Early Life

Alyssa was the first born child of Vanilla the Rabbit and Bob the Dog. She inherited most of her father's traits, classifying her as a dog to everyone else. Bob wanted to name her daughter Elisa, however, Vanilla wanted to name her Alyssa. The two asked their doctor what to name her, personally, she liked the name Alyssa better, so they named her Alyssa. Being the first-born child, they had no idea how to handle the infant, and training her wasn't as much of a nightmare as they thought it would be.

Starting at 2 and a half, months after she learned to walk, Alyssa wanted to take up dancing as her passion. Bob loved the idea of having her as a dancer, even though it bummed him out, since he wanted her to become a businesswoman like he is. Vanilla thought that it was a little dangerous, but she respected Alyssa's decision. From this point on, Alyssa started her career as a dancer.

Alyssa the Dancer

It was trouble for Vanilla and Bob to find a dance studio perfect for Alyssa. All of them didn't want little girls to join. However, there was this one studio, the Mariala Young Star Dance Company, that did need little girls, however they thought that it was a bad idea because training their is harsh. They had no luck finding another studio, so they went with the MSYDC.

Vanilla was right;training there was brutal. Everything had to be flawless and gorgeous for the dance coach, Birtha. Being only three, Birtha didn't want her in the group numbers..... yet. She had to wait until she was 8. Five years from now. While Vanilla was infuriated with that decision, Alyssa didn't care, because she knew that she was going to get to dance with the ALDC competition team and make it to places all around the east coast.

Alyssa, at such a young age had a gift for dancing. She was highly flexible, she learned new skills quickly, her turns were perfect, and her legs were straight. The problem was her face;her facial expressions weren't what they were supposed to be. Being only three, it was hard to pull off emotions like that, but she did it anyway. She had to look at her feet a lot so she doesn't trip, which Birtha doesn't want to happen on the competition stage.

The Second Child

During the same time, Vanilla told her husband, and the other dance moms that she was in fact pregnant with her second child. The other moms told Alyssa in a language she can understand about her mother's pregnancy and that they wanted to throw her a baby shower after this week's competition. Alyssa, only being three and a half now, already liked this idea. When the moms told Birtha, Birtha was excited about it as well and was all on board for this idea. So during the competition, the moms surprised Vanilla with a sign that says "It's a boy!" She was embarrassed, not only from the fact that she didn't know about this, but because of the fact that her baby was another girl.

After hearing the news, Birtha yelled at the other Dance Moms. Vanilla actually told Birtha that she wished she had a boy so that someone could carry on their last name, but Vanilla was happy to have what she got. Alyssa was so excited to see her new baby sister and how adorable she is. Three months later, Vanilla started to freak out. The baby was going to have to be delivered any minute! Birtha canceled the practice, as the moms and Alyssa called 911 and rushed to the hospital.

Finally, Vanilla, Alyssa, Birtha, and the dance moms were at the hospital. But they were missing someone;Bob! Bob quickly rushed down to the delivery room to find his wife. Now, the doctor had to do his thing and deliver the new baby girl. Alyssa held her mother's hand as she tried to push out her baby. Once the baby was out, she was already crying. She was so adorable. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked at the baby. She was so cute. Bob and Vanilla already agreed on the name: Cassidy. Alyssa held the new baby and said that she will love it forever.

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