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Sound Mimicry





Emotion Sensory




Gnosis is a rare ability that allows Altheumelia to communicate with, see, sense and commune with spirits anywhere.

Spiritual Communication

Spiritual Sensory


Auto-Dialectic Vocal Adaption

With Omnilinguilism, Altheumelia can subconsciously switch speaking languages.

Auto Dialectic Comprehension

  • Vocal
  • Literary


Third Presence


Eye Contact

Manual Control

Altheumelia is able to control and activate the ability whenever she wishes to.

Skin Contact

Song Note Fusion


Dimensional Travel

Wave Frequency Mode


Emotional Link
  • (Anger = Pain)
  • (Hatred = Extreme Pain)
  • (Love = Serenity, Peace)

Wave Sensory

Wave Manipulation

One of the functions that Wave Frequency Mode possesses, it allows Altheumelia to perform 3 functions:

  • Wave Creation (Sublimation): Altheumelia can create and emit Energy Waves with her own Symphonic Energy in her body; however, she can only create and emit D-Waves, H-Waves, Hz-Waves and (very small amounts of) P-Waves. Depending on the amount of Symphonic Energy she has, she can either create vast or small amounts of Energy Waves.
  • Wave Interference (Deletion): Altheumelia can erase and negate Energy Waves to recover small amounts of Symphonic Energy. However, N-Waves are an exception to this unfortunately. Because N-Waves are too unstable and violent in frequencies, they can only by eroded by themselves, like a radioactive atom with a half-life.
  • Wave Sublimation

Power(s) (Magic)

Healing Magic

  • Mantra of Cleansing
  • Mantra of Healing

Psychic Magic

  • Psi-Palm
  • Psionic Attack
  • Psychic Pulse
  • Telepathy Wave

Song Magic

Hymmnos Spells

  • Accelerando
  • Acciaccatura
  • Hymmno-Barrier
  • Hymmnopulse
  • Hymn Palm
  • Melody Arrow
  • Solfeggio
  • Song Warp

Spell Songs

  • Ahih Reiyah (ESP>>/Ahih_Rei-Yah)
  • Alphomega (EXIM/::/_Alphomega)
  • Antiphona
  • Aortum
  • Apeiros Gefyrosi (RENUM_Apeiros=Gefyrosi/.#MOOD_Iriodes => CODE::Arrya=Lexicon)
  • Avedelria (Omniel::AVEDELRIA)
  • Battlesphere
  • Cassazione Vistra (Omniel::CASSAZIONE_VISTRA)
  • Cieln Protecta (Cliass::CIEL_N_PROTECTA)
  • Distillista (Cliass::DISTILLISTA)
  • Divinus Iudicium (Omniel::DIVINUS=IUDICIUM)
  • Ethersphere
  • Faselinya
  • Harmoncordia
  • Ionphelim (Omniel::IONPHELIM)
  • Jinghualaya (Que:S:/=/Jinghualaya)
  • Luminomia (RENUM_Luminomia/.#MOOD_Nirvana => CODE::Physilia=Fushe)
  • Lxa Ticia (Cf.//Lxa_Tisia)
  • Mana's Paean
  • Metafalica
  • Metempsychosis (EXEL_METEMPSYCHOSIS)
  • Pacificordia (CF.EXEL_PACIFICORDIA)
  • Psalexithaeriya (Psalexithaeriya.EXOLEM_cls.PSYKHAERDIA::Soleia=Phylixindra)
  • Quaver's Idiom (EXEL_QUAVER:S=IDIOM)
  • Resuplethia (MODILUM::Resuplethia)
  • Solresol
  • Solumisa
  • Sphilia (EXEL_SPHILIA)
  • Suspensium (EXEL_SUSPENSIUM)
  • Symphonia
  • Theravada (EXIQUEM/::/_Theravada)
  • Univiara
  • Violencia
  • Vlibarphel Layhalltia (REGIS::{Vlibarphel=Layhalltia})
  • Vlibarse Yastalphia (REGIS::{Vlibarse=Yastalphia})
  • Volvoice
  • White Serenade (CF.EXEL_PACIFICORDIA)
  • Xio Proceed (Esplass::XIO_PROCEED)
  • Yastol'Hya (REGIS::{Yastol:Hya})
  • Zonogeria
  • Zufao Jendin (ESP>>/Zu-Fao_Jen-Din)

White Magic

  • Divine Judgement
  • Ether Palm
  • Etheria Arrow
  • Etheria Pulse

Weapons & Items

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