Known Quotes

"Never lose hope, even if in the most darkest situations."
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Quotes in Battle

"My feelings will become the star of hope!" -Altheumelia, when she unleashes FLIPSPHERE-

"I-I'll do my best!" -Altheumelia before entering combat-

"I won't stay on the sidelines like a helpless person!"

"I-I'm s-sorry, b-but I-I'm not holding back!"

"On today's menu: Pain!" -Altheumelia, when she is able to land a critical hit on a target-

"Fly away!" -Altheumelia when launching/repelling away enemies if they get too close to her-

"I'll sing to aid you in battle as your support!" -Altheumelia when she casts battle-support and status-enhancement spells on allies.

"Linkage unlocked!" -Altheumelia when entering a Purge-

"Listen to the sound of my will!" Altheumelia when she begins to sing FLIPSPHERE-

"Receive the explosion of my power!" -Altheumelia, when she casts BATTLESPHERE-

"Cautiously counter them." Altheumelia advising her allies.

"I-Incoming attack!" -Altheumelia when warning her allies of an incoming attack.

"I-I d-don't know if I-I c-ca-can keep up..." -Altheumelia, when her health is below 25%-

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