Alucard The Vampire Bat is a 17 year old Vampire Bat who is based on Alucard from Hellsing. Alucard is Ecruos' 2nd greatest rival other than Shori The Hybrid Porcuhog. Alucard was raised in a small town and wasn't

Alucard, Furry Dollmaker Version.

even supposed to be born, but nearly died at birth. His father, Dracula Van Hellsing, bit Alucard, turning him into a vampire who soon tries to kill his greatest rival, only to become a vampire killer.


Alucard's fur is light brown. He wears a red trenchcoat, orange retro glasses, a red fedora, A black fancy dress shirt, a red cloth inside his dress shirt, black dress pants and black boots. The red fedora is also used as a boomerang.


Alucard's Personality is more of a careless type of attitude. Like, he's care-free. Has no care in the world. If you yell at him, or say something mean about him, his response is most likely gonna be. "Yeah, cool, Whatever." However, he does get very serious when in combat.

Strengths and Powers

Alucard is a fast runner, and is usually strong. However, he is more known for his unique attacks such a

s the Sonic Boom, W.M.D Punch, Hypnosis Flash, and others. All of Alucard's attacks are energy-based attacks. He has a lot more tricks up his hat. (no pun intended.)

Super Speed

Alucard can run at a very fast rate, almost being Mach 4-5 and can Fly about the same rate. This allows him to do a few Speed type moves like Extremespeed.

Sonic Boom

Due to the fact that Mach 5 is almost faster than the speed of sound, Alucard can produce a circle of speed that eventually causes a Sonic boom, hitting almost anything in it. The attack is undodgeable, however it doesn't do much damage.

W.M.D Punch

Alucard charges lots of energy into his left fist and aims to punch the opponent. If the punch hits, it explodes right on contact. The punch is very damaging, but however, it's very easy to dodge.


ExtremeSpeed is an extremely fast move that involves Alucard moving at a speed so fast that he is invisible to the normal eye. The sheer speed of this move makes each impact on the opponent immense, and the move is actually capable of slicing through large enemy numbers. However, Alucard uses for either escaping situations or to get a fast upper-hand in combat.

Items Currently In Possession

--- Two pistols.

--- Hat Boomerang.

--- Wooden Stakes.

--- Holy Water.


When growing up, Alucard was easily the most feared by people due to his family heritage. Eventually, when he was 13, or 14, He grew in his fangs and got a taste for blood, in which, him and his father would go out and bite other mobians for their blood until his father was killed. Then after noticing what him and his father had done, he rebelled against other vampires and became a Vampire Killer.


Roleplays :

  • Hasn't been in a RP yet.

Fanfictions :

  • Hasn't been in a fanfic yet.

Other Appearances:

  • Birthday TP with Night the Fox
  • A few school TPs.

Relationships with Other Characters


Characters by the same creator:


Dracula Van Hellsing - Father.


Ecruos The Porcupine - Rival

Shori The Hedgehog-Porcupine Hybrid - Friend

Nero The Hedgehog - Friend.


Other Vampire Bats.

Other Users' Characters:





  • It is said that Alucard is unbeatable, but it isn't true. Alucard is DIFFICULT to beat, but it's not impossible.
  • Alucard is in fact Dracula spelled backwards.
  • One of Alucard's guns say "Got it Muns." which translates to "God with us." in English.
  • Alucard has an upside down star on one of his gloves.
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