has allowed him to really refine this otherwise terrible skill.


Having challenged and fought many rivals, enemies, and even friends at some points has given him the time to create common and iconic attacks used throughout many battles and spars.

Shadow Reckoning

A forceful and damaging attack, Shadow Reckoning is an attack that requires Amasai to create his scythe and manipulate the shadows, giving his scythe whenever he attacks black afterimages and it helps propel his scythe at blinding speeds.

Alchemic Release

Alchemic Release is an attack where Amasai puts his hands on the ground and makes a large earthquake, and then turning the chunks of the ground into hands of various sizes that attack his foes, grabbing, punching, or slapping them for whatever reason needed.

Angel Spear

Creating a spear from alchemy, this attack has him manipulate light to propel his spear, giving it a bit of an angelic glow while it attacks it's foes.

Careless Flight

Careless flight has Amasai use alchemy to create a structure that will propel him into his opponents, and is usually coupled with another attack such as Angel Spear.


Amasai can be fairly easy to manipulate due to his ever changing mood and emotions. His cockiness and smart mouth can get him into trouble very easily as well. As said earlier, he constantly bottles away his more negative feelings in fear of being rejected, which can make him emotionally fragile and can very well be one of his greatest and most potent weakness.

He also has a fear of being alone for too long, and constantly needs to be near someone in order to make sure that he is not being abandoned, so that can make him a worrier.

Another big weakness of his is that due to him performing a blood seal for his brother, his internal organs have been taken from his body, making him physically sick at times, and thus can not eat large quantities of food or drink lots of water. He'll often get dizzy spells and occasionally pass out due to his missing organs, so even during intense fights he has been shown to do this.


Being the main protagonist and an international traveler has allowed him to meet many people, friends and foes alike.


Deemed as the protective older brother, Mallory and Amasai get along very well, and are willing to die if the other could live. Mallory is Amasai's anchor, and often has to remind him that he is not alone, or that he does have things to lose. Amasai loves Mallory immensely, and actually was so torn at his brothers death that he fabricated Mallory's spiritual existence and pretended that he was still alive.

Ultimately, he does realize that Mallory helped him much in his travels, and not the fabrication he created, though is still torn at losing his last family member.

Elijabeta (Mother)

Amasai loved his mother dearly, and often said that she was his hero and role model. She loved him dearly as well, and loved to see him and his brother together. Amasai was traumatized when he had to witness her autopsy, and still misses her dearly.


Igasho and Amasai get along fairly well, though their relationship is often strained when Amasai gets ordered to do something against his moral code, which happens many times. Igasho once viewed Amasai as a broken toy who needed fixing, but soon realized that Amasai is much more than a "Toy of the Military", and has a hard time telling whether he hates him or admires him. Amasai is mutual to that feeling.


Amasai and Ea have a very rocky and unstable relationship, and both are uncertain whether the other is a friend or rival. Amasai does enjoy reading her and likes conversing with her, and was shown to quickly forgive her for trying to assassinate him. Ea also seems to like him back, but is still shown to have some loyalty to Pandora. They often clash, having conflicting personalities, and do fight each other for small things as well. Amasai may have developed a crush on her, having been asked by Mallory and Igasho, and blushing in a response, before yelling that they were boneheaded idiots.

President Yokain

Though they have not interacted much, Amasai has a neutral point of view towards Yokain, and therefore does not truely think much of him. Yokain likes Amasai, but often fears that he will become to unstable due to his painful upbringing. They seem to have a respect for each other, and this only grows when they fight side by side with the Pandora spies.


  • "I am just another alchemist. Just another kid in the program who joined at nine. Not very special at all."
  • "Equivalent Exchange is the law of the entire d*** universe. There is no way to bypass this law, and even if we could, which we can't, what would we do? There's surely a price to pay for this, equivalent or not. Hell, it might even cost more than if we used the normal Equivalent Exchange! Then what do we do?!"
  • "I am not a toy of the government. Not everyone likes that title you know. Do you want to know why? It's because not all of us are puppets who get their strings pulled by those dirt bags. I'm only here to gain something, not serve a corrupt system."
  • "We share no similarities. We are too different to even consider comparing each other to each other. So, would you shut the h*** up about how alike we are?! It's freaken annoying."
  • "Love... It's a difficult thing... It's like, you really like someone, and hopefully they like you back too, and that you do whatever for them, no matter what, and you would be able to help them when they're in trouble... But... It has to go both ways, and of it doesn't... I suppose all you end up with is a broken heart..."
  • "GAH! Stop appearing out of no where Colonial!!"
  • "I swear Mallory, you're the only one who is keeping me from punching that smug expression off of his smug face."
  • "Ha! Trying to pull one over on the Blood Alchemist now are we? Did you forget that my specialty was blood, hence the name."
  • "Um... Yeah... We uh... Left the papers back at Poena...? Heh, heh..."
  • "Sure thing, but we better get payed overtime Iggy!"
  • "NO!! You are nothing like me!! I'm not- I don't- I couldn't- NO! You b******!! I'm not a cold killer like you are you little s***!!"
  • "Our pasts may be similar, but what we did with our pasts are too different. You refused to let go, and while I can't say I completely did, I can say that I'm still moving forward. So my advice to you is to let it go... We can't bring the dead back to life..."
  • "Ha-Ha! Have no fear! The amazing Blood Alchemist is here!!"
  • "Let the sparkling commence..."
  • "Ugh... Just let me die alone and not with him... Please..."
  • "If we're going to do this, we have to do it together. We need to rely on each other. If someone makes a mistake, if this thing fails, it's still all of our faults... No whining now, okay?"
  • "First my friends, then my parents, and now my brother?! Why do you F****** HATE ME UNIVERSE?!?!"
  • "Vengence doesn't do us any good... All it does is make others want revenge on you, and then even more bloodshed will commence..."
  • "Yes... And no... I'm not doing this for revenge, at least not all of it... I just want to know who killed my family and why... That away... They could rest in peace..."


  • Easily said, Amasai can be the most powerful character in the series, having taken down godlike beings, with or without the use of alchemy.
  • Amasai is one of three people who don't need transmutation circles to preform alchemy.
  • Amasai is the youngest Official Alchemist in any region.
  • His condition is similar to that of Edward Elrics teacher in the series Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • His hatred towards hospitals stems from the fact that his brother and mother had been given an autopsy in one, and that hospitals were unable to save them, so when he goes in one, he has a small fear that he will die in one as well.
  • Amasai loves to do crossword puzzles.
  • Dubbed the "Blood Alchemist", his nickname was created because many civilians and Igasho had witnessed him coughing, and occasionally, throwing up blood.
  • He often calls his scythe Fullmetal, though this is not his actual name for it, and is just a nickname.
  • Although he shares many similarities between Edward Elric, he is an entirely different person and is much different than him.
  • The reason why he is so much lighter than any other character is because he is missing most of his internal organs, and those made up much of his weight.
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