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Amanda is a Hedgehog-Hawk Hybrid that was born and raised in the Arthurian Era, and an ally of Sonic the Hedgehog's. Gifted with wings, she was deemed a "Monstrosity" by her distant family, and after falling into a "Stone Sleep" for several centuries, she awoke on Sonic's planet in the Modern-Day, and struggled to get over her culture shock and build up a life for herself as an archeologist, studying the ruins of her former culture of Camelot.

She currently lives on the large Island of Londoon, the remains of Camelot, and has made her home in an old cathedral she discovered.



Amanda's usual attire

Amanda has slightly-dark mango-colored fur, a quill that hangs down on either side of her head, and one flipping upwards in the back, blue eyes, tan muzzle and inside of ears, and large feathered wings on her back at are the same color as her fur.

She typically wears an aqua top that is open-backed to make room for her wings, blue jeans and brown knee-high boots, along with gray fingerless gloves that reach her elbows, and a brown satchel around her waist.


She is kind and considerate, not liking to put anyone down or being unable to help. She is deeply grounded in her beliefs and views, making it hard to change her mind on something. Curious about this new world, she spends many of her free days exploring the countryside or visiting museums to learn history and culture.

She has a deep respect for Sonic, as he is technically her king, though she does hold a slight grudge against him, for leaving Camelot and making Camelot fall away sooner than if he'd accepted the job of ruling. She also seems to share a dislike of his tendency to be reckless in battle with Sonic's friends, but keeps that to herself.

Due to having been born centuries before, she has a belief that she is too old to love anyone romantically. However, due to her only being physically eighteen, she has plenty of time to get over this mindset.

She has some medical knowledge, allowing her to treat wounds if needbe, even if it's not her best area of expertise. However, more serious injuries can make her panic, as it reminds her of her father's death.

She is a music lover, slowly growing to like upbeat music over the slow instrumentals she's used to hearing.


Amanda was born a few years before Arthur was given the Scabbard of Excalibur, to a servant in King Arthur's service and a Silversmith in the castle town. Her mother, a hedgehog named Diana, and her father a hawk by the name of Cadwr. The two fell in love and married, despite inter-species marriages being practically unheard of at the time.

Not long after, Diana found herself with child, and soon enough Amanda was born, a healthy hedgehog girl who, at the time, seemed as usual as any other child in Camelot. She was loved greatly by her parents, and she was raised in their small home in peace.

When she was about three, her mother began noticing little bumps on her shoulders that only got bigger and began becoming feathered, eventually revealing themselves to be wings. Diana family members were horrified by the girl's added limbs, blaming Cadwr for her 'Deformity.' Despite her family's growing hate for her husband and daughter, Diana continued to love Amanda, no matter what she looked like.

Tragedy struck when Amanda was ten years of age, when King Arthur was bewitched by the power of Excalibur's scabbard, a gift from the lady of the lake, and Cadwr was killed by a Knight of the Underworld while defending Amanda from it. Terrified, Diana and Amanda ran away from the king, taking refuge on the Titanic Plains and living amongst the other villagers. From there, they watched as the kingdom fell apart around them.

During her time on the Titanic Plains, Amanda exhibited not only the ability to control metal and stone, but her wings also grew large enough to fly with, and she helped her mother by delivering orders from her small shop to other villagers.

Three years later, her mother died of an illness, leaving Amanda orphaned and unwanted by her kin for being a 'Monstrosity.' Alone and without anyone to care for her, she left her village, searching for a purpose.

She returned to Camelot just as Merlina took over and she quietly observed the destruction under yet another tyrannic ruler, only to have it stopped by Sonic, who then found he was the true king of Camelot before returning to the world Merlina had brought him from.

Without a king to rule, the Knights of the Round Table struggled to keep the peace in Camelot, and Amanda eventually found herself meeting up with Caliburn, Sonic's former mentor and sword. Finding a friend in him who didn't see her as a monster, she would talk to him about her problems and her life before he returned to a dormant state. Not wanting to be left alone, Amanda used her powers over stone to transform herself into stone next to Caliburn.

Centuries passed, and both she and Caliburn were found by archeologists, and while Caliburn went to a museum to be put on display, Amanda was sold off as a statue, being traded from owner to owner over the years.

Deep within her stone shell, however, Amanda was still partially conscious, and whenever her 'Owner' would have an evil intention, she subconsciously would use her powers to foil it, forming a myth around her that she was cursed.

In the present, she was placed in the care of Tails, after Sonic accidentally bought her in an auction. When she protected him subconsciously from an attack by Eggman, Tails became suspicious, and after a few tests, succeeded in returning her to her original organic state.

Are You Alright

Amanda immediately after being restored from her statue form.

Upon awakening and seeing Sonic again, she instantly attached herself to him, treating him with a respect due to seeing him as her king. This both confused Sonic, and infuriated Amy, who believed Amanda was trying to take Sonic from her. Though suffering from some culture shock, she eventually returned to her home country, more specifically, the city of Londoon, but promised to keep in touch with Sonic.

She met her best friend Spiral there, and upon finding out about her interest in Camelot and it's history, Amanda set herself to assist Spiral in her research, able to translate and identify better than Spiral could have herself.

A few months later, she visited a history museum in Londoon and saw Caliburn, her long lost friend, still asleep and silent in a display, and so she plotted to free him. She brought Sonic and convinced him to take Caliburn from the museum. During this time she expressed her dislike of his decision of coming back to the future instead of ruling Camelot, which put a rut in their relationship for a little while before it was overcome. After freeing Caliburn and reawakening him, Sonic gave him to Amanda to look after, but promised to visit them both on occasion.

Amanda and Caliburn took up a home in an old cathedral in Londoon, using the many rooms to hold relics and artifacts from Camelot that they and Spiral found over time...


She has ultimate control over stone and metal, able to command both elements with equal experience. She can also put herself into a state of suspended animation by turning herself to stone, which she does not age in.

She can turn into stone and still be fully conscious, but has to be careful not to lose control of it or else she'll slip into a coma for a period of time, varying from an hour to a week.



Having her wings, she can also fly at incredible speeds and heights, her fastest speed recorded at about 450 MPH. However, if she flies up too fast, the sudden changes in air pressure can make her dizzy.


Being half hawk, she also has incredibly sharp sight, and can see details that others might miss, especially from the air.


Trained by her mother, Amanda is partially trained in first-aid. She can handle minor burns, gashes and things such as choking, but more serious injuries are beyond her expertise and even scare her.

She has also learned how to snatch objects in mid-flight, not having to land or slow down to grab something from the ground. This provides her with the ability to easily obtain objects from others without being caught. Along those same lines, she can also carry people and large objects with relative ease, though the larger the object, the shorter the distance she's able to carry them.

Over time she's learned several languages, so she can partially converse with multiple people groups, but isn't fluent in any of them, aside from English and the Ancient Language used in Camelot.


"And I thought the sharpening wheel was high-tech!"

"I'm an archeologist, not your personal transportation vehicle!"

"Rock on!"

"Let's be like boulders and roll on out of here!"

"Get your hand off, or else you'll suddenly find it missing...!"


Due to being born in the dark ages, she doesn't know how to swim, and her wings also make any attempts to learn difficult.

When in her stone sleep, she is at the complete mercy of the surrounding elements, and could possibly be shattered and killed in that form.

She has a phobia of being buried underground.


She was created initially when I wanted to create an angel.

She was initially going to be bound to the Chaos Emeralds.

Her origins were originally going to be something involving Sonic's mind, but I've forgotten what exactly it was.

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