Altheumelia Precielm (アフメリヤ シレエリナ プレシエルン ヒュムノス イイファレイヤ Afumeriya Shirerina Pureshierun Hyumunosu Iifareiya) is an female α Ciela Hedgehog Hymmnosen. Her full name is Altheumelia Xhileryna Precielm Hymmnos Aethalaya. She is the daughter of Aerleumina Precielm and Cambrius Ayatelum, middle sister to Cocona Precielm, Markolu Precielm and Claricea Precielm, and direct descendant of Lady Shurelia, the 1st Senator of Soleia. She is the rightful 120th Senator of Soleia, Administrator of Ethesecta, Seirei, Infel Phira and Quon Desila. Her full name is Altheumelia Xhileryna Precielm Hymmnos Aethalaya, which means "Altheumelia Xhileryna Precielm of the Hymmnos Clan, born from the City of Aethalaya". Her Animardians is a divine female angel-like entity named Harvestasha and a gigantic serpentine-like dragon named Luxaeryul.


Altheumelia is shy and timid, and has a pacifistic nature. She is a kind-hearted and gentle soul who is deeply selfless and honest, constantly risking her life for others. Innocent and purehearted, she will do anything for the sake of her friends (and her people and clan). However, she is also incredibly wise and intelligent, full of knowledge, for she was a precocious child who had an IQ of 329. She is incredibly generous and loyal to her friends, giving without a whim.

Due to her peaceful disposition, she dislikes wars, bloodshed, evil and (unnecessary) violence. Despite this, she will fight for the sake of what is right for everything, only if her attempts of negotiations and reasonings for non-violence have peen exhausted and proved useless. Most of the time she is on the sidelines acting as healer for allies. And despite her kind and forgiving nature, she secretly has a temper. She also holds extreme hatred and prejudice for terrorist organizations (including Sanguis Deviliam, Reveris Aolum), bullies, abusive people and such. She also is incredibly determined and stubborn, not changing her intentions once it is set.

However optimistic she may be, there is another side of her that she hides constantly. Due to her traumatic, dark and abusive past, she has experienced betrayals, having her trust broken several times to the point where it is fragile and she is nearly distrustful. Due to this, she has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, and suffers constant and severe emotional stress and depression. Despite the level of mental pain she constantly suffers, she surprisingly does not seem to be harbouring suicidal or self-harming thoughts. Full of despair and hopelessness, her past haunts her like a shadow, and it contradicts her optimistic nature. She is incredibly emotional and sensitive, and doesn't like it when someone tries to intrude into her past, however, if one manages to gain her trust (which is difficult), then she will fully open up to the person (and possibly Synchronize with him/her)

Also due to her distrustful nature, she rarely Synchronizes with anyone, since Synchronization is a process where people share thoughts and emotions. The only people she has Synchronized with are Isaritha, Rosalina, Jaliqa, Hiorelina and Taburen, all 5 having gained her trust rightfully.

She also has low confidence and self-esteem, doubting her abilities and actions. She is described as having an aura of comfort and kindness that beckons many towards her, which means that she is an easily attractable person who attracts a vast amount of attention from others to herself, but she is quite oblivious of this.

As for Altheumelia's temper, it is a rather stubborn and enduring factor of her nature, meaning that it is not easy to set her off, and would take something major to severely do so. Here are some ways she can be angered by:

  • Derogation and insults to her family, friends and people while she is witnessing/hearing it.
  • When somebody ruins her favourite food while eating it.
  • When she witnesses bullying and persecution.
  • When she meets people who are very cruel and rude.

When Altheumelia's anger is lit, it has been described by many as terrifying and monstrous, and this has been emphasized with the fact that many evil forces, villains and terrorists cower under her anger. This was made clear when she was utterly provoked by Fang the Weasel, and it resulted with him in a hospital and having physiotherapy for 3 months due to broken bones, severe energy burns, and several events (that are classified as gory and rated M Plus) that Fang would not speak of, but during his mental anguish, he did mention "chainsaws" and "torture illusions", which may be some sort of indication that Altheumelia used Psychic Magic to torture his mind and beat him up. But one main factor that makes Altheumelia a serious threat to the provoker is that even though she is filled with rage, she will always be able to think and strategize, meaning that anyone who provokes her severely will have a terrible fate ahead of them.

"When Altheumelia gets angry...well, she'll send monsters, killers, villains, heck, anything evil running for their lives like a pakerum running with its ears folded and tail between its legs. Trust me, if they get her mad...then she will make them so traumatized, that they'll be crying for their mothers." Jacqli.

Another fact about Altheumelia is that she secretly holds an extremely masochistic side, one that many dub as 'Ultra M', though she is not aware or conscious of this part of herself, and would most likely deny it, much to Aurica and Jacqli's amusement.



Altheumelia was born into a high-class family in Aethalaya, her mother Adhaliora being the 119th Senator of Soleia and her father Cambrius one of the Mystelm Federation's most powerful leading officers. However, she was born with a weak body and a rare medical condition called Phyluximia, which caused her immune system to become extremely fragile and her body vulnerable to any airborne impurities. For 2 years, Altheumelia had to stay inside her home to protect her from infection and gases. She was given her prescriptions for her condition when 3 years old, and thus she was able to explore the outside world. At the age of 5, she had shown incredible knowledge and intelligence, proving it by solving advanced equations and understanding scientific research. She was there to witness her sister Cocona's birth, but little did she know that the joy of a newborn life would be ephemeral...

Approximately 30 minutes after Cocona's birth, the town was bombarded by missiles from the terrorist organization Reveris Aolum. Aethalaya was soon invaded easily due to the fact that most of the other commanders were on a meeting and accompanied the Ansul royal family for a negotiation, leaving Aethalaya somewhat vulnerable. Cambrius planned a counterattack to repel the invaders while urging his family to seek safety with the civilians, and even though his plan seemingly worked, he was pierced in the heart after killing the general who ordered the invasion by Rulium, a man who was in Cambrius' rank, who revealed himself to be a traitor who sabotaged Aethalaya's defences and security. After that, Cambrius died. This was envisioned and all seen unconsciously by Altheumelia's Oversight, traumatizing her.

After Cambrius would be Aerleumina next. While attempting to reach refuge and safety, they were intercepted by terrorist members who were quickly dealt with by Claricea, Altheumelia's older sister and twin brother of Markolu. But then one of Reveris Aolum's commanders, Veteni Adesio, would come. Claricea managed to deal a fair deal of damage, but in the end, she was killed in front of Altheumelia. After that would be Aerleumina, who was still weak from giving birth to Corolina, who Altheumelia held in her arms.

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This is a list of known Hymmno-Registration Codes that Altheumelia possessed in the past and in the present time.

  • AFUMELIA_Celonul::ORIGI_Reyvateil>>Xhalustenia_ETHESECTA - This is Altheumelia's current HRC.
  • AFUMELIA_Lexa::Anirisul>>_QUON=DESILA - This was Altheumelia's previous HRC before she was disconnected from Quon Desila by Giyalajire.


  • Altheumelia is a Hymmnian Name that means "Ethereal Songstress of Purity and Healing".
  • Despite being born from the union of a Hymmnosen and a Dai'Behmian (Demon), she is surprisingly a pure-blooded Hymmnosen, while her siblings are not. Some say this is because of genetics, which is possible.
  • Altheumelia bears a striking resemblance to her mother Aerleumina, who in turn resembles Shurelia, who in deeper resemblance, looks strikingly alike as the goddess Xhalustenia.
  • Main Theme:
    • Daichi Ni Saku Merodii
  • Secondary Theme:
    • Galaxias by Galaxias
    • All This Time by Britt Nicole
    • City Ruins ~Ray of Light~ by Nier: Automata
  • Animasphere Theme:
    • Euthymia ~The Wandering Aurora~
    • Dysthymia ~Requiem~
    • Sonata ~Despair~
    • Vague Hope ~Cold Rain~ by Nier: Automata
  • Boss Theme:
    • Test of the l'Cie by Final Fantasy: XIII
  • Battle Theme:
  • Cocona & Altheumelia Theme:
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