"Scanning area... unknown location... error!" ~E-123 Omega


The ecology of this area is very nightmare related. The existing plants in the area have all turned black while the animals in the area are more devilish. There is the common flying skeleton Rakks in the air and the hard to kill Crystalbones which are monsters of pure crymson red crystals.


The living conditions in this area are hard to even set foot upon. The entire area is covered in fire making the heat burn up even a simple human being in a mere number of seconds. Each day the fire gets hotter in the area and the ground seems to continue to crack up due to it being made out of simple rocks. Nobody has ever survived up to 33 days in the Altered Realm. Only immortals seem to survive inside of the entire area and even they feel the heat passing through them.


The altered realm has existed ever since Blackheart was given his own part of the underworld. It was created by demons who were under orders to construct it to be bigger and bigger until it was complete. Once completed the entire realm, Blackheart had become king of the area instantly. The area is full of deadly animals and immortal beings (mostly demons). After 100yrs of being alive, the Altered Realm had outside visitors who were hunting down Blackheart. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles had made their way onto the Altered Realm along with their new allies Amy, Jet, Wave, Storm, Metal Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega who were sent to destroy
The Altered Realm
Blackheart once and for all before he rains fire on Mobius. Soon enough the heroes traveled to Blackhearts throne room but were taken out 1 by 1. Sonic, E-123 Omega, and Shadow remained after the others were sent back to Mobius due to a teleportation trick by Blackheart himself. Soon enough Shadow and E-123 Omega had been thrown back to Mobius. Sonic however had managed to beat Blackheart and fleed back to Mobius leaving the darkhog behind of course. Blackheart survived however and created his world back to normal gaining his kingdom back in the Altered Realm. Now, the entire area floats above the lava below, while demons continue to roam it the same for the animals. Nobody has ever visited the Altered Realm in the last 1,000yrs besides for those who wish to be under rule of Blackheart.

Notable Areas

Some say that Blackheart's throne room is located in the Altered Realm and the some who say that are correct. Blackheart is the king of the Altered Realm but his throne is located far off at the eastern edge of the entire area. Many who venture for it have died from traps, animals, falling into the fire, and Blackheart's skeleton hedgehogs.

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