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Alyssa the Dog

Alyssa the Dog is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a competitive dancer who's skills are spectacular. She is also the owner of Milkshake the Chao and the older sister of Katrina. She is a member of the MYSDC, the Mariala Young Star Dance Company.


Alyssa was created about 4 years ago. She was inspired by an Amy Rose Christmas speedpaint on YouTube. She was first a Cream recolor, and her pet chao was a Cheese recolor. She was first seen wearing a pink and purple winter combo, which later became her Winter Wonderland! outfit.

The creator then decided to make a few pictures of his own for Alyssa to enhance her design. That is where she changed up her outfit to a light blue and pink combo. She was only 8 years old, and her creator made her the sister of Cream. The creator wanted her to become a dancer.

Then, he decided to invert the colors to make it a little lighter pink, and blue for that to become her outfit for "Stars on Broadway Street!". The creator was inspired by an Ariana Grande song, "The Way", to make Grande Alyssa's voice actress and as well as a singer. She was made to be a little older;10.

Then, "Winter Wonderland!" came and the creator made improvements to Alyssa's first ever design. She was still 10, but she looked taller. Nothing about her really changed for her.

In 2014, the creator held a contest for a new design for Alyssa. A user, named LisyShade, created a new outfit that slightly resembled the SOBS outfit, but he liked it and used it for the new season of the Mariala Anime, "Girls World". She was made to be 11 and she turned 12 in the series. She now goes to the MCA, and is roommates with Michelle. Her voice was also changed to Alyson Stoner, which was inspired by a Phineas and Ferb character, Isabella.

In 2015, the creator held yet another contest for a new design for Alyssa. He liked the entries, but he didn't want to use them. So he asked his cousin for a cool design, and he brought in something that was.... good. He used it for the new anime series. She still goes to MCA, and she turns 13 while in the series. Alyssa's dance studio is now introduced to be the MSYDC.

In 2016, he completely got rid of the idea that she was related to canon characters such as Cream and Vanilla.

General Info

Alyssa Melinda Amotran is a sixteen-year-old dog living on 901 Labola Place. She currently attends and lives in the MCA as a pre-freshman, and is currently roommates with her best friends, Snowflake the Hare and Amanda the Hedgehog, and her pet chao, Milkshake. She always is seen dancing and playing around with her best friends.

Alyssa loves to spend a lot of her time with her pet chao, Milkshake. She feeds, walks, plays, dances and pets her all day long. They even cuddle together at night so that they could fall asleep.

Her main activity is dancing. She, along with her teammates, have to sign out many times to go straight to dance practice at the Mariala Youth Stars Dance Company. She is said to be one of the best dancers in her area, as she has a huge trophy stack of trophies that she has won from competitions. She wins first place after first place after first place every competition! She has hundreds of millions of fans that are in love with her dancing.

When she doesn't have dance practice she is usually seen with her best friends hanging out at the mall, or singing. She also hangs with the eight mates to just talk or even fight crime. She rarely ever gets any free time, and being a teen, she likes to go on her phone a lot and post cute selfies, only to get thousands of likes from her fans.



Alyssa has an adorable, and innocent personality. The one thing she likes to do best is dancing, but that's not what her whole life revolves around. She likes to sing, hang out with her friends, spend time at the park and other things as well. For some reason she barely ever frowns unless somebody truly upsets her. She is well known around her area as a living teddy bear.

She also has many manners as a trait taught from her mother. She always says "Please" and "Thank you" and "Your welcome" when she asks, gets or gives something. She also enjoys school and is like a teacher's pet. She feels a bit sad when she leaves Milkshake home because no chao allowed in school.

Alyssa is also very loyal. She sticks up for her friends even if her friends are her friends' enemies. For example Mimi. Alyssa and Mimi are friends, Christina, Alexis and David aren't, if Christina says something bad about Mimi, she stands up and vice versa. When she's torn between two of her friends being blood enemies, she somehow always finds a way to split her friendship.

She is very honest and dependable when it comes to tasks. She does exactly what she is told to do. She always completes her homework, cleans her room, makes her bed, takes Milkshake to the park, make people friends, does chores all around her house, does community service, etc. etc.

Physical Appearance


Alyssa is a pale gold colored dog, who currently stands at 3'2 and weighs 69 lbs. She has no fur on her arms, yet fur covering her tummy. Her ears are rather long, and go down past her waist. Her tail is a little lengthy, and curly. She has three large front bangs, one on the left, one on the right, and one down the middle. Her hair is straight and goes a little past her shoulders.


Currently, she wears a purple sleeveless crop top, and over it with a black open sleeveless jacket. For bottoms, she wears a lighter shade of purple skirt with a frilly white edge on the bottom. To tighten it, she wears a black belt with a gold buckle. For footwear, she wears purple boots with pink tips, white socks, and grey soles. As an accessory, she wears a thin strip necklace with a piece of a purple diamond on it that glows. Also, she wears two wrist cuffs the same color as her skirt.

Fan Game Appearances

My Sweet Life: Escape From the Paparazzi- In this game, Alyssa is one of the eight main playable characters in the game. She has been chased down to the point where she is lost and must find her way back home. Along with this, she needs to avoid the fanbrats, media and most of all, the paparazzi. She amazing powers, and a good skillset in the game.


Dancing- Alyssa's main talent and skill is her incredible dancing. On the MSYDC, Alyssa is almost always on the top of the pyramid on their performances, and possibly the best dancer on her team. Her dancing gets her many solos at their competitions, and many people around the world recognize her for her dancing, and use her in TV shows and magazines. Her favorite skill are her fouttes, and it is also her best skill, with being able to do 30 of those kinds of turns!

Singing- Alyssa also has a good singing voice. She was inspired by her all-time idol, Alexis Anastasia Alana, to take voice lessons and one day perform on stage with her. As of now, her voice is starting to improve and mature. People think that she has a weak belt, but a very cute voice. She improved a lot over the years and now is taking her dream to the next level. She likes to sing for her friends and enter karaoke contests at restaurants.

Jump Roping- Alyssa is also shown to be surprisingly good at jump roping. She wishes sometimes that there was such thing as a jump rope team in her city. She has shown to be great enough to even perform wild skills while jumping, such as doubles, pikes, and even triples. Along with a single jump rope, she also has a talent in double dutch, being able to not only go fast but perform wild straddles, and handsprings.

Abilities and Powers

Flight- Alyssa can also use her big ears to fly. She can do this to evade attacks. She also does it wen her feet are tired and she needs to catch up to her friends. She flies pretty far, and exceptionally high. She has been practicing a lot, and can fly at very high speeds, almost up to the point where they are superhuman speeds.


Attack: 6- Alyssa usually incorporates her dance moves into attacks, which is her only form of fighting;anything else is useless as she relies on her chao.

Defense: 4- Alyssa has poor defense and can easily get hit by an opponent.

Speed: 8- Alyssa is surprisingly fast for her age, and has little potential to reach superhuman speeds.

Magic: 0- Alyssa has absolutely no magic ability

Evasion: 8- Alyssa is able to dodge attacks pretty easily

Intelligence: 8- Alyssa is intelligent and brilliant for her age

Skills: 8.5- Alyssa's skills are very good, but some of her other skills tone this down.

Accuracy: 8- Alyssa's accuracy is great

Stamina: 10- Being a dancer, Alyssa is trained hard to keep her stamina up, even when flying

Tolerance: 4.5- Similar to her defense, Alyssa's poor at withstanding physical attacks.

This character's fourstat code is 4768


Alyssa is very easy to fool. Is somebody pretends to cry, she'll think the person is really crying. She doesn't know what happens.

Alyssa can also sometimes get scared from things to the point where she's about to cry.

Family Tree

Alyssa Family Tree


  • Bold lines denote a marriage
  • Solid lines denote an offspring
  • Grey text denotes the deceased
  • Ella Amotran had a unknown amount of siblings, who are all deceased
  • Diana's husband's name is unknown


  • Alyssa never learned how to ride a bicycle.
  • Alyssa is the only character created by Darkest Shadow to own a chao.
  • Alyssa shares a birthday with Nikki the Hedgehog
  • Alyssa's name starts with the same letter as her birth moth: April Alyssa
  • Alyssa is born on April 8, she is an Aries.
  • It's tradition for Alyssa to eat only strawberries on the day of her competitions
    • This is because her very first solo at the MSYDC was in a strawberry dress
  • Alyssa has proven to be based off of two dancers from the reality TV show: Dance Moms.
    • One of them is Maddie Ziegler;since Maddie is basically the face of the ALDC, Alyssa is the face of the MSYDC. Both of them are the best dancers in their studio, and their coach's favorites.
    • The other one is Mackenzie Ziegler;because both of them are also singers, and released songs on iTunes. They both share a few songs;like Shine, It's A Girl Party, Freaks Like Me, and Fairytale of the 21st Century.

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