Name Percentage Description
Attack 62% Altheumelia's physical strength when attacking.
Special Attack 0.8 (80%) Altheumelia's strength when unleashing magic/special methods of attack.
Type Level Description
Aether 70%
Hymnia 80% The element affinity of Song Magic.
Light 50%
Psyche 70% The affinity of psyche and mind, can inflict conditions like confusion.
Sound 60%
Wave 40%
Condition Damage
Status Level Description
Blindness The target is temporarily blinded.
Confusion 40% The target will be temporarily confused and dazed, and unable to perform attacks properly.
Discord 89% The target's Waves will be erratic, meaning that the target will be unable to use magical/energy attacks during this condition. The target will also sustain damage that accumulates over time. The condition is temporary.
Echo The target will suffer from enhanced sensitivity to pain, and their sensibility will be shattered.
Lethargia The target's speed is slowed down.
Paranoia Causes the target's MP to be slowly sapped.
Paralysis Causes the target to be paralysed, meaning that the target cannot move.
Somnia The target falls asleep for a temporary amount of time.
Defence 0.5 (50%) Altheumelia's physical endurance to physical attacks.
Special Defence 69% Altheumelia's endurance to special attacks, such as spells or energy attacks. This also includes her level of resistance to status ailments in battle.
Elemental Defence
Type Level Description
Hymnia 89%
Status Ailments
Status Level Description
Speed 0.6 (60%) Altheumelia's rate and level of speed.
Accuracy 99% Altheumelia's level of precision to aim.
Intelligence 100% Altheumelia's capabilities of how to create strategies in battle/other situations.
Agility 89% Altheumelia's ability to sidestep/change direction while maintaining speed.
MP (Mana) 99% Altheumelia's magic energy within her, aka her magic reserves. The bigger the number, the larger her mana reserves.
SP (Stam.) 0.9 (90%) Altheumelia's physical energy which is required in strenuous activities.
HP (Health) 100% Altheumelia's health in battle.


Absolute Pitch

Sound Mimicry





Emotion Sensory




Gnosis is a rare ability that allows Altheumelia to communicate with, see, sense and commune with spirits anywhere.

Spiritual Communication

Spiritual Sensory


Auto-Dialectic Vocal Adaption

With Omnilinguilism, Altheumelia can subconsciously switch speaking languages.

Auto Dialectic Comprehension

  • Vocal
  • Literary


Third Presence


Eye Contact

Manual Control

Altheumelia is able to control and activate the ability whenever she wishes to.

Skin Contact

Song Note Fusion


Dimensional Travel

Wave Frequency Mode


Emotional Link
  • (Anger = Pain)
  • (Hatred = Extreme Pain)
  • (Love = Serenity, Peace)

Wave Sensory

Wave Manipulation

One of the functions that Wave Frequency Mode possesses, it allows Altheumelia to perform 3 functions:

  • Wave Creation (Sublimation): Altheumelia can create and emit Energy Waves with her own Symphonic Energy in her body; however, she can only create and emit D-Waves, H-Waves, Hz-Waves and (very small amounts of) P-Waves. Depending on the amount of Symphonic Energy she has, she can either create vast or small amounts of Energy Waves.
  • Wave Interference (Deletion): Altheumelia can erase and negate Energy Waves to recover small amounts of Symphonic Energy. However, N-Waves are an exception to this unfortunately. Because N-Waves are too unstable and violent in frequencies, they can only by eroded by themselves, like a radioactive atom with a half-life.
  • Wave Sublimation

Power(s) (Magic)

Healing Magic

  • Mantra of Cleansing
  • Mantra of Healing

Psychic Magic

  • Psi-Palm
  • Psionic Attack
  • Psychic Pulse
  • Telepathy Wave

Song Magic

Hymmnos Spells

  • Accelerando: This Spell Song temporary increases the sped of her allies or herself, surrounding themselves in an orange glow. The enchantment lasts for 5-10 mins.
  • Acciaccatura
  • Hymmnopulse
  • Hymn Palm
  • Hymn's Enchantment
  • Melody Arrow
  • Solfeggio
  • Song Warp

Spell Songs

  • Alphomega
  • Antiphona
  • Aortum
  • Battlesphere
  • Cassazione Vistra
  • Divinus Iudicium
  • Ethersphere
  • Faselinya
  • Flipsphere
  • Harmoncordia
  • Ionphelim
  • Jinghualaya
  • Luminomia
  • Psalexithaeriya
  • Quaver's Idiom
  • Resuplethia
  • Risorgimento
  • Solresol
  • Solumisa
  • Talishiveda
  • Violencia
  • Volvoice

White Magic

  • Divine Judgement
  • Ether Palm
  • Etheria Arrow
  • Etheria Pulse

Weapons & Items




HQP Cellophane

SH Cellophane


A Hymmnian charm that is said to ward off misfortune and evil spirits.


Aethenjea Pulse Rifle

Xhylora Isina (Tharxiaf)


  • Altheumelia --despite her gentle nature, has a fierce temper, which is difficult to set off, but once it is, her anger is described as "fierce enough to make anyone run for their lives, even terrorists, evil or even the Ale'Cieldra themselves." by Jacqli, who implies that she inherited this from her mother Aerleumina, who in turn inherited it from her ancestor Shurelia. When Altheumelia becomes enraged, she becomes incredibly destructive and violent, unleashing anger-enhanced-Song Magic Spells here and there, and attacking anything that either sets her off even further, or the catalyst who sparked it him or herself. And even though Altheumelia loses herself to anger does not mean her sense of wisdom and awareness of her own actions is diminished or clouded, meaning she is quite aware of what she does and does not charge blindly.
  • Fast, nimble and agile, can evade attacks easily.
  • Has a high level of knowledge that can prove useful in life and battle situations. She has displayed high levels of this in battle and via analysis of subjects.


  • It does not take much effort to shatter Altheumelia's confidence and self-esteem-- results are not pleasant. This shall probably improve as time goes on.
  • Due to her naïve yet gentle, wise, timid and kind-hearted nature, this makes her seen as an "innocent child that needs to be 'protected'" by her friends and others, becoming rather overprotective much to her dismay.
  • Once Altheumelia has been set off, it is highly difficult in consoling and calming her down, and she will not stop until she has dealt with the person who sparked her rage into action. However, Jacqli seems to be able to stop Altheumelia with her favourite dessert: Strawberry Ice Cream.
  • She can feel highly insulted and offended easily whenever her chest size is mentioned, such as the case when Liarsha_XP (equipped and illegally programmed with the Dorodere personality patch) did this.


Phyloxiyma is a genetic condition that causes the person's bodily systems to malfunction at times, and can cause instability in a Hymmnosen's D-Waves and H-Waves, which can cause life-threatening factors to arise. Due to having this condition, Altheumelia has to be careful. This condition is also incurable, but there have been rumours of a way to cure Phyloxiyma.

  • She should avoid any form of impure air around-- inhaling any form of it can damage her already-weakened lungs.
  • Due to this condition, her sensibility and vulnerability to Zolorium radiation is enhanced. Even the smallest amounts can send her heart into irregular heartbeats and into heart attacks. If exposed to large amounts of it, she will fall unconscious and suffer seismic fits (seizures in their most severe form) for about 10-20 mins. During this, she can possibly die, because the seismic fits are signs of her D-Waves going berserk, so in order to stop the seizures is to stabilize her D-Waves through some way.
  • Her body is weak and fragile, capable of caving in easily from a single hit in close-range, and her immune system is weak, which would mean she would easily die from a fever or cold. Thus, she takes daily medications to help her body and suppress her condition.
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