(Pet;Best friend)

Milkshake is Alyssa's pet chao, best friend and partner in combat. Milkshake is always by Alyssa's side and aid whenever she needs help.

Bob the Dog


Mayor Bob is Alyssa's father. He'd always cancel his appointments to go see his daughter's dance competitions.


Snowflake the Hare

(Best friend;Honorary sister)

Snowflake and Alyssa are like sisters. They are on the same team and both enjoy dancing a lot. They interact a lot and like to have hangouts and sleepovers.

Michelle the Cat

(Best friend;Honorary sister)

Michelle and Alyssa are very close friends. They interact many times in roleplays, anime and comics. To Alyssa, Michelle's like a big sister.

Bloodstone the Hedgehog

(Best friend)

Bloodstone and Alyssa are close friends. They'd usually spend time together and hang out. They are also on the same dance team.

Daniel "Danny" the Hedgehog

(Slight body crush on her side)

Alyssa has a bit of a crush on Danny, but she isn't jealous of Alexis about her being his girlfriend. They interact a lot.

Alexis Petals

(Idol;Best friend)

Alyssa has been Alexis's biggest fan and Alexis Fan Club President ever since Pre-K. They interact in roleplays, anime and comics frequently.

Christina the HedgeCat

(Good friend)

Alyssa and Christina are also good friends. They interact sometimes in roleplays, but more often in anime and comics.

Mimi the Cat

(Close friend)

Mimi tricked Alyssa into becoming friends with her to make Christina jealous, but her plan turned into a real friendship with Alyssa.

Gabriella the Cat

(Close friend)

Gabriella and Alyssa are close friends. Gabriella finds Alyssa to be really cute. They interact in many roleplays, anime and comics.

David the HedgeFox

(Good friend)

Not that much is known about David and Alyssa. They don't interact that much, unless they are solving a mystery.

Chloe the Cow

(Good friend)

Chloe and Alyssa are good friends. They get together and hang out when Chloe is on break.

Shadow the Hedgehog

(Good friend)

Alyssa and Shadow are good friends. They interact sometimes in the anime, roleplays and comics. They would usually hang out and chat when Shadow or Alyssa visits.

Big the Cat

(Good friend)

Big and Alyssa are close acquaintences. They don't interact a lot, but Big is a good role model on Alyssa.

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