This is an article about Althaia the Cat Hybrid, a character created by SPop120 on 05/11/2013.

Althaia is an anthropromorphic Caracal/Dragon hybrid who is also a vampire. Her style is Pastel Goth, as she also listens to Rock and Metal music, and sometimes Emo and Punk music, and of her attire and personality as well. She is a character by SPop120.


Main Outfit and Appearance

Althaia has tan fur, light pastel pink hair with pastel purple highlights, and she wears a pastel pink dress, and tights with the pattern of bones, and she wears a rose bracelet with silver spikes coming out of it, and she wears bat earrings and a leather jacket with button spikes, along with a blue and white necklace with a spike charm. She also sometimes wears circular sun glasses. Her hair is choppy and uneven, and her necklace is fairly large. She also wears light pink high heels with straps that wrap around her ankle. She also has a furry dragon-tail with spikes along it, and she also has ears with black fur on them, as well as bat-like leathery wings. She has light violet eyes (her eyes are normally red when she is thirsty), and she has fangs, a trait of a vampire.

Secondary Outfit

She will also sometimes wear a lavender sweatshirt instead of dress with a bear with two x's for eyes, and she will also sometimes wear a pink moon necklace, lavender flats, a lavender bow with yellow, blue, and pink stars, and she will sometimes wear lavender cross earrings, and a long earring that separates into six different chains with stars on them. She will also occasionally wear black combat boots with spikes beside the laces, connecting with a band that wraps around her leg that has spikes connecting around her leg, instead of tights at times.


Althaia is polite, and mostly coy. She is shy, and very softspoken. She will almost never speak. She is almost always polite, but is not necessarily kind. She sometimes will not have a care in the world, and is often thought of "cute". Her politeness and her thick British-Australian accent is thought of as annoying.

Althaia is also rather easy to manipulate and take advantage of. People often do so, just because of her politeness and naiive nature. Although it is actually easy to make Althaia learn things, Althaia takes longer to learn life lessons. Althaia also doesn't trust many people too easily, although if they seem nice, Althaia will trust them after a while of conversation. Althaia is also an extremely bad liar. 


Althaia was born to her two parents following her three siblings, Hyperium, Pandora, and Andromeda. She was generally a very quiet child, and with all of the children being pure-blood vampires, they were often cooped up in the house with the blinds shut, but at night is when they were allowed outside. One day, her parents were tracked down and killed my monster hunters. Admist the chaos, Hyperium led his sisters to safety in the attic. Althaia was then taken in by her aunt and uncle, and she was seperated from her siblings.

Althaia was shy and quiet after that incident, silently mourning her parents. She didn't like to trust anyone as a child and teenager, but she did have a handful of friends that shared her vampire traits. Althaia also learned to loathe the fact she is a vampire. She disliked having to feed off of innocent people, but it kept her alive.

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Phobikinetics- Althaia can manipulate people's fears by creating constructs that represent their fears. Their opponents are often terrified easily, although if they realize that these constructs are not real, then they fade away.


Althaia is always rather shy and timid. It is easy to scare her, despite the fact she can manipulate fear itself. Althaia is also rather physically weak, making it easy to overpower her. It is also rather easy to manipulate her and take advantage of her kindness. 


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