This is an article about Alvalance Percival Monroe, a character created by WickedZekrom. Alvalance is one of the main characters in Next Genration, a comic by WickedZekrom
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Physical Appearance:

Alvalance's appearance generally takes after his species, the swift fox. His hair splits into two segments in the front, mostly covering his right eye and nose. his hair is white/silver with blue tipped highlights. Alvalance has magenta eyes with a darkened outline around them. He has five freckles on each cheek, and he has cheek fluff similar to that of Miles "Tails" Prower. Alvalance's ears are grey with black tips and have white inner ear fluff.


Lance sports a lightweight version of Polairs's signature navy and blue military uniform. His coat is mostly navy around the torso with a white bordered blue piece that covers most of his belly. The sleeves are navy and he usually wears his armor over top of the majority of his arms. He has black steel Knee plates, and Gauntlets that all have silver accents on them. He wears white gloves with a triangular armor piece to fit over the top of his hand. He also wears navy boots with various pieces of armor protecting his toes. Each piece of armor has some sync gems that are cyan in color, these help Alvalance control his frozen powers.


Alvalance is generally considered the strong silent type. He usually rarely talks or expresses emotion, but when he does, he can get very emotionally intense due to bottling up his feelings and rarely expressing them. He usually can't trust most people thus he doesn't want to share his feeling openly. Lance is also considered to be rather wise when it comes to battle.

Even though he never lets his emotions out in the public, there are a few he does express feeling for. These include his mother, father, and love interest, Katrina. He has proven to be quite the romantic type around Katrina, thus making her the only one he truly trusts with knowing his true emotions.


Alvalance was born into the Secret Society of Polaris, a country that was formed under the frozen surface of the Antarctic plains. The People of Polaris are known for their abilities to control the ice around them thus this is how the country was born, being made out of tunnels of ice underneath the frozen surface.

Due to Polaris's secrecy Alvalance was trained to be able to protect his nation from being discovered by any enemy forces outside of their alliance. Due to this Alvalance was trained in military expertise and became commander in chief once he turned 18. His expertise and intelligence Alvalance became the chosen one of Polaris to fight against Mythrill the Terror's evil intentions of Breaking down the Allied kingdoms and claiming the land for himself to endure suffering of it's residents. Alvalance was finally chosen at this point by Valkary to be one of the heroes to take down Mythrill


Alvalance has the ability to summon shards of ice or snow when given the right conditions. he can super freeze mostly anything due to his natural ice abilities. he cannon summon any ice-like material without some form of liquid water nearby thus rendering his powers useless in certain environments. he can move the summoned shards through a telekinesis-like state by moving his hands in the direction he wants the shards to go.


Alvalance is known for his broad range of many different forms of attacks due to the professional training he has received.


Alvalance is known for his unrivaled skills with his trusty cutlass. He earned his title "Alvalance the swift" from his swift movements when he sword fights. He is also known for his grace with the blade, making many swift, powerful, but graceful attacks with his blade.


  • extreme heat
  • more speedy opponents
  • being generally slow
  • isn't very agile

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