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Amaris is a black jackal with a white muzzle, chest, and stomach, along with the insides of her ears. Her tail is black with a lime green end. She has a large, pale pink scar that ranges from the left side of her stomach to the left side of her back. Amaris' hair is mint green with black tips and is usually kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are a bright shade of lime green. Amaris' outfit consists of a dark watermelon pink criss cross tank top, high waisted Jean shorts with green accents, and mint green Converse high tops. She also wears gold bands on her right wrist and left upper arm, as well as black and gold earrings in her left ear.



Birth and Early Life


Teenage Years






Overloading Her Body

Due to the injury she sustained on her left side, Amaris can't overdo things, such as carrying heavy objects for an extended amount of time. Her left side is weaker than the rest of her body and will wear out faster. Overloading her left side will cause pain to bloom from that area and, in a worst case scenario, enfeeble Amaris for an amount of time.

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