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Amanda the Hedgehog

Amanda the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is an actress who truly does enjoy theater. She is also a dancer on the MYSDC, the Mariala Youth Star Dance Company.


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Amanda has that typical teenage attitude, as she sets many trends. She has a lot of positive energy inside her as she is sometimes considered to be a spazz. She can't really stop talking at points, and it can get annoying. She is always seen with a smile on her face.

Amanda also has very high levels of sarcasm and can manipulate people to do what she wants. Being a very persuasive person, she can easily get other people to leave her alone, do something for her, or hang out with her. This comes in handy many times when she tries to make others like her.

Amanda can also act very silly at very times. She can be very random and blurt out random words. Sometimes, it can go up to the point where it's weird. She often does this to be funny and a comical person to be around.

Physical Appearance

Amanda only stands at 3'3 tall and weighs about 65 lbs. She has purple fur, and peach skin underneath it. Her muzzle and inner ears are both peach, and there is no fur on her arms. Her hair is a tangerine orange color, and it goes down a little past her shoulders. She has connected eyes and brown pupils her tail is cut short, like all hedgehogs.

Currently, Amanda wears a baby yellow dress that covers the right shoulder. Underneath it is a black bra, and the strap is seen on her left shoulder. Her socks are also black, and she wears brown shoes with white tips. She wears gloves and orange sock like cuffs. As a trademark accessory, she wears a baby yellow bow in her hair between her ears.


Dancing- Amanda has proven many times that she is an outstanding dancer. She even made it onto the MSYDC, and dances competitively. Her favorite and best style of dance is jazz, and her favorite dance move is a switch leap. She earns many solos because of her dancing.

Baton Twirling- Along with dancing, Amanda also knows how to twirl a baton. Her fingers spin the baton around at an impeccible rate. It's so fast that it looks like a giant black hole when she spins it. She also has experience when throwing it up and catching it. She practices a lot and often puts on shows for her friends to see her improvement.

Archery- Amanda is also very experienced at archery. Aiming the bow, she hits many bullseyes no matter how far away she is from the target. She often competes in competitions and wins medals and even trophies for her achievements. She also sometimes uses it to hunt for food by even killing animals.

Upcycling- All of her life, Amanda has been obsessed with upcycling. She has gotten very skilled with this and has been doing it very often. In fact, her dress and her bow are actually made up of an old curtain she had in her room as a baby. She always tries to get her friends to get interested in it and make the world a lot more green.

Abilities and Powers

Sand Manipulation/Harenkinesis- Amanda also has the ability to manipulate sand. She has been training in this power for quite a long time, and now is able to control it powerfully! She can stomp down hard to create sand on the floor, and use her hands to create a sandstorm or sandball. She can actually use this power dangerously, as it can damage someone's vision and skin.

Enhanced Vision- Amanda appears to have spectacular vision. She can see things from very far away and very up close. This is usually used to spot down her friends, or something else. She can see up to a half a mile away. She also uses this to help her friends in a fight or battle.



Alyssa the Dog- Alyssa and Amanda are best friends. The two have been getting a close connection for a long time. They love to dance together, and dancing head to head with each other. They have been in dance class with each other for quite a long time and have a lot of memories while they were there. They also like to hang out outside of dance class and just go to the mall or grab a bite to eat.

Snowflake the Hare- Snowflake and Amanda are also pretty good friends. They have proven themselves to work very well together. They don't see each other that often outside of dance class, but when they do, they like to hang out.

Bloodstone the Hedgehog- Amanda acts like an older sister according to Bloodstone. They work well together, despite them being five years apart. Outside of dance, Bloodstone likes to see Amanda come over her house so the two can talk about how crazy their choreographer is.


Patrice the Bunny-

== Trivia
  • Amanda is based off of Jojo Siwa from Dance Moms
  • Amanda is obsessed with bows
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