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- Amanda saying "hello"

Amanda is a Mobian witch who lives outside the kingdom of Soleanna. She is known to employ various type of “gray magic” based on the natural forces on Mobius, thus she is known to worship deities such as Derr, God of Knowledge, and Baila, Goddess of Weather. Amanda scoffs at practitioners of black magic, such as those employed by Hideo, God of Lies and Deceit, however she has come into contact with dark artifacts and relics that contain such magic that she had to fight herself to resist such temptations, so much that she has developed a slight case of insanity over the years.


Amanda has been rebooted from her past Moebian version and thus she has changed a bit in appearance. She now possesses a gray end of her tail instead of a black one and has normal jade green eyes. While she still retains her outfit and species (as well as her creepy vibe), Amanda is now seen in character as more of a friendly, if not a tad creepy expression upon her face.


Amanda’s personality has been drastically altered from her previous Moebian version, Amanda now either a neutral or even perhaps a heroic protagonist instead of a villain protagonist. She is far less deceitful than her previous version and is more interested in pleasing her patron deities for the good of all Mobius. While she still can be tempted to gain more power, and is known to still have episodes of petty thievery in regards to acquiring mystical items she is now far nobler in her cause to please the gods/goddesses so that all of Mobius’ inhabitants can thrive under their guidance and generosity.

Still many aspects of her former personality remain unaltered, such as her high self-esteem and her comical flirting episodes with various males she comes across. However Amanda has changed from having a flat out binge drinking problem to now being obsessed with drinking grape juice and root beer.


Amanda’s powers have remained largely unaltered from her previous anti-version, most of her attacks such as her Orb of Fate and Beautiful Bolt Barrage have changed little as they weren’t compelled by sinister forces and black magic to begin with

However Amanda’s draco-witch form is now used less often in combat and more of her way of getting around from place to place. Thus her super form has been slightly reduced to a more convenient method of transportation.

Amanda's  Battle "Theme":

Spyro 2 Season Of Flame - Boss Remix

Spyro 2 Season Of Flame - Boss Remix


Amanda has an original, human versiion in Jaredthefox92's collaboration series, Occult Odyssey.

Amanda, (as well as her previous incarnations) were based on the Disney character Magica De Spell from Ducktales.

Amanda resides near Soleanna not due to it’s being a well-known location in the Sonic fandom, but due to the fact Soleanna is based on Italy and graco-roman paganism and (ancient ) wiccia originates from this region.

Amanda is due for a species change, perhaps eventually a different one from the candid family  

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