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Aman-Rapi is a character that appears in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series. He is an ancestor of King Jules, Sonic, Sonia and Manic, and was a sorcerer and prophet in ancient times.


Aman-Rapi looking very ebullient.

Aman-Rapi looks nearly identical to Sonic, except that his quills are shaped in a different style, his arms are blue and gloveless, and he wears ancient Egyptian clothing.


Aman-Rapi is the identical twin brother of Masonic, the fastest bricklayer in Hamarapi (AKA Mobigypt). Unlike his brother, who was public about his relationship with his bride Penelope (a mulukhiya and koshary food vendor that the brothers frequently ordered food from when they got hungry), Aman-Rapi kept his wife Nefershepsut (who strongly resembles Amy Rose, Sonic's love) out of the public eye in order to protect her. In his own time, Aman-Rapi foretold the coming of Doctor Robotnik and his corrupted aristocratic bloodline, and inscribed a blueprint on how to defeat him on a scroll which was placed in his tomb. Later, when Sonic and the others came looking for the scroll, Aman-Rapi's mummified minions mistook Sonic for him. After the Sonic Underground granted his request, he used his spell of immobility to freeze the invading enemies long enough for them to escape. Unfortunately, the scroll was so old that when it was removed from its tube, it crumbled to dust. However, Aman-Rapi had left one message: inscribed on the tube was a hieroglyph, which when translated, meant "Hedgehogs will prevail".


Aman-Rapi's personality is extremely similar to Sonic's, even complimenting him on how handsome he was. However, while Sonic speaks quite informally and uses slang (even when crowned King of Mobius), Aman-Rapi speaks formally. Like Sonic with his relationship with Amy, Aman-Rapi adored Nefershepsut, both in life and after death, and he cares for her in the same manner.

Powers and abilities

In addition to being a seer and prophet, Aman-Rapi is also an immensely powerful user of the light arts and/or sorcery. Much of the power he has displayed over time is his manipulation over life. His curse of immobility, for example, can put his victims into suspended animation, rendering them completely motionless like statues. In addition, in life he discovered the means to stay alive by draining the life-force of others (specifically those that were evil or tainted). He claimed he needed to do so in order to survive, but it is debated if he really needs to take life energy. He also told his brother and wife that, even though they're drained, his victims will recover and their souls remain intact. However, this power did not last long, and he eventually died.


  • Two Ancient Egyptian ancestors of Sonic, Masonic and the Mummified Hedgehog, previously appeared in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme". Here, Masonic is in fact Aman-Rapi's identical twin brother.
  • Aman-Rapi's voice sounds exactly like Sonic's, mainly because the character is also voiced by Jaleel White.
  • Aman-Rapi's name is likely a reference to the Egyptian god Amun Ra, which was a fusion between the universal god Amun and the sun god Ra.