Cosmophase_AETHERIUM_ASTERA ~ The Heavenly Star ~
Innate Abilities 3rd Eye, Anti-Matter Fluctuation, Autokrypsonism, Etherianalyzis, Ataraxia, Ofthalmapathy, Retribution, Satyagraha (Cease Fire), Suprafocus, Witchcraft
Special Ability Aether's Judicium
Administrator Altheumelia
RENUM Song RENUM_Luminomia/.#MOOD_Nirvana => CODE::Physilia=Fushe
Animasphere Level Range 1 to 6

This Cosmophase is dominated by crystals of fuchsia and beyond, buildings of spectacular architecture, floating platforms and beautiful star lights, all surrounded with glowing runes, letters and sigils, with the starry space as everywhere, with only the platforms and the synthetic natural landforms of the Cosmophase which hold the buildings. Despite its supernatural and unnatural mystic beauty, they also hold a more darker side, like a rose with thorns; beautiful and dangerous at the same time. All is settled and covered within a faint fog of mist and lukewarm. In the middle of the Cosmophase stands a large tall spire of crystals, the source of the siren melody that excludes interference.

Moving within the Cosmophase, Altheumelia can be found directing her attacks and spells, singing chants of magic, healing and Aether. The tower acts as a source of Jamming, and can serve as an area Altheumelia can take cover in.


Name of Attack Level Description
Amethystals Starting Lv. These fuchsia crystals come with the Cosmophase's summoning. They serve a wide range of uses.
Etheria Arrya (Aether Arrow) Starting Lv.
Dius Espelle (Holy Mirror) Starting Lv.
Euthymia Starting Lv. Altheumelia's main method of healing. She calls upon light to shine upon herself or her allies to heal them with ethereal energy. She can only heal one at a time.
Synergithesia Starting Lv.
Effect Description
Alegri Increases speed
Esper Increases physical strength
Lhasya Increases magical/energy defence
Lulurnya Increases magical/energy strength
Naflansee Increases physical defence

An ability technique that Altheumelia can use to enhance the parts of her allies' statuses. An ally can only have one status boon at a time. They last for 10 minutes.

Euthymesia Lv. 4
Aether's Judicium Special Ability
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